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University of Sydney Wikibomb participants
University of Sydney Wikibomb food
University of Sydney Wikibomb participants
University of Sydney Wikibomb in action
University of Sydney Wikibomb in action
University of Sydney Wikibomb in action
University Commemoration Day ("Commem") through streets, 19 May 1937

The University of Sydney is planning a gender diversity "Wikibomb" event on Friday 31 October 2014. USyd staff, students, and others are very welcome: please join us!

The aim of the event will be to add and expand content about notable women currently or historically associated with the University.

The results of the event will be featured by the vice chancellor at the Women at Sydney: share, connect, change symposium the following day.

This page will serve as an on-wiki coordination page. (Yes, you can edit this page, it's a wiki!)

Location and timeEdit

2–6pm on Friday 31 October 2014. Participants should register at the Charles Perkins Centre Learning Studio on arrival. The wiki work will take place in the Microscopy Lab, Rm 1504, Ground Floor, CPC.

Chocolates, strawberries and champagne will be provided during the sessions!

Twitter #wikibomb

Interested editorsEdit

If you are interested in participating in some way, please list your username here. This will help other Wikipedians to monitor the progress of the Wikibomb, communicate with us, and help newcomers most effectively.

If you are a University of Sydney staff member, a formal registration in the CareerPath MyLearning system (under "Diversity and Inclusion") should also be provided (if you cannot attend on the day, a "virtual" session is available if you want to contribute electronically).

Advice for participants new to WikipediaEdit

Wikipedia can be a daunting place for new writers, but the open, collaborative, and correctable nature of the project means that is often easiest to simply pitch in and try something than to try to do it perfectly first time. With that in mind, here are a few things you can get started on:

  1. Create an account (this is best done before the day of the event, so that as a group we avoid triggering the spam flags)
  2. Add your user name to interested editors list above
  3. Create a simple user page to give other editors an idea of who you are. We have provided a sample userpage, the source of which (click "edit source") can be copied into the source for your userpage. If you want more information about Wikipedia userpages, see Wikipedia:User pages
  4. Choose a subject (or a few) from this table, and add your username to the appropriate column.
  5. Start finding sources and information on your subject.
  6. If you're in the virtual session, or just super keen, get started writing in your sandbox.

Choosing a subjectEdit

The event organizers have prepared this table of USyd women who may be notable according to Wikipedia requirements. If you are writing about an academic, there is a more focused academic notability guideline. If you choose a subject who does not meet these guidelines, the article is likely to be deleted down the track. You should also check whether you can find material published about your subject that is sufficient to write at least a short article. If you are affiliated with the article subject, please see our conflict of interest guideline, but it's better practise to start with someone else.

Finding sourcesEdit

Newspaper sources are often quite useful for biographical subjects, especially if they're not famous enough to have entire books written about them. The library has provided this list of news databases we have access to. Trove is particularly easy for pre-1950 subjects because each newspaper article has a pre-formatted Wikipedia citation template available (once you find an article, click "Cite" near the top left). For modern subjects proquest and factiva are both useful.

Learning to editEdit

Contributing is easy: see the editing tutorial or a more general introduction to contributing. For a summary of the core principles of participation, see the Plain and simple guide. The Cheatsheet will remind you of basic wiki markup. You can practise editing and experiment in your sandbox, and this is a good place to prepare your first article at the Wikibomb – we can easily move it into article space when it is ready.

Be bold in improving existing articles! When adding facts, please provide references so others may verify them.

Writing contentEdit

Do not copy text from your sources, even if they are publicly available. Wikipedia takes a very strong position against copyright violations. You need to write your own prose (with citations to substantiate it). Collecting, summarizing and synthesizing your sources will take time and effort, so it may be worth doing some research in advance of the wikibomb. The formatting and markup can be done on the day with help from those who have edited before, so at this stage the text is the crucial thing to prepare. By contributing your efforts to Wikipedia, you release it under a free license for others to use and adapt.

Because the subjects of our articles are people, and many are still alive, a special Wikipedia policy called Biographies of Living Persons applies to protect the subjects of the articles. Please ensure your material is verifiable, neutral, and does not contain original research or knowledge obtained from non-public sources.

Referencing your content to reliable, independent, third party sources is essential. Articles can be deleted if left unreferenced. Third party sources means that links to non-independent websites alone, like faculty websites, aren't sufficient.

Article subjectsEdit

A list of potential subects is at Wikipedia:Meetup/Sydney/University of Sydney Wikibomb/subjects. Feel free to peruse the list and choose subjects to start researching.

Once you have chosen a subject, please put your username in the appropriate column of the list, to ensure you do not double up with other editors.

Please also list your subject in the table below, and link to the "sandbox" where you are writing your article:

Subject Editor Draft location Status
Clare McArthur User:GlendaWardle User:GlendaWardle/Clare   In progress
Vanessa Barrs User:JessJT   Done
Euphemia Bridges Bowes User:Clawsyclaw   Done
Robyn Alders User:Drchristiebudd   Done
Jane Foss Barff User:Extensibledot User:Extensibledot/sandbox   Done
Katie Louisa Ardill User:Fcia0423 User:Fcia0423/Katie Louisa Ardill   Done
Ann Gordon (factory superintendent) User:Salasyd
May Hollinworth User:Readlib
Mary Elizabeth Windeyer   In progress
Grace Cuthbert-Browne User:Ariconte   Done
Sally Crossing User:99of9   Done
Kerry Schott User:99of9   Done
Constance Elizabeth Darcy User:spottedpufferfish User:spottedpufferfish/sandbox   Done
Louisa Macdonald User:bindylou   Done
Grace Boelke User:97198   Done
Elsie Dalyell User:97198   Done
Julia Beatty User:ValKat14   Done
Margaret Sabine User:fawcettanne   Done
Katherine Belov User:CatScratchPost
Mary Myerscough User:madeleine.beekman
Min Chen (biologist) User:PD MTS   pre-existing article
Mary Elizabeth Brown User:ChiaraN   Done
Isola Florence Thompson User:ChiaraN
Ana Rubio User:Richard Camden User:Richard Camden/sandbox   In progress
Joy Becker User:Richard Camden User:Richard Camden/sandbox1   In progress
Karren Plain User:Richard Camden User:Richard Camden/sandbox2   In progress
Auriol Purdie User:Richard Camden User:Richard Camden/sandbox3   In progress
Daria Nina Love User:Vice-CMS   Done
Rosanne Taylor User:Kbelov User:Kbelov/sandbox   In progress
Tania Sorrell User:Kbelov User:Kbelov/sandbox2   In progress
Rebecca Nicole Johnson User:Kbelov   Done
Rebecca E Doyle User:Kbelov User:Kbelov/sandbox4   In progress
Justine K O'Brien User:Kbelov User:Kbelov/sandbox5   In progress
Isabel Fidler User:Katycuthbert User:Katycuthbert/sandbox   In progress
Claudia Burton Bradley User:97198   Done
Ros Pesman User:Sydney historian User:Sydney historian/sandbox   Done
Haylene Grogan User:SarahHedz User:SarahHedz/sandbox
Jules Beatty User:JessJT   Done
Pip Pattison User:Penn Syd   Done
Jill Trewhella User:Penn Syd   Done

Articles from the event will be placed in the Category:University of Sydney Wikibomb 2014.

Recent edits to these articles will be listed at Special:RecentChangesLinked/Category:University of Sydney Wikibomb 2014.

Related contentEdit


The terms of use for Wikimedia Foundation websites, including Wikipedia, include the prohibition of:

Many of us participating are employees of the University of Sydney, and thus indirectly receive compensation for our contributions. Thus it is prudent to disclose our employer and our participation in this event on our userpages. The sample userpage contains this information, so can be directly copied onto your userpage.

If you are writing about an employee of the university, or a personal friend or associate of yours, please also read Wikipedia:Conflict of interest, and add the {{Connected contributor}} template the article's talk page along with a declaration of the connection.

Media coverageEdit

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