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  1. Frank Tymon (Compare)
  2. Frederike J. van Uildriks (Compare)
  3. George P. Upton or George Putnam Upton (Compare)
  4. Henry H. Vail (Compare)
  5. Ferna Vale (Compare)
  6. Engracio Valmonte (Compare)
  7. Lucille Van Slyke (Compare)
  8. Dietlof Van Warmelo (Compare)
  9. Guillaume Vasse (Compare)
  10. John S. Vaughan (Compare)
  11. Frances Bowyer Vaux (Compare)
  12. J. W. Vawter (Compare)
  13. Ellen Velvin (Compare)
  14. Edmund Venables (Compare)
  15. Carolyn Verhoeff (Compare)
  16. G. Verschuur (Compare)
  17. Gonçalves Viana (Compare)
  18. Louis Viardot (Compare)
  19. Ralph Victor (Compare)
  20. Edme Vielliard (Compare)
  21. J. Vilbort (Compare)
  22. Auguste Vimar (Compare)
  23. Father Vincent de Paul (Compare)
  24. W.T. Vincent or William Thomas Vincent (Compare)
  25. Friedrich Vollmer (Compare)
  26. Marie Van Vorst (Compare)
  27. John Van Vorst (Compare)
  28. Margot Vos (Compare)
  29. Edric Vredenburg (Compare)
  30. Gaston Vuillier (Compare)
  31. Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa (Compare)
  32. G. W. Wade (Compare)
  33. Mary Hazelton Wade (Compare)
  34. Belle M. Wagner (Compare)
  35. Madge Morris Wagner (Compare)
  36. Earle Ashley Walcott (Compare)
  37. H. Wilfrid Walker (Compare)
  38. Charles Heron Wall (Compare)
  39. Louise Wall or Herrick Wall (Compare)
  40. Keene Wallace (Compare)
  41. W. Stewart Wallace (Compare)
  42. A. R. Waller or Alfred Rayney Waller (Compare)
  43. Alfred Rayney Waller (Compare)
  44. F. P. Walter (Compare)
  45. Russ Walter (Compare)
  46. George Lincoln Walton (Compare)
  47. Mary Alice Walton (Compare)
  48. Harry Vincent Wann (Compare)
  49. Margaret Warde (Compare)
  50. Florence Warden (Compare)
  51. Sedley Lynch Ware (Compare)
  52. G. B. Warren (Compare)
  53. George A. Warren (Compare)
  54. Kendall Warren (Compare)
  55. Marion Foster Washburne (Compare)
  56. Ernst Wasserzieher (Compare)
  57. Sydney Philip Perigal Waterlow (Compare)
  58. W. G. Waters or William George Waters (Compare)
  59. George P. Watson (Compare)
  60. Henry C. Watson (Compare)
  61. John R. Watson (Compare)
  62. Lillian Eichler Watson (Compare)
  63. Virginia Watson (Compare)
  64. J. B. Webb (Compare)
  65. A. D. Webster (Compare)
  66. Hutton Webster (Compare)
  67. Wei Liao (Compare)
  68. Arthur Weir (Compare)
  69. Philip P. Wells (Compare)
  70. Mary C. E. Wemyss (Compare)
  71. George Wenner (Compare)
  72. Marion Craig Wentworth (Compare)
  73. Helen Cody Wetmore (Compare)
  74. John Moncure Wetterau (Compare)
  75. R. F. Weymouth (Compare)
  76. George Seay Wheat (Compare)
  77. Edward Lytton Wheeler (Compare)
  78. Janet D. Wheeler (Compare)
  79. George Frisbie Whicher (Compare)
  80. Edwin P. Whipple (Compare)
  81. H. B. Whipple (Compare)
  82. Wayne Whipple (Compare)
  83. Harriet Manning Whitcomb (Compare)
  84. Henry Kirk White (Compare)
  85. John S. White or John Stuart White (Compare)
  86. Luther S. White (Compare)
  87. Trumbull White (Compare)
  88. William Patterson White (Compare)
  89. Peter Whitehorne (Compare)
  90. Edward J. Wickson or Edward James Wickson (Compare)
  91. David Widger (Compare)
  92. Jan Wiegman (Compare)
  93. Eva Wigström (Compare)
  94. Phillip R. Wikelund (Compare)
  95. Paula Wiking (Compare)
  96. H. M. Wilder (Compare)
  97. Chas. Wilkes (Compare)
  98. Harriet Annie Wilkins (Compare)
  99. W. H. Wilkins (Compare)
  100. Kyösti Wilkuna (Compare)
  101. J. H. Willard (Compare)
  102. Cornélis de Witt Willcox (Compare)
  103. Cora Lenore Williams (Compare)
  104. Edward Huntington Williams (Compare)
  105. Effie M Williams (Compare)
  106. George Alfred Williams (Compare)
  107. Harold W. Williams (Compare)
  108. Henry Llewellyn Williams (Compare)
  109. Peter E. Williams (Compare)
  110. Rufus Phillips Williams (Compare)
  111. Theodore C. Williams (Compare)
  112. Valentine Williams (Compare)
  113. William Klapp Williams (Compare)
  114. A. M. Williamson (Compare)
  115. C. N. Williamson (Compare)
  116. Thames Ross Williamson (Compare)
  117. Thomson Willing (Compare)
  118. Elviira Willman-Eloranta (Compare)
  119. Marcius Willson (Compare)
  120. Thomas E. Willson (Compare)
  121. Augustus Wilmanns (Compare)
  122. Epiphanius Wilson (Compare)
  123. Jennie Lansley Wilson (Compare)
  124. Robert Pierpont Wilson (Compare)
  125. Frank Wing (Compare)
  126. A. E. Winship (Compare)
  127. Helen M. Winslow (Compare)
  128. Irvah Lester Winter (Compare)
  129. Bronson Winthrop (Compare)
  130. J. H. Wisdom (Compare)
  131. Thomas A. Wise (Compare)
  132. S. E. Wishard (Compare)
  133. Alfred Wesley Wishart (Compare)
  134. Dawid Wiskott (Compare)
  135. Johanna S. Wisthaler (Compare)
  136. Hartley Withers (Compare)
  137. D. Philipp Witkop (Compare)
  138. Philipp Witkop (Compare)
  139. Madame de Witt or Henriette Elizabeth Witt (Compare)
  140. Otto K. Wohlers (Compare)
  141. Edwin Wolf 2nd (Compare)
  142. Emma Wolf (Compare)
  143. Arnold Wolfensberger (Compare)
  144. Elisabeth Wolff-Bekker (Compare)
  145. Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences (Compare)
  146. Andrew Y. Wood (Compare)
  147. Eugene Wood (Compare)
  148. Grace Wood (Compare)
  149. T. Martin Wood (Compare)
  150. C. J. Woodbury (Compare)
  151. Frederick W. Woodhouse (Compare)
  152. T. Woodhouse (Compare)
  153. A. Woodward (Compare)
  154. Patrick Henry Woodward (Compare)
  155. Ray Woodward (Compare)
  156. F. C. Woodworth (Compare)
  157. Francis C. Woodworth (Compare)
  158. Lell Hawley Woolley (Compare)
  159. Tom Woottwell (Compare)
  160. William John Alexander Worster (Compare)
  161. H. Wragg (Compare)
  162. Fitzwater Wray (Compare)
  163. Bruce S. Wright (Compare)
  164. Edward Sterling Wright (Compare)
  165. J. W. Wright or Jacob William Wright (Compare)
  166. Marie Robinson Wright (Compare)
  167. R. W. Wright (Compare)
  168. George M. Wrong (Compare)
  169. George McKinnon Wrong (Compare)
  170. William F. Wunsch (Compare)
  171. Gideon Wurdz (Compare)
  172. Edith Wyatt (Compare)
  173. David Wyllie (Compare)
  174. Yue Xun (Compare)
  175. Zhitui Yan (Compare)
  176. Mme. Blanchard Yoritomo-Tashi (Compare)
  177. Andrew W. Young (Compare)
  178. Daniel Young (Compare)
  179. Egerton R. Young (Compare)
  180. Martha Young (Compare)
  181. Stanley Young (Compare)
  182. T. F. Young or Thomas Frederick Young (Compare)
  183. J. C. Yule (Compare)
  184. James Slough Zerbe (Compare)
  185. Chao Zhang (Compare)
  186. Vera Petrovna Zhelikhovskaia (Compare)
  187. Xi Zhu (Compare)
  188. Marie H. de Zielinska (Compare)
  189. Gulielma Zollinger (Compare)
  190. Luciano Zuccoli (Compare)
  191. Jules Berlioz d'Auriac (Compare)
  192. E. d'Oliveira Jr. (Compare)
  193. Manuel Romero Marquís de San Francisco de Terreros (Compare)