Wikipedia:General sanctions/Beauty pageants

Community discussionEdit

A community discussion at the administrators' noticeboard has placed all articles about beauty pageants, and biographies of persons known as beauty pageant contestants, which have been edited by a sockpuppet account or logged-out sockpuppet under general sanctions. 18:36, 3 October 2020 (UTC)


Sanctions imposed cannot be undone by another administrator without approval of the sanctioning administrator or an appeal at the administrators' noticeboard. Pages protected under this sanctions regime should be logged below.

Any article on a beauty pageant, or biography of a person known as a beauty pageant contestant, which has been edited by a sockpuppet account or logged-out sockpuppet, may be semiprotected indefinitely by any administrator, citing this general sanction in the protection log.

Log of pagesEdit

Log pages protected (along with the date it was protected on) under this GS below.