An excerpt is a transclusion of part of an article (usually the lead section) into another article. Excerpts are made using the Template:Excerpt and have several benefits:

  • Foster collaboration by channeling contributors to the same resources, rather than having them work in parallel
  • Reduce maintenance by avoiding duplicate content that needs to be updated independently
  • Improve content quality by encouraging editors to merge and reuse related content, rather than having multiple versions in various stages of development

Excerpts are often useful in sections with a main article. Such sections are usually summaries of the main article, so their original content (if any) can be merged into the main article and the section replaced for an excerpt of the lead section. Other uses are avoiding copy-paste of population tables, tournament scores, episode lists and other such resources.

Excerpts are an example of the Don't Repeat Yourself principle being applied. Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, templates and even wikilinks are other examples of this principle being applied.

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