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  1. Fernand Desnoyers (Compare)
  2. Maharanee Sunity Devee (Compare)
  3. Eugène Dick or Vinceslas-Eugène Dick (Compare)
  4. Hugh G. Dick (Compare)
  5. D. Augustus Dickert (Compare)
  6. Asa Don Dickinson (Compare)
  7. Marguerite Stockman Dickson (Compare)
  8. William P. Dickson or William Purdie Dickson (Compare)
  9. Alice Julia Christie Dillon (Compare)
  10. Emile Joseph Dillon (Compare)
  11. A. W. Dimock (Compare)
  12. Rudolf Dircks (Compare)
  13. P. H. Ditchfield or Peter Hampson Ditchfield (Compare)
  14. Maud Diver (Compare)
  15. E. Dixon (Compare)
  16. Charles Caldwell Dobie (Compare)
  17. Anna Bowman Dodd (Compare)
  18. James Dodds (Compare)
  19. Theodore A. Dodge (Compare)
  20. Spiros Doikas (Compare)
  21. Ernest Doin (Compare)
  22. Robert Valentine Dolbey (Compare)
  23. Helen B. Dole (Compare)
  24. D. Dolorès (Compare)
  25. Pol Dom (Compare)
  26. Donal Grant (Compare)
  27. Annie Hamilton Donnell (Compare)
  28. Alice B. Van Doren (Compare)
  29. Marcus Dorman (Compare)
  30. William E. Doubleday (Compare)
  31. Robert B. Douglas or Robert Bruce Douglas (Compare)
  32. Robert K. Douglas or Robert Kennaway Douglas (Compare)
  33. Marjorie Douie (Compare)
  34. Emma C. Dowd (Compare)
  35. C. F. Dowsett or Charles Finch Dowsett (Compare)
  36. A. J. van Dragt (Compare)
  37. Durant Drake (Compare)
  38. Robert L. Drake (Compare)
  39. William F. Drannan (Compare)
  40. George O. Draper (Compare)
  41. Gladys M. Draycott (Compare)
  42. Daniel Drayton (Compare)
  43. James R. Driscoll (Compare)
  44. Gustave Droz (Compare)
  45. Mme. Du Hausset (Compare)
  46. J. Du Mont (Compare)
  47. Scian Dubh (Compare)
  48. M. Duckitt (Compare)
  49. Mildred Duff (Compare)
  50. J. W. Duffield (Compare)
  51. Chris Dulabone (Compare)
  52. H. W. Dulcken (Compare)
  53. Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar (Compare)
  54. Olivia Howard Dunbar (Compare)
  55. A. W. Duncan (Compare)
  56. George Dunderdale (Compare)
  57. Agnes M. Dunne (Compare)
  58. Henri Durand-Brager (Compare)
  59. Andrew E. Durham (Compare)
  60. M. A. Dwight or Mary Ann Dwight (Compare)
  61. James Francis Dwyer (Compare)
  62. Frank Lewis Dyer (Compare)
  63. E. A. [full name unknown]] (Compare)
  64. Daniel C. Eddy (Compare)
  65. Sarah J. Eddy (Compare)
  66. Walter H. Eddy (Compare)
  67. Berta Edelfelt (Compare)
  68. Charles Henry Eden (Compare)
  69. Edison Vaudeville Company (Compare)
  70. Theodore M. Edison (Compare)
  71. Peggy Edmund (Compare)
  72. Charles Keyser Edmunds (Compare)
  73. S. M. C.V.O. Edwardes (Compare)
  74. Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards (Compare)
  75. Clarence E. Edwords (Compare)
  76. Arthur Elck (Compare)
  77. J. Raymond Elderdice (Compare)
  78. An Elector (Compare)
  79. Betty Elfving (Compare)
  80. Julius Elias (Compare)
  81. Ethel Cook Eliot (Compare)
  82. Frank F. Ellinwood (Compare)
  83. Emilia Elliott (Compare)
  84. DeLancey M. Ellis (Compare)
  85. Charles Ellms (Compare)
  86. William H. Elson (Compare)
  87. James Elverson (Compare)
  88. R. H. M. Elwes or Robert Harvey Monro Elwes (Compare)
  89. P. H. Emerson (Compare)
  90. Gisela Engel (Compare)
  91. Clara Engelen (Compare)
  92. Hotel Commodore Ensemble (Compare)
  93. Joel A. Erickson (Compare)
  94. J. H. Erkko (Compare)
  95. Eros Urides (Compare)
  96. Andrew Erskine (Compare)
  97. Enrique Perez Escrich (Compare)
  98. J. Berg Esenwein (Compare)
  99. Don Jose de Espronceda y Lara (Compare)
  100. Gustaf Erik Eurén (Compare)
  101. Robert J. Evans (Compare)
  102. Sebastian Evans (Compare)
  103. William Rev. Evans (Compare)
  104. Hugh G. Evelyn-White or Hugh Gerard Evelyn-White (Compare)
  105. Carl Ewald (Compare)
  106. Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing (Compare)
  107. M. Leonora Eyles (Compare)
  108. E. Ben Ezer (Compare)
  109. Rev. John Gerardus Fagg (Compare)
  110. Richard Falckenberg (Compare)
  111. Lanoe Falconer (Compare)
  112. John Falstaffe (Compare) - No information is known about him (see Gutenberg book,) but it is a name taken from Shakespeare. He wrote a series of esays, which are on Project Gutenberg.
  113. Anne Harrison Lady Fanshawe (Compare)
  114. Dean S. Fansler (Compare)
  115. Winifred Faraday or Lucy Winifred Faraday (Compare)
  116. John S. Farmer (Compare)
  117. J. M. Farrar (Compare)
  118. Jacob S. Jr. Fassett (Compare)
  119. James H. Fassett (Compare)
  120. Allan Fea (Compare)
  121. Greg Fee (Compare)
  122. Mary Helen Fee (Compare)
  123. Jacob Feis (Compare)
  124. Marian Fell (Compare)
  125. W.D. Fellowes (Compare)
  126. G. Manville Fenn (Compare)
  127. Miss Ferguson (Compare)
  128. William Blair Morton Ferguson (Compare)
  129. Albert Ferland (Compare)
  130. S. A. Ferrall or Simon Ansley Ferrall (Compare)
  131. William J. Ferrar (Compare)
  132. Frances Lance Ferrero (Compare)
  133. Amy le Feuvre (Compare)
  134. H. H. Fick or Henry H. Fick (Compare)
  135. Anna Fieandt (Compare)
  136. Ellen Robena Field (Compare)
  137. Margret Field (Compare)
  138. Maria Antonia Field (Compare)
  139. Roswell Martin Field (Compare)
  140. Aristide Filiatreault (Compare)
  141. Abraham Firth (Compare)
  142. John Benjamin Firth (Compare)
  143. George Alexander Fischer (Compare)
  144. William Brett Fishburne (Compare)
  145. Joseph Fisher of Youghal, the younger (Compare)
  146. Sydney George Fisher (Compare)
  147. Fisk University Jubilee Quartette (Compare)
  148. Albert Parker Fitch (Compare)
  149. Laura Fitinghoff (Compare)
  150. Mary Fitz Gibbon (Compare)
  151. O. P. Fitzgerald (Compare)
  152. M. L. Flanery (Compare)
  153. Hector Fleischmann (Compare)
  154. Louis A. Flemming (Compare)
  155. Archibald Lee Fletcher (Compare)
  156. Robert Huntington Fletcher (Compare)
  157. Edward G. Flight (Compare)
  158. Timothy Flint (Compare)
  159. J. E. Crawford Flitch or John Ernest Crawford Flitch (Compare)
  160. George Tobias Flom (Compare)
  161. Juanita Helm Floyd (Compare)
  162. A. H. Fogowitz (Compare)
  163. Justo Claudio Fojas (Compare)
  164. Mme. la Marquise de Fontenoy (Compare)
  165. Graham B Forbes (Compare)
  166. Nevill Forbes (Compare)
  167. A.S. Forrest (Compare)
  168. Edmund William Forrest (Compare)
  169. James Henry Foss (Compare)
  170. H. D. Foster (Compare)
  171. Herbert Baldwin Foster (Compare)
  172. J. F. Foster (Compare)
  173. William Worthington Fowler (Compare)
  174. Frances Margaret Fox (Compare)
  175. William Fayette Fox (Compare)
  176. Hector France (Compare)
  177. George Henry Francis (Compare)
  178. M.E. Francis or Mrs. Francis Blundell Francis (Compare)
  179. Stella M. Francis (Compare)
  180. Gabriel Beato Francisco (Compare)
  181. Harry Alverson Franck (Compare)
  182. Edgar Franklin (Compare)
  183. F. Franson (Compare)
  184. C. F.Fraser (Compare)
  185. W. A. Fraser (Compare)
  186. Julio Cejador y Frauca (Compare)
  187. Edmund Frederick (Compare) ???
  188. Lizzie A. Freeth (Compare)
  189. Ellen E. Frewer (Compare)
  190. Hildegard G. Frey or Hildegard Gertrude Frey (Compare)
  191. Maikki Friberg (Compare)
  192. A. Frances Friebe or Abby Frances Friebe (Compare)
  193. I. Friedlaender (Compare)
  194. Adelaide L. Fries or Adelaide Lisetta Fries (Compare)
  195. Henry Frost (Compare)
  196. Sarah Annie Frost (Compare)
  197. Major W. E Frye (Compare)
  198. Helen Fryer (Compare)