In the Summer of 2011, Wikimedia UK and ARKive are collaborating on a project to improve Wikipedia's articles on threatened species. This will involve sharing some of ARKive's text content with Wikipedia, and community outreach through online and offline events. This will involve a fixed-period in-residence role that we are calling Wikipedia Outreach Ambassador. Andy Mabbett, known on Wikipedia as User:Pigsonthewing, has been appointed to this role, starting on 11 July. He's written a blog post about the role.

Background edit

For background and contacts, please see the Wikimedia UK page for the project.

The project edit

The project will involve internal tasks of improving content and liaising with the Wikipedia and Wikiproject communities. Internal tasks will include:

  • Improving the target articles using text and references from an agreed selection of ARKive's fact-files. This includes both extending and improving the content of the articles and increasing the number of helpful wiki-links between articles.
  • Adding external links from target articles to relevant ARKive pages, on a wide range of specific species.
  • Informing other language Wikipedias of relevant articles in English, where this is not already being done by Wikipedia's processes.
  • Keeping relevant Wikiprojects informed of the improvement work.

Events edit

We held two events, on the afternoon, and again in the evening of 15 September, in Bristol, using the hashtag #GLAMARKive on Twitter.

You can read more about the events.

Templates and categories edit

How to take part edit

As part of this collaboration Wildscreen have kindly agreed to release the text (note: not images or other media) of 200 of their ARKive articles (listed below) under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 License and the GFDL.

Those agreed to date are listed below, together with some suggested article sections for expansion.

How to transfer content edit

This is a detailed list; don't worry if you can only complete some of the steps.
  1. Search ARKive to get to the appropriate page.
  2. Click on the icon for "print fact sheet". (It is a little icon to the right of the "A"s, in the upperish right.) This will give you all the text on one page, useful for cut and pasting. You can also scroll through the individual tabs (same content though).
  3. Decide which sections of text are helpful and transfer them to the Wiki article. Some articles may only need a small update. Others that are stubby, can get a huge head start. Some can just use isolated sections. Make sure to transfer the list of Arkive references as well. (Easiest is just to transfer as a set into the Wiki article references section.)
  4. Add {{ARKive}} in the external links section if appropriate. (Note the template instructions are helpful for understanding how to fill in the fields. Or compare how African elephant or other completed improvements do it.)
  5. Format the refs, wikilink text, do any other quick edits to integrate.
  6. To show attribution, insert {{ARKive attribute}} between the references header and the first reference.
  7. Consider using this edit summary: Text from [[ARKive]] donated by [[Wildscreen]] under CC-BY-SA 3.0 & GFDL; see [[Wikipedia:GLAM/ARKive]]
  8. Add {{GLAMARKive}} to the article's talk page.
  9. Return to this page and strike-through the relevant item, below, so that we can keep track of progress.
  10. Also, copy the link for the improved article to the relevant Work done section; please feel free to sign, so everyone can see how hard you're working ;-)
  11. If additions were substantial, and eligible, investigate getting a WP:DYK award - you can ask on this project's talk page if you need help, or a nominator. Or seek Peer review with a view to obtaining good article or featured article status.

For an example of how ARKive text can be incorporated into a Wikipedia article, please see this change to the African Elephant article.

Inter-wiki edit

Once articles are improved using the donated texts, editors are invited to:

  • translate them into other languages (or tell other people who might do so, about this project)
  • re-write them in simple English

Articles edit

Donated texts edit

Wildscreen have agreed to release their ARKive text about the following species (more to follow). Struck through titles have been improved, and moved to the section below.

Mammals edit

  1. Arabian oryx: Biology
  2. Aye-aye: Biology - reproduction
  3. Bornean orang-utan: Description/Biology
  4. Red-shanked douc: Threats/Conservation
  5. European bison: Biology - diet/Conservation
  6. Ganges river dolphin: Biology/Conservation
  7. Giant anteater: Description/Biology
  8. Indri: Description/Biology
  9. Lion-tailed macaque: Biology
  10. Proboscis monkey: Biology - reproduction
  11. Red wolf: Biology
  12. African elephant: Description/Range/Conservation
  13. Asian elephant: Diet/Effect of their diet on environment
  14. Western gorilla: Description
  15. African wild dog: Biology/Conservation
  16. African forest elephant: Biology
  17. Amur leopard I'll work on this one Maxgecko (talk) 21:58, 15 September 2011 (UTC): BiologyReply[reply]
  18. Giant armadillo: Description/Biology/Threats/Conservation
  19. Argali
  20. Beluga whale: threats
  21. Black rhinoceros: conservation
  22. Bush dog
  23. Chimpanzee: threats and conservation
  24. Forest elephant
  25. Golden lion tamarin
  26. Iberian lynx: threats and conservation
  27. Mandrill: threats and conservation
  28. Okapi: reproduction
  29. Pygmy hog
  30. Quokka
  31. Spectacled bear
  32. Takin
  33. Yangtze river dolphin: biology
  34. Kouprey
  35. Narwhal: repro and conservation
  36. Banteng
  37. Fishing cat
  38. Kit fox
  39. Maned wolf
  40. Mountain gazelle
  41. Hippopotamus: threats and conservation
  42. Saola
  43. Mountain zebra
  44. Pygmy marmoset
  45. Gemsbok
  46. Mouflon
  47. Vaquita - Currently working on this Liabet (talk) 15:00, 15 September 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  48. Aardvark

Fish edit

  1. Southern stingray: Description/Biology
  2. Pygmy seahorse: Description/Biology
  3. Knysna seahorse: Description/Biology
  4. Common seahorse: Description/Biology
  5. Weedy seadragon: Description
  6. Yellowfin tuna: Biology
  7. Southern bluefin tuna: Biology
  8. Manta ray: Biology
  9. Scalloped hammerhead: Description/Biology
  10. Humphead wrasse: Biology/Habitat/Range
  11. Beluga: Description/Biology
  12. Swordfish: Biology
  13. Sand tiger shark: Description/Biology
  14. Black sea bass (Stereolepis gigas): Description/Biology
  15. Bull shark I'll edit this one angharad84 (UTC)]]: Biology
  16. Nurse shark: Biology
  17. Rainbow parrotfish: Description/Biology/Habitat
  18. Atlantic halibut: Description/Biology/Habitat
  19. Danube salmon: Description/Biology/Habitat
  20. Giant guitarfish: Description/Biology/Habitat
  21. Lemon shark: Description/Biology/Habitat

Birds edit

  1. Galapagos penguin - has very few references in current Wikipedia article
  2. Kakapo our article is an FA and would not benefit from incorporation of arkive content Calliopejen1 (talk) 00:22, 29 August 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  3. Hyacinth macaw:
  4. Great spotted kiwi:
  5. whooping crane:
  6. saker falcon
  7. Andean flamingo
  8. Bali starling
  9. black-browed albatross
  10. Black-necked crane
  11. North Island Brown Kiwi
  12. Japanese crane
  13. African penguin
  14. Fiordland crested penguin
  15. Humboldt penguin
  16. Maleo
  17. royal penguin
  18. takahe
  19. Great snipe
  20. Tawny eagle
  21. Galapagos hawk
  22. Great bustard
  23. Southern rockhopper penguin
  24. Swan goose
  25. Blue bird of paradise
  26. Imperial eagle
  27. Blue swallow
  28. Indian vulture
  29. Red junglefowl
  30. Gentoo penguin

Reptiles edit

  1. African rock python
  2. Hawksbill turtle
  3. Green iguana
  4. Hermann's tortoise
  5. Nile crocodile
  6. Gila monster
  7. Egyptian tortoise
  8. Green anaconda
  9. Rosy boa
  10. Nile monitor
  11. Common box turtle
  12. tiger chameleon
  13. Galapagos marine iguana
  14. Greek tortoise
  15. Chinese alligator
  16. Black caiman
  17. Dwarf crocodile
  18. King ratsnake
  19. Dwarf chameleon
  20. African burrowing python
  21. Rhinoceros iguana
  22. Wood turtle
  23. Alligator snapping turtle
  24. Ornate box turtle
  25. Cuban crocodile
  26. Woma python
  27. Pancake tortoise
  28. Satanic leaf-tailed gecko
  29. Brown leaf chameleon (Brookesia superciliaris) - new article

Amphibians edit

  1. Chinese giant salamander
  2. Golden toad
  3. Goliath frog
  4. Japanese giant salamander
  5. Dyscophus antongilii - basically replaced the few-line stub that was there
  6. Darwin's frog
  7. Western leopard toad
  8. Waterfall frog
  9. Mountain chicken
  10. African giant toad
  11. Mallorcan midwife toad
  12. Sunset frog
  13. Water frog - new article

Terrestrial + fresh water invertebrates edit

  1. Apollo butterfly
  2. Coconut crab
  3. Giant freshwater crayfish
  4. Yabbie crayfish
  5. Noble crayfish
  6. Curlyhair Tarantula
  7. Mexican Fireleg
  8. Mexican redknee tarantula
  9. Emperor Scorpion
  10. Dracula ants
  11. Stag beetle (Lucanus cervus)
  12. Freshwater pearl mussel
  13. Aldabra banded snail
  14. Cook Strait giant weta

Marine invertebrates edit

  1. Giant clam
  2. Horseshoe crab
  3. Black abalone
  4. Small giant clam
  5. Southern giant clam
  6. Fire corals (general page)

Plants edit

  1. African blackwood
  2. Boreal Felt Lichen
  3. Bristlecone pine
  4. coco de mer
  5. Forest Coconut
  6. Giant sequoia
  7. Green pitcher plant
  8. Jellyfish Tree
  9. Maidenhair tree
  10. Monkey puzzle
  11. Pau brasil
  12. Thief palm
  13. Titan arum
  14. Venus Fly trap
  15. Wollemi Pine
  16. Dracula vampira
  17. Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco)
  18. Baku (Tieghemella heckelii)
  19. Olulu
  20. Cretan dittany - I'll work on this. Jezhotwells (talk) 18:52, 15 September 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  21. Cretan date palm
  22. Rafflesia (general page)
  23. Fairy slipper orchid
  24. Sapele
  25. White mahogany
  26. African walnut (Lovoa trichilioides)
  27. Grandidier’s baobab
  28. lava cactus
  29. Azobe
  30. Lawson's cypress
  31. Underground orchid (Rhizanthella gardneri)
  32. Star cactus (Astrophytum asterias)
  33. Eastern Cape dwarf cycad (Encephalartos caffer) - new article

Fungi edit

  1. Bloxam's entoloma (Entoloma bloxamii) - new article
  2. Pig's ear
  3. Violet crown-cupour article would not benefit from incorporation of arkive content
  4. Pepper pot our article would not benefit from incorporation of arkive content
  5. Golden gilled bolete

Work done edit

Mammals edit

  1. African elephant - Andy Mabbett (User:Pigsonthewing)
  2. Giant Armadillo - Aurous One
  3. European bison - Aurous One
  4. Bornean orangutan - Aurous One
  5. Ganges river dolphin - Aurous One
  6. Takin: (Diff) Expanded considerably. User:MartinPoulter

Fishes edit

  1. Southern stingray: (Diff) Expanded from a stub - Aurous
  2. Atlantic halibut: (Diff) Expanded somewhat - Cwmhiraeth
  3. Manta ray: (Diff) Added description and part of biology. Cwmhiraeth
  4. Knysna seahorse: (Diff) Added Description and Biology. Cwmhiraeth
  5. Pygmy seahorse: (Diff)Added Description and Biology. Cwmhiraeth
  6. Weedy seadragon: (Diff) Lewiscj

Birds edit

  1. Hyacinth macaw (diff) - Andy Mabbett (User:Pigsonthewing)
  2. Blue Swallow (Diff) - Added description and biology. User:Cwmhiraeth
  3. Gentoo penguin (diff) Bs5er (talk) 15:34, 15 September 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Reptiles edit

  1. Common box turtle: For this one, was able to quickly get from a stub to maybe a B class article in content. Very helpful! TCO
  2. Hawksbill turtle: No text transferred. Could not find any gap that they help us with. We have a featured article and it is pretty integrated.TCO
  3. African rock python (Diff): xferred all ARKIVE text. We had a C article, but takes us to B. They have more length and a lot of our text was unreferenced.TCO
  4. Brown leaf chameleon - new article (anon)
  5. Pancake tortoise (Diff) - Calliopejen1
  6. Satanic leaf-tailed gecko (448582170) - added a couple of new sections and generally expanded and added references to others. Wikisamia
  7. Hermann's tortoise (Diff) - Hula-Hoop
  8. tiger chameleon (Diff)- Able to transfer almost directly a lot of the text to add sections and expand article. Also added image from commons - Wikisamia

Amphibians edit

  1. Mountain chicken - anon
  2. Water frog - new article - Andy Mabbett (User:Pigsonthewing)

Terrestrial + fresh water invertebrates edit

  1. Apollo butterfly: Added several sections and linked refs. Dger
  2. Curlyhair Tarantula - Bugboy52.40
  3. Mexican Fireleg - Bugboy52.40
  4. Freshwater pearl mussel done! Calliopejen1
  5. Cook Strait giant weta (Diff)- Expanded from stub - Cwmhiraeth
  6. Tasmanian giant freshwater crayfish (Diff) - vastly expanded Andy Mabbett (Pigsonthewing)

Marine invertebrates edit

  1. Maxima clam (small giant clam) (Diff) - No longer a stub. Cwmhiraeth
  2. Black abalone (Diff)
  3. Fire corals (Diff) - Cwmhiraeth

Plants edit

  1. Dracula vampira (Diff) expanded from a few line stub. SmartSE
  2. Erioderma pedicellatum expanded conservation efforts. Graeme Bartlett
  3. coco de mer threats conservation and habitat used. Graeme Bartlett
  4. Bristlecone pine Tried to incorporate what I could but the ARKive article is pretty short and has at least one inaccuracy ("Bristlecone pines inhabit the harsh environments of the western Sierra Nevada Mountains, where there is very little moisture" - in fact the western Sierras are wetter than the eastern Sierras and these pines are more to the east, with many not even in the Sierras - see,210,225 and,210,213 ). More added there (Diff); and to Pinus longaeva (Diff).
  5. Underground orchid (Diff) - Andy Mabbett (User:Pigsonthewing)
  6. Jellyfish Tree redirects to Medusagyne (Diff) About doubled in size, no longer a stub. Graeme Bartlett
  7. Star cactus (Astrophytum asterias) (Diff) Over 50% increase - Andy Mabbett (User:Pigsonthewing)
  8. Encephalartos caffer new article Graeme Bartlett
  9. Thief palm (Diff) - added description to stub article - Cwmhiraeth
  10. Pau brasil (Diff) - Added description - Cwmhiraeth
  11. Azobe (Diff) - Added description and biology. No longer a stub. - Cwmhiraeth
  12. Green pitcher plant (Diff) - Elefunkie

Fungi edit

  1. Bloxam's entoloma - new article (Diff) - Andy Mabbett (User:Pigsonthewing) + another
  2. Golden-gilled bolete (Diff) - improved from a one-sentence stub.
  3. Pig's ear (Diff) - edited threats and conservation section (User:Inthefieldnews)

Other edit

Edited edit

The following articles have also been edited as part of this project:

Created edit

The following articles have been created as part of this project:

  • George McGavin (Wildscreen patron)
  • A great many redirects (differing capitalisations, common names to scientific names, alternative common names, etc.)

Nominated edit

Did You Know edit
Peer review edit

Coverage elsewhere edit