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One World Birthday
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Image by Nic Boudreau.
20 Years of Wikipedia
25 years of Wiki
10 years of Wikidata
10 years of Federated Wiki
DateJanuary 15, 2021
FootageYouTube playlist or One long YouTube video

One World Birthday was an event honoring Wikipedia's 20th birthday. Beginning with the first edit to Wikipedia in 2001, we all grew a little closer; for the first time in history, it was possible for truly enormous numbers of people to build something together and learn together. We will mark this occasion with a look back at Wikipedia's first 20 years, and a look at what the next 20 might bring. We will consider related milestones, too: About 25 years of wiki software, 10 years of Wikidata, and 10 years of Federated Wiki.

First up was a "Park Bench" discussion. (see video.) Six people with different perspectives discussed the significance of 20 years of Wikipedia in a series of one-on-one interviews. Imagine a bench in a beautiful park, which seats two people. Our speakers take turns sharing the "bench," and then take questions and comments from participants.

Later we held a "Wikidojo," a similar format for editing wiki pages. (We did not record the Wikidojo.) One person (the "navigator") guides another (the "pilot") as the pilot edits a wiki for a few minutes. Then the navigator becomes the pilot, and somebody new becomes the navigator. We encourage participants to explore various wikis: Wikipedia, Wikidata, Federated Wiki, etc. We will all learn something by watching others edit, whether they are novices or veteran wiki editors.

We celebrated Wikipedia, consider its importance to society, and how to improve Wikipedia's impact in its next 20 years. We considered how Wikipedia connects to global issues like climate change and social justice, and how we might use it in our efforts to address them.

Park Bench Discussion
Interviewer Guest Notes
Ward Pete 10 min
Lane Ward 8 min
Robert Lane 8 min
Sherry Robert Robert Deutsch is our Wikipedia "outsider," bringing a fresh perspective. 8 min
Jackie Sherry 8 min
Mac Jackie 8 min
Pete Mac 10 min
30 min

Notes below are examples of the kind of activity the Pilot might choose.
Navigator Pilot Notes  Time 
YOU? YOU? Navigator guides Pilot in a few basic edits (fixing typos, correcting grammar) to a Wikipedia article, using wikitext and/or Visual Editor 7 min
Navigator suggests a photo on Wikimedia Commons for Pilot to add; while Pilot adds it, explains why they chose that photo. 7 min
Navigator guides pilot, a brand new editor, in creating a user account and adding a sentence to their user page. 7 min
Navigator and Pilot explore an article's edit history together, trying to determine when a certain sentence was added. 7 min
7 min
7 min
7 min
7 min
7 min

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Partners and contributorsEdit

In addition to our speakers, thank you to the following for their invaluable contributions:

  • Lane Rasberry (co-organizer, and Wikidojo co-host)
  • Nic Boudreau (artist, created logo for this event)
  • Sabia Urdes (webinar co-administrator)
  • David Bovill (inspiration and strategic planning)
  • Inger-Mette Stenseth (inspiration and strategic planning)


  1. ^ Thank you Lane for stepping in for Dr. Alexandria Lockett, who had planned to join us but was unable to do so. We look forward to talking with Alexandria another time!