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The New Page Review training program is designed to help new and/or inexperienced users who wish to assist with maintenance tasks to understand the basic principles of reviewing new pages on Wikipedia, and to provide one-on-one help in the use of the New Pages Feed and its curation toolbar.

Experienced Wikipedians (or trainers in this instance) can "adopt" newer users, mentoring them along the way as they learn how to review new pages. It is hoped that this program will be able to inform new users about the ins and outs of deletion and notability and steer them away from making errors in the use of the tools and tags. If you are looking to contribute to Wikipedia but do not intend to remain active on New Page Review, then this program is probably not for you.

Users who are less experienced – but who would still like to help maintain the quality of the encyclopedia might like to consider Patrolling Vandalism instead – an essential function that requires less knowledge of Notability Guidelines and Deletion. For training on Counter vandalism, see WP:CVUA.

View the list of trainers below

  1. Check that you have already made sufficient mainspace edits (generally around 1,000) and that you have addressed any previous advice or warnings about your general editing.
  2. Read WP:NPP first, and then all the pages in the section Further reading below.
  3. Go through the Curation Tool tutorial and its video.
  4. Find a user who is in your time zone and leave a message on their talk page to request training. If you don't receive a reply within 48 hours, please choose another trainer.



Learning about reviewing new pages is easy and fun. If you'd like an experienced user to show you how, simply choose an active trainer from the list who is in your time zone and leave a message on their talk page.

Your chosen trainer should share your interests so that they can comfortably assist you while you learn under their tutelage. For more information on what you will be expected to learn, first visit the pages at WP:NPP and WP:DELETION.


If you are an experienced user and have time to devote to being a trainer, visit the Trainers' resources section where you will find the minimum requirement for trainers, recommended practice, and teaching suggestions and examples. You may then wish to add yourself to the list of active trainers taking note of the page source comments.

You will be interested to know that occasionally some candidates for training may be university professors taking part in the Wikipedia Education Program


If you're new and/or inexperienced, before embarking on a New Page Review training programme, you should be able to demonstrate that you have already mastered the basic principles of editing the encyclopedia and contributed at least 1,000 edits to MAINSPACE.

When you have shown through training that you have mastered the principles of New Page Review and can apply them with accuracy, and are able to communicate correctly and effectively with new users of all kinds you will be contributing to what is one of the most important maintenance tasks on Wikipedia, while understanding that speed alone is not essential – the target is accuracy. When you have achieved these goals, you can display the User New Page Patrol userbox on your user page.




Wikipedia policy and guidelines


  • Discussions with creators of new pages
    • Automated notifications and when to manually notify/discuss
    • Tone, clarity, and knowledge in discussions
    • Wikilove/positive comments
  • Warning templates


Reviewing Procedures

  • Improvement Tagging
  • Categorizing
  • Stub sorting
  • Use of the flow chart and other reviewing guides
  • Scripts for reviewing use/ease

Graduation Criteria

The successful NPP School Graduate will be able to:

  • Successfully use the NPP flowchart, or other system, to arrive at a correct reviewing outcome 90% or more of the time
  • Accurately identify when an article has satisfied GNG
  • Accurately identify appropriate SNG claims an article
  • Accurately evaluate articles against specific SNG criteria
  • Find and accurately apply common Wikipedia practices when evaluating notability
  • Differentiate between spam, vandalism, nonsense, and foreign language articles
  • Identify and appropriately remedy copyright issues in at least 90% of instances
  • Understand, explain, and apply appropriate Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines including, but not limited to, BLP and COI
  • Engage in appropriate and useful conversations with other editors about NPP
  • Appropriately apply warning templates to users
  • Know when to appropriately nominate an article for deletion, including how to have done a BEFORE search
  • Know when and how to use PROD and BLPPROD
  • Know when and how to soft delete an article
  • Use the Speedy Deletion criteria with at least 90% accuracy
  • Apply appropriate tags to article with at least 90% accuracy
  • Understand NPP procedures and norms
  • Correctly and efficiently use scripts while doing new page patrol
List of available trainers

Available Trainers

Trainer Current students Student slots available Graduates trained Time zone Comments
Insertcleverphrasehere (talk · contribs) 0 NZST (UTC+12:00) Feel free to drop a message on my talk page and I'll get back to you.
Barkeep49 (talk · contribs) 0 2 3 Feel free to ask on my talk page. Depending on the circumstances when I have an existing student I might need to ask you to wait.
CASSIOPEIA (talk · contribs) 2 2 1 Happy to help you started as it is an important part of the project where it is one of areas of my contribution. My NPP program covers the fundamental guidelines required in reviewing new pages. Reading material/links will be provided and enrolled students are required to work on assignments given. Drop a message on talk page.
Rosguill (talk · contribs) 2 Availability varies, message me for availability 0 US - Pacific Currently happy to take on students. Here's the talk page link.
Atsme (talk · contribs) 0 2 0 US - Central Available to help aspiring new page reviewers. After January 10, 2020 Atsme Talk 📧 Added start date 19:25, 24 December 2019 (UTC)

Trainers' resources (for trainers only)


All trainers are expected to be experienced editors that have a excellent track record of proper new page patrolling. Editors that have patrolled hundreds of pages accurately and understand deletion policy and process are encouraged to be a trainer.

Required lessons

While each trainer and each student will have different levels of interest and different lessons based on which tools and techniques will be used, it is important that each graduate should be able to do these essential tasks effectively:

  • Identifying appropriate and inappropriate pages.
  • Handling new pages.
  • Informing and educating article creators about appropriate new page creation.
  • Participating in Wikipedia's deletion processes.


Trainers are responsible for:

  • Building a relationship of trust with their student.
  • Ensuring the student has read and understood the relevant pages:
  • Using correct edit summaries.
  • Checking and commenting on the student's new page patrolling.
  • Ensuring that up-to-date policies and guidelines are taught.


New Reviewer Mentorship

This program is designed to match experienced reviewers with new reviewers. Similar to NPP School, the experienced reviewer will be available for questions as the new reviewer has questions as they begin to review. The experienced reviewer can also perform a peer review of the new reviewer's patrols - what's working well and what are opportunities for continued growth and improvement as a reviewer.

Mentor reviewer Current mentees Mentee slots available Time zone Comments
Barkeep49 (talk · contribs) 2 3 US - Pacific (UTC
Rosguill (talk · contribs) 0 3 US - Pacific
Atsme (talk · contribs) 0 2 US - Central Open for business after 01-20-20

Peer review cohort

NPP Peer review is designed for intermediate or experienced patrollers to get feedback in a supportive manner. This program is offered periodically. The next peer review cohort is set to launch November 13, 2019. Each participant will be matched with two other cohort and asked to pick approximately 10 recent reviews to offer positive feedback and asking any questions which occur while looking at the reviews. We will launch assuming we have at least 5 reviewers who wish to be part of the cohort.

Cohort sign-up

Peer review coordinator: Rosguill


  1. Barkeep49
  2. Rosguill
  3. Elmidae
  4. Onel5969
  5. Atsme

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