Wikipedia:List of indefinitely protected pages

This is a list of pages that are permanently protected or semi-protected, in line with the protection policy. Note that the list is partial and incomplete. For the full list, go here.

Pages linked from the sidebarEdit

These are linked from every page (via the 'sidebar' on Monobook and some other skins).

High-visibility imagesEdit

The following images are used on visible or high-use pages of some kind, and may be part of the interface (for example, on pages in the MediaWiki namespace).

Generic image namesEdit

These images have very generic names, and are undesirable as names of actual files due to the risk of accidental overwriting should someone inadvertently choose the same generic name. The images themselves contain a message similar to the following one explaining not to use the name:


Legal reasonsEdit

License texts

Full text of GNU licenses. These need to be accurate for copyright reasons.


These are linked from the footer of every page, and need to be accurate for legal reasons.

Libel, slander or privacy considerationsEdit

Sometimes it may be appropriate to protect pages based on considerations, whether of legal liability or common courtesy, of harm they may cause. This may involve slander, libel or privacy. Privacy considerations might involve, for example, notorious public behavior by a mentally ill person or a dramatic but embarrassing event which involves a person who is not a public figure. Wikipedia:Images of Wikipedians has been permanently semi-protected due to concerns of people adding images of other people. That page is on a constant watch to remove photos added inappropriately.

See Wikipedia:Office Actions.

System administration reasonsEdit

License templatesEdit

The following license templates are indefinitely protected due to both high visibility and legal reasons.

High use templatesEdit

See also Wikipedia:High-risk templates and Category:Wikipedia protected templates.

The following templates are indefinitely protected or semi-protected because a large number of pages directly or indirectly depend on them. These templates should only be edited when absolutely necessary. Development of new revisions should be done elsewhere (in a page under user space, in a template sandbox or on a separate development subpage of the template). See also High-visibility templates above.

Fully protectedEdit

Changes to these templates should be requested on the template's talk page by adding {{editprotected}} and providing detailed change instructions. The change will then be made by an administrator.

Javascript-related pagesEdit

Installation templates

The following templates are used to install javascript tools easily, and should be protected to prevent malicious javascript code creeping in.

Input data
  • User:Lupin/badwords is a list of words flagged by anti-vandalism tools. This is semi-protected to allow established editors to change it while avoiding vandals inserting common words into the list, rendering it useless.