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Wikipedia:Help available for editors with conflicts of interest

If you have a conflict of interest (COI), and you want to constructively help edit Wikipedia, you will need to be aware of the policies and gudelines surrounding COIs on Wikipedia. This page lists different places where you can find help to edit here if you have a COI.


Policies, guidelines and essays about COIsEdit

The main guideline is Wikipedia:Conflict of interest, which is rather long, but you should probably read. In a nutshell, "Do not edit Wikipedia in your own interests or in the interests of your external relationships."

If you feel this is too complicated, there is a plain and simple conflict of interest guide, which explains how to edit with a COI more simply.

There is also an essay which has some best practices for editing with a COI at Wikipedia:Best practices for editors with close associations, which is designed to give you advice.

There is also advice for more "niche" areas of editing, such as Wikipedia:Conflicts of interest (medicine) or the Ten Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia for scientists from the PLOS Computational Biology journal.

Have you been paid to edit here?Edit

The full Wikipedia policy on paid editing can be found at Wikipedia:Paid-contribution disclosure. Basically, if someone pays you to edit here "you must disclose who is paying you, who the client is, and any other relevant role or relationship". There is help on how to do this available for you.

There is an article about youEdit

Well done! You are clearly notable! But if you start editing the article about you, you may face a hard time — so there is a survival kit for you available. If you want to help us, you can also read Wikipedia:About you. And if there is something wrong in the article, please read Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons/Help or Wikipedia:Contact us - Subjects.

Still need help?Edit

If you're still stuck, ask for help! You could visit the help desk if you need help editing Wikipedia, or the reference desk if you want help with factual problems. Or if you have a different problem, click here, ask your question after where it says "Please help me with...", then scroll down and click "Save changes" or "Save page". You could also ask for help at the Wikipedia IRC help channel, here.