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The July 2015 NYC WikiWednesday salon and skill-share with the Wikimedia NYC community will be held on Wednesday, July 8, 2015, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm at Babycastles, a co-working space and gallery located near 14th Street / Union Square in Manhattan.

This will be the third of hopefully a series of approximately monthly "WikiWednesday" meetings at Babycastles, in addition to our weekend events and editathons.


  • After the main meeting: Pizza and refreshments and video games in the gallery


Bring your own ideas!

Follow-up on ideas raised at recent wiki-eventsEdit

  • Local Wikipedia Free Culture Alliance NYC projects
  • Past, present, and future institutional partnerships with Wikipedia
  • Recent editathons:

Chapter businessEdit

  • Board Officers
  • Grants review
  • Committees review: Education, Events, Grants, (Law, Story, Bugs, Regional)
  • Social media and documentation review
  • Domain expiration -
  • Diversifying roles! Diversity?
  • "Historian" to photograph and document events
  • Officers
  • Potential public broadcasting collaboration
  • Calendar coordination of WMNYC events

Future plansEdit

Speakers, workshops and roundtable discussionsEdit

Lightning talksEdit

5 minutes; includes other discussions and skill-shares
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A small fraction of the audience were near enough to fit in the shot.
  • Began evening with introductions
    • 26 attendees as of 7:30 pm. - 10 of which are librarians

Summary of recent edit-a-thonsEdit

Upcoming eventsEdit

  • August WikiWednesday - TBD
    • BrillLyle to provide list of food options (to pizza)
  • Hope to do an event with the Smithsonian Asian-American group in August
  • Great American Wiknic @ Prospect Park - August 2 in Prospect Park & 15th Street in Brooklyn. Valuable since it attracts people who are afraid to attend edit-a-thons or other Wikimedia events

Chapter businessEdit

  • 12 board members elected
If the President is not able to be present, the Executive Vice President will provide backup coverage
  • Committee discussion: Need to establish committees (like grant writing, events, diversity) and call for members to join said committees
  • Becksguy: We need someone to specialize in writing grants and the follow-up reports. Requires a lot of paperwork - suggested that at least 2 people be charged with such a job.
  • Calendar issues: Would be nice to have a bot to transfer info between Wikipedias. Noting that there are multiple calendar options - will try more.
  • Diversifying roles and functions. Fostering leadership to represent our (NYC) community. Much of this depends on individual responsibility. Think of cultural centers as a place to reach out.

Lightning talksEdit

Jim.henderson lightning talk
WikiPhotography - geotags

Jim.henderson (talk) on Photography

  • Presentation: Lightning Talk on Wikiphotography
  • Jim regularly rides on bike which facilitates taking photographs for illustration of Wikipedia articles
  • In uploading to Wikimedia Commons, the secret is finding good categories to make the pictures findable
  • License to use? Default license is too protective. Jim doesn't care about credit, so he uses CC-0. He wants people to use his pics without hindrance
  • His pics also have geolocation embedded. He uses Google Earth and Web search to find locations. Uses programs and online editing to show camera location, object location, and camera direction
  • Many resources are available on Jim's Wikimedia Commons User Page
See also: Commons:Geocoding

BrillLyle (talk) on "Wikidocks"

Wikidocks Lightning Talk (PDF)
  • Slideshow: "Wikidocks: Wikipedia Meetup assistance for 'boondock' areas with no active local chapters": PowerPoint + PDF
  • Helping people in areas without big Wikipedia presence (i.e. "boondocks" + Wikipedia = Wikidocks), making event pages for those in far-away communities
  • Resulting page: Wikipedia:Meetup/Nebraska

Drhandel (talk) and Anarchyshake (talk) on Pratt SILS

  • Wikipedia in LIS education - namely at Pratt. Rich site for work on Wikipedia
  • Two recent edit-a-thons: Course Libraries, race, gender, sexuality and 2 edit-a-thons about librarians at Pratt
  • One class: Wikipedia, knowledge creation, how it fits into larger social structure. How librarians can become more involved with WP. How people come to knowledge, what it means to be invovled with knowledge creation. Edit-a-thon based on these topics at the Grad Center library (thanks to Megan). Some students worked on topical articles, others worked on aspects of librarianship. Was a way to apply knowledge learned in class - theory into practice. Last November (and spring) there was a "librarians at Pratt" edit-a-thon - focus was creating pages centering around Pratt - also talking and using Wikipedia as an educational tool. Why it is a useful tool, critical information literacy. Delved into where the information on WP comes from, similar questions. Questions about documenting how Pratt did it to serve as a model for others. Could be built out of existing articles/blog entries, or could be crowdsourced from students. Also WMF's learning patterns - collaboratively constructed area for help.
– Blog Post: Wikipedia as a Tool Resource and Opportunity

Vaughn88 (talk) on Potential Public Broadcasting Collaborations with PBS

  • WNET, New York Public Media, and potentially PBS Learning Media
  • What results from partnership? Content creation, events, etc. We have opportunity to propose projects
  • WMF has offered WMNYC to collaborate - many pros and cons. Need to decide how to strategically proceed. Let's discuss. WMF wants a proposal that PBS would review. As of now, open. Soliciting ideas.
  • Suggested idea:
– High quality video creation
  • Question on what didn't go well with veterans' edit-a-thon
  • Send Vaughn88 ideas who will codify them before proposal

Atjackiesnow (talk) on Journalism Project

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