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  1. J. Thorne Smith Jr. (Compare)
  2. Alice Prescott Smith (Compare)
  3. Arthur Cosslett Smith (Compare)
  4. Caroline F. Smith (Compare)
  5. E. Boyd Smith (Compare)
  6. Elva S. Smith (Compare)
  7. F. G. Smith or Frederick George Smith (Compare)
  8. Frank Berkeley Smith (Compare)
  9. Henrietta Brown Smith (Compare)
  10. Jewell Ellen Smith (Compare)
  11. Laura Rountree Smith (Compare)
  12. Mabell S. C. Smith (Compare)
  13. Nora Smith (Compare)
  14. Nora A. Smith (Compare)
  15. R. Cadwallader Smith (Compare)
  16. Thomas F. A. Smith (Compare)
  17. W. A. Smith (Compare)
  18. Wilford H. Smith (Compare)
  19. William Hawley Smith (Compare)
  20. Andrew B. Smolnikar (Compare)
  21. Julian K. Smyth (Compare)
  22. E. Louise Smythe or Emma Louise Smythe (Compare)
  23. James P. Smythe (Compare)
  24. Roy J. Snell (Compare)
  25. Johan M. Snoek (Compare)
  26. James H. Snowden (Compare)
  27. Theodore Gerald Soares (Compare)
  28. Ettore Socci (Compare)
  29. Society for Pure English (Compare)
  30. Steve Solomon (Compare)
  31. Edward Somers (Compare)
  32. E. Oe. Somerville (Compare)
  33. Hann's Emperors of Song (Compare)
  34. Juliet M. Soskice (Compare)
  35. Sou Shen Hou Ji (Compare)
  36. Charles Georges Souli (Compare)
  37. Lucy H. M. Soulsby (Compare)
  38. Eliza Southall (Compare)
  39. Jessie Eldridge Southwick (Compare)
  40. Henry Sessions Souttar (Compare). Article at Henry Souttar
  41. Mme Lesbazeilles Souvestre (Compare)
  42. Oliver Spafford (Compare)
  43. Thomas Alfred Spalding (Compare)
  44. I.H.B. Spiers (Compare)
  45. R. J. Spitz (Compare)
  46. Ruth M. Sprague (Compare)
  47. Caroline F. E. Spurgeon (Compare). Article is at Caroline Spurgeon
  48. Clarence Squareman (Compare)
  49. Richard C. Squires (Compare)
  50. Auguste Louis Baron de Stael-Holstein (Compare)
  51. Edgcumbe Staley (Compare)
  52. Pappity Stampoy (Compare)
  53. Harriet Stark (Compare)
  54. D. Starke (Compare)
  55. Helen Ekin Starrett (Compare)
  56. Richard Stead (Compare)
  57. Amy Steedman (Compare)
  58. Guy L. Jr. Steele (Compare)
  59. James W. Steele (Compare)
  60. F. C. L. Van Steenderen (Compare)
  61. Theodor Stein (Compare)
  62. Jehudah Steinberg (Compare)
  63. Andrew Steinmetz (Compare)
  64. Margaret Bird Steinmetz (Compare)
  65. Daniel Sten (Compare)
  66. Russell Martin Stendal (Compare)
  67. Robert Neilson Stephens (Compare)
  68. Nathaniel W. Stephenson or Nathaniel Wright Stephenson (Compare)
  69. Eva Stern (Compare)
  70. James Burgess Stetson (Compare)
  71. W. D. Stevens (Compare)
  72. Augusta Stevenson (Compare)
  73. Fanny Van de Grift Stevenson (Compare)
  74. O. J. Stevenson (Compare)
  75. William G. Stevenson (Compare)
  76. T. G. Steward (Compare)
  77. Anna Bird Stewart (Compare)
  78. Aubrey Stewart (Compare)
  79. Effie Stewart or vocal Stewart (Compare)
  80. Elinore Pruitt Stewart (Compare)
  81. Jane L. Stewart (Compare)
  82. William L. Stidger (Compare)
  83. Eugene Stock (Compare)
  84. St. George William Joseph Stock (Compare)
  85. Francis Hovey Stoddard (Compare)
  86. Katherine Stokes (Compare)
  87. Andrew A. Stomberg (Compare)
  88. Barney Stone (Compare)
  89. J. M. Stone or Jean Mary Stone (Compare). Article already exists at Mary Jean Stone.
  90. Earnest V. Stoneman (Compare)
  91. Elisabeth P. Stork or Elisabeth Pausinger Stork (Compare)
  92. Francis Storr (Compare)
  93. Charles Edward Stowe (Compare)
  94. Lilyan Stratton (Compare)
  95. George Drayton Strayer (Compare)
  96. R. A. Streatfeild (Compare)
  97. John Williams Streeter (Compare)
  98. Samuel Strickland (Compare)
  99. Jos. A. V. Stritzko (Compare)
  100. Syndey Dix Strong (Compare)
  101. Eugeen Edward Stroobant (Compare)
  102. Sigge Strömberg (Compare)
  103. Gordon Stuart (Compare)
  104. Joseph Stump (Compare)
  105. M. Sturt (Compare)
  106. John J. Stutzman (Compare)
  107. Jouzas Suildauskas or baritonas Suildauskas (Compare)
  108. Simona Sumanaru (Compare)
  109. Alma Suppanen (Compare)
  110. S. O. Susag (Compare)
  111. Halliday G. Sutherland (Compare)
  112. Sutton and Sons (Compare)
  113. Frances L. Swain (Compare)
  114. Frederick Swainson (Compare)
  115. William Allison Sweeney (Compare)
  116. Zachary Taylor Sweeney (Compare)
  117. W.D. Sweeting (Compare)
  118. Gwendolen H. Swinburne (Compare)
  119. T. R. Swinburne (Compare)
  120. Charles Herbert Sylvester (Compare)
  121. John C. Symons (Compare)
  122. Adele Szold (Compare)
  123. Werner Söderhjelm (Compare)
  124. Frederick Arthur Ambrose Talbot (Compare)
  125. Henry P. Talbot (Compare)
  126. Kuuno A. Talvioja (Compare)
  127. Jingwu Tang (Compare)
  128. Thomas Tapper (Compare)
  129. W. G. Tarrant (Compare)
  130. E. Edouard Tavernier (Compare)
  131. Boston Teachers of the School Street Universalist Sunday School (Compare)
  132. Jean F. Terry or Jean Finlay Terry (Compare)
  133. Edmond Auguste Texier (Compare)
  134. William M. Thayer or William Makepeace Thayer (Compare)
  135. Lewis E. Theiss (Compare)
  136. Theodore Thinker (Compare)
  137. Charles Thom (Compare)
  138. D. Albrecht Thoma (Compare)
  139. C. H. Thomas (Compare)
  140. Ernest Chester Thomas (Compare)
  141. J. J. Thomas (Compare)
  142. William H. Thomes (Compare)
  143. D. P. Thompson (Compare)
  144. Slason Thompson (Compare)
  145. H. Byerley Thomson (Compare)
  146. Ninian Hill Thomson (Compare)
  147. Mabel Thorne (Compare)
  148. Paul Thorne (Compare)
  149. Gudrun Thorne-Thomsen (Compare)
  150. William Thomas Thornton (Compare)
  151. Henry Thring Baron Thring (Compare)
  152. Lucy Abbot Throop (Compare)
  153. I. T. Thurston (Compare)
  154. Josiah Blake Tidwell (Compare)
  155. Joe Tilden (Compare)
  156. William Tatem Tilden or Bill Tatem Tilden (Compare)
  157. Mary W. Tileston (Compare)
  158. Frederick Colin Tilney (Compare)
  159. George Henry Tilton (Compare)
  160. Leon de Tinseau (Compare)
  161. Henry C. Tinsley (Compare)
  162. Jim Tinsley (Compare)
  163. Timothy Titcomb (Compare)
  164. Burbank L. Todd (Compare)
  165. C. A. Toledano (Compare)
  166. Nicolau Tolentino (Compare)
  167. Ilia Lvovich Graf Tolstoi (Compare)
  168. Rudolf Tombo jr. (Compare)
  169. Everett Titsworth Tomlinson (Compare)
  170. Paul Greene Tomlinson (Compare)
  171. Bradford Torrey (Compare)
  172. Maud Touser (Compare)
  173. Walter Kellogg Towers (Compare)
  174. Charles Hanson Towne (Compare)
  175. R. S. Townsend (Compare)
  176. W. J. Townsend (Compare)
  177. Siegfried Trabitsch (Compare)
  178. Hannah Trager (Compare)
  179. Frederic George Trayes (Compare)
  180. Ralph Waldo Trine (Compare)
  181. El Trio Cubano (Compare)
  182. The All Star Trio (Compare)
  183. The New York Trio (Compare)
  184. Benjamin la Trobe (Compare)
  185. Robert Trucksess or American Guitar Trucksess (Compare)
  186. John Preston True (Compare)
  187. Howard Trueman (Compare)
  188. H. Clay Trumbull (Compare)
  189. Joaquin Tuason (Compare)
  190. T. G. Tucker or Thomas George Tucker (Compare)
  191. Bayard Tuckerman (Compare)
  192. Charles Turley (Compare)
  193. A. Turnbull (Compare)
  194. Lawrence Turnbull (Compare)
  195. Winifred Turner (Compare)
  196. Edna H. L. Turpin (Compare)
  197. William Tuson (Compare)
  198. Louisa C. Tuthill (Compare)
  199. James Endell Tyler (Compare)
  200. John Mason Tyler (Compare)