Wikipedia:Removing administrator rights

For information on individual cases of removal of administrator rights, see Wikipedia:Requests for de-adminship.

The Wikipedia community grants administrator permissions to contributors via the requests for adminship process. The community also has the power to remove administrator access from any contributor under specific circumstances.

Established processes for removal of administrator access include:

  • Resignation: An administrator may voluntarily resign for any reason. Administrators may request this at Wikipedia:Bureaucrats' noticeboard or at Meta:Steward requests/Permissions#Removal of access.
  • Inactivity: An administrator will have their permissions procedurally revoked if they have not made any edits or performed any log actions in the last year, following a series of courtesy notifications.
  • Administrators open to recall: Some administrators will ask for their permissions to be revoked if certain conditions are met. Some of them may be found in Category:Wikipedia administrators open to recall.
  • Arbitration requests: The Arbitration Committee can ask for an administrator's permissions to be removed. However, they will generally not accept a case unless other methods of dispute resolution have been attempted.
  • Emergency: In emergency situations, such as cases where an administrator improperly blocks established users or deletes important pages without explanation, stewards remove administrator permissions. Jimbo Wales can also remove administrator access at his discretion.
  • Death: An administrator will have all of their access groups removed following confirmation that they have died.

There have been proposals to implement other means of doing this, such as a process mirroring the adminship request process. See Wikipedia:Requests for de-adminship and Wikipedia:Removing administrator rights/Proposal.

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