CSD G13 is the code for deletion of draftspace pages and AfC submissions in userspace that have not been edited for six months (or possibly longer). These abandoned pages are deleted because the Draft namespace is not for the indefinite hosting of material that is not being worked on.

If you wish to retrieve a G13-deleted page because you still intend to work on it, you can request it to be restored.

Instructions for filing a REFUND request manually

If you are unable to make your request though the "Request draft undeletion" button below, you can follow this manual procedure:

  1. Visit the page where it previously existed. The page should contain a red box stating "A page with this title has previously been moved or deleted", followed by the reason for deletion. The title may also be found in deletion notifications on the talk page of the creator.
  2. Highlight the exact title of the page (something like "Draft:Foo bar") and copy it.
  3. Click this link and paste the page title into the indicated space on the top line.
  4. Click "Publish changes".

Request draft undeletion