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The Order of the Mop is an award given to administrators (and bureaucrats) who do an exemplary job in making sure Wikipedians like you and me have an enjoyable time on Wikipedia, those who are made members of the order often work outside of their comfort zone without hassle and set a good example, while maintaining a good sense of humour Face-smile.svg members of the order are entitled bragging rights Face-tongue.svg (joking! Face-wink.svg) unfortunately there is no title or post-nominal suffix that comes with this title.

Once made a member that administrator or bureaucrat will be inducted as a member for life, the privilege will not be revoked unless that member has had their tools revoked at the request of the Arbitration Committee or because of misconduct.


Members of the Order of the Mop:


V - Vanished R - Retired F - Former admin/resigned tools


If you think an administrator or bureaucrat meets the criteria please make the suggestion on my talk page or on this talk page and I will respond in due course. OR you can choose to award the user a userbox and I will formally award them the award.

The idea award was based off the Today's Wikipedian Award.

For a userbox version go here. Credit to TFOWR for the userbox   While I encourage the promotion of WikiLove I would request that users who are going to award an admin/crat this award that they inform me or add their name to this list so that I can keep track of the recipients. Regards and happy editing, —James (TalkContribs)3:52pm 05:52, 3 May 2011 (UTC)