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This chart is automatically updated by MusikBot, going off a database on Toolforge provided by Nettrom. The data should match the Page Curation backlog exactly, excluding redirects.


To use, add {{Wikipedia:New pages patrol/Backlog chart}} to the page where you want to display the chart.

The first unnamed parameter specifies the granularity of the chart. By default, this the daily chart, showing daily data over the past N days (as configured at User:MusikBot/NPPChart/config). Other options include hourly (past week, as of time of writing), weekly (all-time data, as of time of writing) and monthly (all-time, as of time of writing).

For instance to show all-time data with a monthly granularity, use {{Wikipedia:New pages patrol/Backlog chart|monthly}}.

Parameter Explanation
$1 Granularity. One of hourly, daily (default), weekly or monthly.
width Width of the chart in pixels.
height Height of the chart in pixels.