Wikipedia:Disambiguation detector

Disambiguation Detector is a tool that marks internal links that point to disambiguation pages with a yellow font color. As a general rule, pages should not contain links pointing to disambiguation pages: links should point to a specific "unambiguous" page.


To install the tool you must have an account and be logged in. In Special:Preferences, "Gadgets" and "Appearance", mark the box next to the text "Display links to disambiguation pages in orange". This will activate the tool.

To uninstall the tool, uncheck this same box in Preferences.

Technical informationEdit

This tool is based on the API of Wikipedia. Every time a page is loaded, it checks the categories belonging to all linked pages within it, and checks to see if any of these links are in the category disambiguation or the category articles of unclear notability[disputed ]. If the search comes up positive, the corresponding items are colored yellow.

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Script's author is the user APPER of German Wikipedia.