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Course descriptionEdit

What this course is:
An examination of the theory and research leading to a psychological understanding of religious belief, experience, and behavior drawing upon biological, developmental, social, cognitive, and cultural approaches to the study of psychology.

What this course is not:
A theology or apologetics course attempting to prove or disprove the truth claims of any particular religious tradition, nor a “how to” course on meditation or prayer.

Spring 2014 ArticlesEdit

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Spring 2012 ArticlesEdit

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Bschore7 (talk · contribs) Religion and coping with trauma
Chloe Christine (talk · contribs) Religiousness of young and emerging adults
dufft2 (talk · contribs) Religion and schizophrenia
Jodie Landt (talk · contribs) Attachment theory and psychology of religion
Kotzj1 (talk · contribs) Religious Attribution
leuschenj2 (talk · contribs) Psychology of religious conversion
Spencthegiant (talk · contribs) Religion and prejudice
Thornburyd1 (talk · contribs) Religion and personality

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