Wikipedia:Growth Team features/Mentor list

This is the list of mentors for the Growth Team features.

Mentors have to sign up using this special formatting: [[User:Name]]|Description. Please strictly use this syntax, DO NOT add any links or wikitext in the description; otherwise it will break. Please limit your description to 240 characters. Full instructions are at Growth/Communities/How to introduce yourself as a mentor.

Please note, if you are signed up on this list - expect to be assigned random new users as mentees.

  • User:Sungodtemple|Welcome to Wikipedia! You can ask me questions about editing and other processes. I'll do my best to respond timely.
  • User:Sdkb|Hi, I'm Sdkb! I contribute to many different areas of Wikipedia where I see unmet needs, trying to improve the world's information ecosystem. Ask me anything about editing; I'm here to help!
  • User:Wugapodes|Welcome! I edit Wikipedia because I like sharing knowledge with others, so if you have questions feel free to ask me. I'm excited to work together!
  • User:Nosebagbear|Hi there! I improve articles and help users like you - let me know if you have any questions!
  • User:Trialpears|Hello! I edit in a lot of different areas where I see there are improvements to be made. I also enjoy helping new users navigate the confusing environment that is Wikipedia!
  • User:Ahmetlii|Welcome! I edit on different areas whenever there's a need of improvement, and try to help newcomers. Don't hesitate to ask questions about editing and other processes on Wikipedia, I will do my best to give a good answer.
  • User:Aseleste|
  • User:Ipigott|I have experience of a wide variety of areas but am particularly keen on improving coverage of women. Please let me know how I can help you along. Happy editing!
  • User:Em-mustapha|Glad you are here and want to contribute to the sum of all human knowledge. How may I help you?
  • User:Bsoyka|Hey there! I contribute to many areas here on Wikipedia and I'm excited to help newcomers like you grow. Please let me know if you have any questions - I'm always happy to help and I look forward to meeting you!
  • User:Panini!|Hello! I'm Panini. Although I'm active in contributing to video game articles, I've learned the ropes and am here to answer your questions. If you have any, please ask!
  • User:Ampimd|Hello, I edit a wide variety of articles and topics, I hope I can lend a helping hand to you. Enjoy!
  • User:Tol|Welcome! I'm another Wikipedia editor, and am looking forward to get to know you. Ask me if you have any questions!
  • User:Pelagic|Hi, my interests include biology, old books, food, open data, photography, and of course Wikimedia ... but you can ask me anything!
  • User:Calliopejen1|Hi! I'm a longtime Wikipedia editor and love teaching others how to contribute. Let me know if you have any questions!
  • User:Usedtobecool|I have some experience helping out new editors, and will happily assist anyone here to build a free encyclopedia. I may decline requests from those who want to make money or promote something.
  • User:Berrely|Hi, I'm Berrely and I've been here for a while. I like editing topics related to England and video games, and I often make diagrams and graphics for articles. Feel free to ask any questions!
  • User:Bilorv|Hi! I'm happy to answer any questions you have, and none are too silly to ask. I was a newcomer once and I know how much new information there is at first, but I can help you find a place to start.
  • User:Elli|Hi! I'm a somewhat experienced editor happy to work with people interested in editing here.
  • User:Isabelle Belato|Hi and welcome to Wikipedia! My name is Isabelle and I'm glad to see you are interested in helping with the project. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  • User:DanCherek|Welcome to Wikipedia! I like editing articles about literature and music, but feel free to ask me about anything — I'd love to help you get started.
  • User:ARoseWolf|Hello and welcome! My name is Asareel and I am here to assist you with navigating and editing Wikipedia. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.
  • User:GenQuest|I can copyedit your new article(s) and creation(s) in such a way that you learn to avoid the pitfalls many new users face while beginning to edit here.
  • User:Michael D. Turnbull|I mainly contribute to science-related topics but I'll try to help you with other questions, including use of Wikimedia Commons for uploading images.
  • User:Eddie891|Hi! I'm Eddie891. I'm involved with a number of editing projects here. I like to go where my interest takes me and am happy to answer any questions you may have!
  • User:Pyrrho the Skeptic| Hi and welcome to Wikipedia! I have a wide variety of interests, and want to help editors have confidence and knowledge in their journey. Ask me literally anything, anytime!
  • User:Qwerfjkl|Hi, I'm Qwerfjkl! If you have any questions about Wikipedia, feel free to ask.
  • User:CaptainEek|Howdy hello! I'm CaptainEek and I sail the high seas of Wikipedia looking for users to help! Feel free to leave a message in a bottle for me, and welcome aboard matey.
  • User:Dreamy Jazz|Hello and welcome! I'm Dreamy Jazz, though please feel free to call me Jazz or DJ. If you want to ask me a question do leave a message and I'll get back to you soon. I live in the UTC timezone, so it may be a few hours before I reply.
  • User:Oronsay|G'day and welcome to Wikipedia! No editing question is too silly to ask me. I'm here to help you get started.
  • User:lajmmoore| Hi there, lovely to meet you, and looking forward to supporting your edits!
  • User:Asartea|Hi there, and welcome to Wikipedia. Feel free to ask me any questions.
  • User:Ezlev|Welcome to Wikipedia! I love helping to improve this free source of information, and I'm so glad you want to help too. Ask me anything and I'll do my best to help!
  • User:Pahunkat|Hello and welcome! I'm Pahunkat, an editor here on Wikipedia. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have, and I'll try my best to help!
  • User:Vukky|Hi, and welcome to Wikipedia! I'm Vukky, and I've been a Wikipedia editor for a few years. Let me know if you have any questions :)
  • User:EpicPupper|Hi, I'm EpicPupper! If you have any questions about Wikipedia, feel free to ask.