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This DYK STATS/Archive 2017 page is an archive of the monthly DYKSTATS leaders for each month in 2017, recognizing the DYK entries that have received the most page views while being featured on DYK.

On an important note: Please do not see this list as a competition, but rather a celebration of some of the most effective DYK hooks.

2017 DYK page view leaders by month (over 5,000 views)


January 2017Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Jumbo slice   29,422 2,451 ... that a single jumbo slice (pictured) may contain over 1,000 calories?
Sutton Hoo helmet   24,360 ... that the 7th-century royal Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hoo helmet (pictured) was excavated in more than 500 pieces?
Eriksen M/25 18,789 ... that although only a single example of the Eriksen M/25 machine gun was built, it saw service in the 1940 Norwegian Campaign?
Soup and sandwich   18,026 1,502 ... that the soup and sandwich combination (example pictured) has been a popular lunch dish in the United States since the 1920s?
Cray-3 16,119 ... that when Seymour Cray designed the Cray-3 supercomputer, he insisted that the processor fit into a 1-cubic-foot (0.028 m3) block?
3D representation of rabeprazole


... that people of Japanese ancestry may have trouble metabolizing rabeprazole (3D representation pictured)?

V-2 missile launch site, Blizna 15,383 ... that in order to disguise the V-2 missile launch site in Blizna, the Nazis created an artificial village with plywood cottages and barns, and plaster people and animals?
Sundial cannon   14,938 ... that sundial cannons (example pictured) were triggered by the sun to fire at noon?
Emany Mata Likambe 14,634 ... that Emany Mata Likambe, Zaire's former ambassador to Poland, was discovered homeless and living on the streets of Warsaw in 1994 after his government had failed to pay him for over two years?
Deseret alphabet   14,269 594 ...that at one point, some street signs in Salt Lake City were written in the Deseret alphabet (pictured)?
Rabbit stew   10,374 864 ... that rabbit stew (pictured) sometimes includes rabbit blood as an ingredient to thicken and enrich it?
Bernardo Putairi,
Arone Teikatoara
  5,566 + 9,807 = 15,373 1,281 ... that Bernardo Putairi (pictured) succeeded as the final Prince Regent of Mangareva after his predecessor Arone Teikatoara kissed a girl on the street?
Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal   15,080 ... that the Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal reliefs (pictured) from c. 640 BC show the king killing lions with swords, spears, and arrows?
J. W. Lonoaea 14,361 ... that J. W. Lonoaea died because he voted for a king instead of a queen?
HMS Negro (1916) 14,200~ ... that following a collision, HMS Negro sank after two depth charges from HMS Hoste tore open its hull?
Democracy voucher 13,343 1,112 ... that Seattle will begin issuing "democracy vouchers" in 2017?
Oskar Gottlieb Blarr   12,992 ... that Oskar Gottlieb Blarr (pictured), "the composer with the hat", visited Israel to experience where Jesus lived as a Jew?
Alan Rawlinson 12,282 .... that Australian World War II fighter ace Alan Rawlinson had "Sweet FA" in the Middle East before he got "up you" in the South West Pacific?
Murder of Pamela Werner 11,866 494 ... that British and Chinese officials in Beijing cooperated in trying to solve the murder of Pamela Werner, which happened 80 years ago today?
Peter Prevc   11,855 ... that Slovenian ski jumper Peter Prevc (pictured) became the first athlete to land a jump of 250 metres (820 ft)?
Petrodollar recycling   11,819 984 ... that the 90% purchase of New York's Chrysler Building (pictured) by the Abu Dhabi Investment Council was a prominent example of petrodollar recycling?
Üçayak Byzantine Church   9854 821 ... that the Üçayak Byzantine Church (pictured) was a double church?
Elizabeth Plankinton House   9818 818 ... that "Merchant Prince and Princely Merchant" John Plankinton built a mansion (pictured) as a wedding gift for his daughter Elizabeth, but she refused to live in it because her fiancé Richard Henry Park ran off with a dancer?
Shamma Al Mazrui 9,354 ... that on her appointment in February 2016, 22-year-old Shamma Al Mazrui became the youngest government minister in the world?
Naomi Frankel   9,136 761 ... that after six decades subscribing to left-wing ideology, German-Israeli novelist Naomi Frankel (pictured) adopted right-wing ideology and moved to the West Bank?
Ralph Deleon 9,030 ... that US President-elect Donald Trump referred to the Ralph Deleon case in a speech about immigration?"
Lucy Dudko 8,931 744 ... that in 1999 Lucy Dudko hijacked a helicopter to break out her lover from Silverwater Correctional Complex in Sydney?
Dragon kiln   8,650 721 ... that Chinese dragon kilns for pottery (excavated kiln pictured) ran up hillsides, could be 135 metres (443 ft) long, and could fire tens of thousands of pieces at a time?
Franco-Tahitian War   8,643 721 ... that the Franco-Tahitian War (1844–1847) culminated in the defeat of the Tahitians at Fort Fautaua (pictured)?
Lyngiades massacre 8,641 ... that 71 years after the Lyngiades massacre in Greece, President Joachim Gauck was Germany's first official representative to visit the site and express his apologies for the Wehrmacht's atrocities?
Walt Disney World Railroad   8,548 356 ... that the Walt Disney World Railroad (pictured), with 3.7 million passengers each year, is one of the most popular railroads in the world powered by steam locomotives?
Unsuccessful nominations to the Cabinet of the United States 8,443 ... that the United States Senate rejected Caleb Cushing's nomination to be Secretary of the Treasury three times in one day?
Woke 8,207 ... that Bloomberg Businessweek asked, "Is Wikipedia woke?"
Pablo Hidalgo 8,037 669 ... that J. J. Abrams consulted Pablo Hidalgo up to three times a day while filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens?
Mangal Shobhajatra   8,017 668 ... that the Mangal Shobhajatra (pictured) has been declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO?
Sonja Vectomov   7,857 654 ... that "lamprophrenia", a portmanteau of the Greek words lampron (bright) and phrenia (mind), was coined by Czech–Finnish musical artist Sonja Vectomov (pictured) as the title of her debut album?
Kim Seong-il 7,762 ... that Kim Seong-il believed the Japanese invasions of Korea would not take place?
Goofus and Gallant 7,137 ... that a critic of the didactic comic strip Goofus and Gallant observed that the "obnoxious" Goofus may appeal to children more than the "do-gooder" Gallant?
Killenworth   6,827 .. that the city of Glen Cove, New York, once tried to foreclose on the Russian diplomatic retreat at Killenworth (pictured), and later denied its residents beach permits?
DRDO Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon 6,800 ... that India's first fully indigenous anti-airfield weapon was tested in 2016?
Grace Bochenek
  6,683 ... that Grace Bochenek (pictured), an engineer and director of the U.S. National Energy Technology Laboratory, is the acting Secretary of Energy until the expected confirmation of Rick Perry?
Lost in London 6,589 549 ... that Woody Harrelson's Lost in London became the first film broadcast into theaters live?
Timex Expedition WS4   6567 547 ... that the face of the Timex Expedition WS4 (pictured) matches the shape of the rear window of a Land Rover?
King Kalākaua's world tour   6507 .. that one of the goals of King Kalākaua's world tour (Kalākaua pictured) was to save the declining population of Native Hawaiians?
RNA silencing suppressor p19   6,487 ... that the p19 protein (dimer pictured) evolved in an arms race between plants and viruses?
Jōmon Venus   6,394 ... that the Jōmon Venus (pictured) was the first Jōmon period artifact to be designated a National Treasure of Japan?
Shooting of Benjamin Marconi 6,326 527 ... that the suspect in the shooting of Detective Benjamin Marconi got married the following morning and was arrested later that day?
Muslim women in sport 6,322 ... that 14 Muslim female athletes won medals at the 2016 Olympic Games?
James N. Post III 6,007 500 ... that Major General James N. Post III flew over 4,000 hours in the F-16 Falcon?
Gertrude Kelly 5,978 ... that Irish immigrant, anarchist, strike organiser, and New York surgeon Gertrude Kelly is commemorated by a children's park in Chelsea, Manhattan?
Sri Lankan Christmas tree   5,958 ... that the Sri Lankan Christmas tree (pictured) is claimed to be the world’s tallest artificial Christmas tree??
List of Antarctic churches 5,910 ... that there are eight churches on Antarctica?
Pakistan Communist Party 5,869 ... that the Pakistan Communist Party ceased to exist just three weeks after it had been founded?
The Three Kings   5,339 ... that the Epiphany anthem "The Three Kings" describes the visit of the Biblical Magi to the baby Jesus (pictured)?
Jingdezhen porcelain   5,319 443 ... that Jingdezhen ware (example pictured) has dominated Chinese porcelain for over 600 years?
Klein Heidelberg 5,302 ... that Germany's Klein Heidelberg used Great Britain's own Chain Home radar transmitters as the source for their passive radar?
Use of bayonets for crowd control 5,063 ... that during 1968 revisions to the United States Army Field Manuals, there was an attempt to eliminate the use of bayonets for crowd control?
Swatow ware 5,011 417 ... that scholars have been puzzled by a motif in Chinese Swatow ware, where a pagoda is split "almost like a volcanic eruption"?

February 2017Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Girl with Peaches   24,550 + 1,661 = 26,211 2,184 ... that the girl with peaches (pictured) married the future chief prosecutor of the Most Holy Synod?
2017 EFL Cup Final 20,694 ... that Southampton reached the 2017 EFL Cup Final against Manchester United today without conceding a goal?
Oroville Dam crisis   15,034 ... that nine million fish were rescued from the Feather River Fish Hatchery during the 2017 Oroville Dam crisis (pictured)?
Timoclea   14,062 1,172 ... that on this day in 1572, Elizabeth I and her court saw a play about the rape victim Timoclea (pictured) acted by London schoolboys?
Dredge No. 4   12,808 1,067 ... that Dredge No. 4 (pictured), now a National Historic Site of Canada, mined nine tons of gold between 1913 and 1959?
The Capture of the Hessians at Trenton, December 26, 1776   12,324 1,027 ... that in The Capture of the Hessians at Trenton, December 26, 1776 (pictured), the artist wanted to show the compassion of General George Washington?
HMS Spiteful (1899)   12,141 1,012 ... that, in 1904, HMS Spiteful (pictured) became the first warship to be powered solely by fuel oil?
Botticelli Inferno   9,988 832 ... that the Map of Hell (pictured) by Botticelli is the subject of the 2016 documentary film Botticelli Inferno?
Emergency Alert System misactivation of 2005 9,877 ... that during the Emergency Alert System misactivation of 2005, everyone in Connecticut was ordered to flee the state, but the most common reaction was to change the channel?
Presidential M&M's 9,568 ... that Presidential M&M's are given as gifts to guests of the President of the United States?
Vivien Neves 9,215 ... that when a full-page photograph of a naked Vivien Neves in The Times caused a sensation in 1971, it was being used to advertise a pharmaceutical company?
Giovanni Battista Palumba   9,202 767 ... that the real name of the 16th-century Italian printmaker Master I.B. with a Bird (monogram pictured) was long suspected to be bird-related, but this was only demonstrated in 1936?
Flag of Provo, Utah   9,071 ... that the former flag of Provo, Utah (pictured), was compared to Centrum vitamin bottles?
Divine Comedy illustrated by Botticelli 8,974 748 ... that the drawing of Lucifer from the Divine Comedy illustrated by Botticelli depicts the whole story of canto XXXIV, and shows Lucifer's geographical location in Hell?
Jean Tatlock 8,887 740 ... that Jean Tatlock had a romantic relationship with Robert Oppenheimer, introducing him to poetry and politics?
Hexamethylbenzene   8,555 713 ... that the pyramidal structure of the hexamethylbenzene dication (pictured) has a central carbon atom bonded to an "unprecedented" six other carbon atoms?
Cecil E. Harris 8,261 ... that Cecil E. Harris, the U.S. Navy's second most successful World War II flying ace, was a school teacher from landlocked South Dakota?
Landscape with the Flight into Egypt (Bruegel) 8,099 675 ... that the Landscape with the Flight into Egypt by Pieter Bruegel I includes two tiny salamanders, symbols of evil?
Private Property (1960 film) 7,784 ... that the 1960 crime film Private Property was "condemned" by the National Legion of Decency?
High Explosive Research 7,327 610 ... that whilst carrying out High Explosive Research, British scientists developed atomic weapons?
Chenail Island 7,311 ... that a monument on Chenail Island (pictured) honors the families that lived there before much of the island was submerged?
Sue Anschutz-Rodgers 7,301 ... that over a 22-year period, Colorado cattle ranch owner Sue Anschutz-Rodgers increased her stock from 33 cows and a single bull to 1,700 head of cattle?
Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells 4,507 + 2,751 = 7,258 ... that Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells is a term given to people, traditionally ascribed as being from Royal Tunbridge Wells, who write letters of incensed conservative moral outrage?
Qard al-Hasan 7,200 600 ... that Qard al-Hasan is considered a "beautiful loan" in Islam, because the borrower is Allah and not the person who receives the loan??
Carved lacquer   7,009 584 ... that in 1782, the Qianlong Emperor enquired "lacquer is cause for ten officials to protest; what if it is also carved?" (example pictured)
1861 Tooley Street fire   6,974 ... that James Braidwood, superintendent of the London Fire Engine Establishment, was killed during the 1861 Tooley Street fire (pictured)?
Komboni 6,746 ... that approximately 80% of residents of Lusaka, Zambia, live in kombonis?
Seseli libanotis
Puccinia libanotidis
  3,940 + 2,647 = 6,587 ... that moon carrot rust, which infects the moon carrot (pictured), was thought extinct from Britain, but was re-discovered in 2009?
The Palace Restaurant and Saloon 6,556 ... that the oldest bar in Arizona, The Palace Restaurant and Saloon in Prescott, played host to Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday in the late 1870s before they moved on to Tombstone?
Jewell Jones 6,511 ... that at age 21, Jewell Jones became the youngest State Representative in Michigan history?
The Holy Trinity (The Grand Tour) 6,500 ... that at a cost of £2.5 million (US$3.2 million), the opening scene for "The Holy Trinity", the first episode of The Grand Tour, was the most expensive scene in television history?
Shuixian Zunwang 5,998 ... that China's Five Water Gods may have originated from a misunderstood surname?
Curtis P. Iaukea   5,613 ... that Curtis P. Iaukea (pictured) served as the Hawaiian ambassador to the coronation of Tsar Alexander III of Russia and the Golden and Diamond Jubilees of Queen Victoria?
Kensington Railway Station 5,502 459 ... that the architecturally outstanding Kensington Railway Station, now a National Historic Site of Canada, is referred to as a "boulder station" because of its fieldstone walls?
Oriental Desert Express 5,292 ... that the Oriental Desert Express is equipped with shovels to help clear sand off the railroad tracks?
General George Washington at Trenton   5,118 426 ... that in General George Washington at Trenton (pictured), Trumbull painted Washington in "the most sublime moment", the night before the Battle of Princeton?
Marine Corps Prepositioning Program-Norway 5,104 ... that stockpiles of United States Marine Corps weapons and equipment are stored in caves in Norway as part of a Marine Corps Prepositioning Program?
Mantri Manai   5,090 ... that the Mantri Manai (pictured) has a mixture of European and Dravidian architectural styles?

March 2017Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Operation London Bridge 22,837 1,903 ... that use of the code phrase "London Bridge is down" will signal the death of Queen Elizabeth II?
Murder of Joey Fischer 19,477 2,434 ... that Joey Fischer was murdered after he refused to take US$500 to date his ex-girlfriend?
Marquesan Dog   18,056 ... that a stone relief (pictured), now accepted as an extinct Marquesan Dog, was claimed by Thor Heyerdahl to depict a llama to bolster his theory that Polynesia was settled from South America?
Polynesian Dog 16,104 ... that the extinct Polynesian Dog never became feral because of the scarcity of food in the forests of Polynesia?
Abraham Lincoln's hearse 15,759 1,313 ... that Abraham Lincoln's "immense" hearse was escorted by 160,000 people as it was drawn through New York City?
Rossa Matilda Richter   15,442 ... that the first recorded human cannonball act was an 1877 London performance by 14-year-old Rossa Matilda Richter (pictured)?
Home Kidston   14,224 ... that Home Kidston owned a Bugatti Type 37A (example pictured) while still a schoolboy at Eton?
Cão de Gado Transmontano' 14207 ... that the Cão de Gado Transmontano is a giant livestock guardian dog that is used to defend flocks of sheep from the Iberian wolf?
Ron Hackenberger 14,128 ... that Ron Hackenberger is selling his collection of 700 vehicles, including over 250 Studebakers?
David Martin Long 13,866 1,155 ... that convicted murderer David Martin Long was on life support two days before he was executed?
Lightning rod fashion   10,518 + 3,110 = 13,628 ... that the lightning rod fashion (lightning rod umbrella shown) was a fad in 18th-century Europe?
Murder of Dora Bloch 13,248 ... that after the disappearance of Dora Bloch, Britain cut all diplomatic ties with Uganda?
Tsukemen   12,734 ... that tsukemen (pictured) became a popular dish at Taishoken restaurant in Tokyo soon after its 1961 invention there, and has since become popular throughout Japan?
What's Your Raashee?   12,540 ... that Priyanka Chopra (pictured) played twelve different characters, one from each zodiac sign, in the film What's Your Raashee?
East Base   12,034 ... that East Base (pictured) in Antarctica housed Jackie Ronne and Jennie Darlington, the first women to spend a winter on the continent?
Simon Kidston   11,364 ... that Simon Kidston's car collection includes the last Lamborghini Miura SV (example pictured) ever produced?
Karolina Styczyńska   10,784 ... that Karolina Styczyńska (pictured) is the first non-Japanese person to be awarded professional status by the Japan Shogi Association?
Mr. Trash Wheel 10,349 ... that Mr. Trash Wheel removed 19 tons of garbage from Baltimore's Inner Harbor in one day?
Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery   9,883 ... that the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (pictured) is not a monastery and actually contains close to 13,000 Buddha statues?
Pangolin trade 9,769 ... that pangolins (example pictured) are believed to be the world's most trafficked mammal?
Operation Hurricane 9,665 805 ... that in Operation Hurricane, an atomic bomb was exploded in the hull of HMS Plym?
Tahitian Dog 9,516 ... that Captain James Cook thought the now-extinct Tahitian Dog of the Society Islands tasted like English lamb?
Bryant McIntosh   8,676 ... that Bryant McIntosh (pictured) holds the single-season and career assist records for Northwestern Wildcats men's basketball?
Sam Adonis 8,571 ... that professional wrestler Sam Adonis has been described as the "most hated man" in Mexico for his pro-Donald Trump character?
Ashbridge Estate   8,482 707 ... that descendants of the family who settled Toronto's Ashbridge Estate (pictured) were still living on the same property over 200 years later?
Almone 8,416 ... that the ancient Romans used to bathe a sacred stone in the waters of the Almone on March 27?
1000 Second Avenue   8,352 ... that construction of 1000 Second Avenue (pictured) in downtown Seattle, Washington, required demolition of a building that had been donated for fire testing?
Lucie Ingemann   7,768 ... that Danish artist Lucie Ingemann (pictured), known for her large altarpieces depicting biblical figures, also created flower paintings with religious and mystical themes?
Rest on the Flight into Egypt   7,738 644 ... that the Rest on the Flight into Egypt is a popular subject in Christian art, but the earliest known example only dates to about 1379?
Detachment Hotel 7,723 ... that the Detachment Hotel nuclear bunker on Peanut Island, Florida, was constructed in less than two weeks?
South African Defence Force Ensign   7,563 ... that the South African National Defence Force initially used the South African Defence Force Ensign (pictured), which contained the former flag of South Africa, despite the adoption of a new national flag?
INSV Tarini   7,544 ... that this August, an all-woman crew plans to circumnavigate the globe on the Indian Navy's second ocean-going sailboat, INSV Tarini (pictured)?
Mary Hardy (diarist)   7,425 ... that the diary of Mary Hardy (pictured) provides a detailed record of an 18th-century English farming and brewing business?
James B. Thayer 7,283 607 ... that in 1945, Lieutenant James B. Thayer and his platoon liberated the Gunskirchen Lager concentration camp, saving thousands of Jewish and political prisoners from starvation?
Forced conversions of Muslims in Spain 7,249 ... that, in 1525, Charles V ordered the conversion of his Muslim subjects in the lands of Aragon, despite having sworn an oath not to do so?
Operation Jupiter (Norway) 6,949 ... that a senior British general described Winston Churchill's proposal to invade Arctic Norway, Operation Jupiter, as "not merely dangerous but useless"?
Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan 6,896 ... that the 17th-century German hymn "Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan" has been described as "one of the most exquisite strains of pious resignation ever written"?
William Plankinton,
William Plankinton Mansion,
John Plankinton statue
  2,552 + 2,494 + 1,774 = 6,820 ... that William Plankinton, for whom the William Plankinton Mansion is named, commissioned the John Plankinton statue (pictured) from the sculptor who was his sister's ex-fiancé?
Clam Lake Canal 6,753 ... that when Clam Lake Canal freezes over early in the Michigan winter, the lakes on each side remain unfrozen, but when the lakes later freeze over, the canal thaws and flows once more?
Fay E. Davis 6,254 ... that 50 years after a mural by Fay E. Davis depicting Native Americans in battle was installed in the post office in Oglesby, Illinois, a janitor claimed it was pornographic?
Abigael González Valencia 6,161 ... that suspected drug lord Abigael González Valencia reportedly co-owns a biomedical technology consulting firm in Mexico?
Sarah Hayes (crossword compiler) 6,097 ... that Arachne used a crossword puzzle to protest police corruption in the investigation of the murder of Daniel Morgan?
Lake Meke   6,093 ... that Lake Meke (pictured), a crater lake beside a volcanic cone, is a natural monument and a Ramsar site in Turkey?
Congressional Cannabis Caucus 6,012 ... that last month, four members of the U.S. House of Representatives formed the Congressional Cannabis Caucus?
Project E 5,791 .. that the United States gave nuclear weapons to Britain as part of Project E?
Bouncing ball   5,750 ... that the physics of a bouncing ball (motion shown) can be used to understand supernovae and gravitational slingshot manoeuvres?
Guillotière Cemetery 5,740 478 ... that Guillotière Cemetery in Lyon, France, was mistakenly bombed by the American military during the Second World War?
Kuni-yuzuri 5,724 ... that the mythological events of the kuni-yuzuri may be rooted in real historic events?
Han Zhuo 5,563 ... that Chinese legend holds that Han Zhuo tried to feed the archer Houyi's body to his sons and killed them when they refused to eat it?
Tofu Curtain 5,500 ... that a Tofu Curtain divides two neighborhoods in Melbourne and two counties in Massachusetts?
Wipeout HD 5,456 ... that the release of Wipeout HD was delayed for a few months because it had failed epilepsy tests?
M2M (band) 5,074 ... that M2M were going to call themselves M&M until they realised the name was already being used by a type of candy?
Kokichi Sugihara 5,038 ... that Kokichi Sugihara's illusions make marbles appear to roll uphill and circular pipes look rectangular?
Penny graph 5,021 ... that, no matter how n non-overlapping pennies are arranged on a table, there is a subset containing at least 0.258n of them that will not touch other pennies in the subset?

April 2017Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Andrew Báthory 21,949 915 ... that the severed head of Andrew Báthory, Prince of Transylvania, was sewn back on?
Mount Davis (Oakland)   20,641 ... that the Oakland Athletics' management refuses to remove the tarp from Mount Davis (pictured) unless the team reaches the World Series?
Guy Fort 19,533 ... that Brigadier General Guy Fort is the only American-born general officer to be executed by enemy forces?
Jadwiga Szubartowicz 19,506 ... that Jadwiga Szubartowicz (pictured aged 110), the oldest living Pole, witnessed the October Revolution?
Schloss Bruchsal   18,483 ... that the 18th-century Schloss Bruchsal (pictured) in southwest Germany contains an elaborate Baroque staircase that has been described as "ingenious and ravishing"?
Harry R. Lewis   18,546 ... that the website "Six Degrees to Harry Lewis" (Lewis pictured) was a precursor to Facebook?
Rainbow Canyon (California) 17,641 ... that the US military refers to Death Valley's Rainbow Canyon as Star Wars Canyon?
Ilse Hess 15,944 ... that Ilse Hess, who was one of the first women to study at the University of Munich, remained a committed Nazi after World War II?
Rearing Horse and Mounted Warrior   15,857 ... that the Nazi plunder of European treasures prevented Leonardo da Vinci's Rearing Horse and Mounted Warrior (pictured) from falling into the hands of the Red Army?
Wrigley Field ivy   15,041 ... that any baseballs that get hit and lodged in the Wrigley Field ivy (pictured) score the batter a double?
Big Chief Restaurant   13,894 ... that Big Chief Restaurant (pictured) in Wildwood, Missouri, is all that remains of a tourist complex that opened on U.S. Route 66 in 1928?
Juan Tepano 13,750 ... that Juan Tepano was proclaimed "king" of Easter Island by officers of the Chilean Navy, but no one – including Tepano – took the ceremony seriously?
Brockmire 13,445 ... that Hank Azaria won a lawsuit for the rights to the title character of Brockmire?
Lake Ptolemy 13,023 ... that a lake larger than Lake Erie existed in the eastern Sahara less than 12,000 years ago?
Last Judgement (Michelangelo)   12,803 ... that Michelangelo destroyed parts of his own Sistine Chapel ceiling to make room for his Last Judgement?
Black River (Saucon Creek) 12,792 ... that the Black River is a "miserable ditch"?
Sagunto Castle   12,507 ... that Hannibal sacked the Iberian settlement within the site of Sagunto Castle (pictured), an action that led to the Second Punic War?
1950 Fairfield-Suisun Boeing B-29 crash 12,478 520 ... that 19 people, including Brigadier General Robert F. Travis, were killed when a Boeing B29 crashed with a Mark 4 nuclear bomb on board?
Ann Manley 12,243 510 ... that in 1861, sex worker Ann Manley rescued part of the 6th Massachusetts Regiment after it was attacked by a mob in Baltimore?
Electric fire engine   11,634 ... that the electric fire engine had numerous advantages over the 19th-century steam fire engine (both pictured), but was not put into service because a storm could knock out the power?
Prawn soup   11,573 ... that a week in honor of the prawn soup chupe de camarones (pictured) took place in areas of Peru in 2016?
Mohammed Mohiedin Anis 11,519 ... that Abu Omar returned home after the Battle of Aleppo to find that only 13 of his 30 vintage cars remained?
René Beeh   11,487 ... that the artist René Beeh (self-portrait shown) was a surveyor on the World War I Western Front?
Winter time (Namibia) 11,307 ... that Namibia is considering abolishing winter time?
Fatebenefratelli Hospital 10,773 ... that during the Holocaust in Italy, doctors at Fatebenefratelli Hospital protected Jews from the Nazis by diagnosing them with a fictitious disease called "Syndrome K"?
1953 Alcoa Aluminum advertisement 10,545 ... that a woman can open a bottle?
Monument of States   10,115 422 ... that the Monument of States (pictured) in Kissimmee, Florida, was erected in response to the attack on Pearl Harbor and built with stones donated from around the world?
Barbara Hammond 9,987 ... that Barbara Bradby was the first woman to ride a bicycle at Oxford University, where her academic prowess inspired a limerick?
Home Run Apple 9,936 ... that New York Mets fans once booed the Home Run Apple for over two minutes because it was not raised for a Mets home run?
Niels Larsen Bruun 9,436 ... that during the Second World War, the Norwegian naval officer Niels Larsen Bruun sank a German supply ship before he was certain which country was invading Norway?
When in Rome, do as the Romans do 9,633 ... that "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" means that it is advisable to follow the conventions of the area in which you are residing or visiting?
John Gellibrand 9,449 ... that despite topping his class at Sandhurst, John Gellibrand found the prospects for promotion in the British Army so bleak that he resigned his commission and moved to Tasmania to grow apples?
Robin Hood v. United States
(Apr. 1, 2017)
9,380 ...that Robin Hood sued the United States?
McGuire Apartments 9,316 ... that the nine-year-old McGuire Apartments building in Seattle was demolished due to the discovery of major corrosion issues?
The Vinh wiretap 9,312 ... that the CIA's black helicopter from Area 51 was used to eavesdrop on Paris Peace Talks discussions during the Vietnam War?
Giyorgis of Segla   9,162 382 ... that Giyorgis of Segla (pictured) was imprisoned by Ethiopian Emperor Dawit I because of his controversial views on the Sabbath?
Diocesan Museum in Pelplin   8,816 367 ... that the Gutenberg Bible held by the Diocesan Museum in Pelplin (pictured) survived World War II in Canada, kept in a vault at the Bank of Montreal until 1959?
Big A Sign   8,782 ... that the halo on the Big A Sign (pictured) lights up to tell passing motorists of a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball win?
Angata 7,727 ... that Angata, a Christian Rapa Nui prophetess, led a 1914 rebellion on Easter Island, claiming God wanted her people to kill and eat the island's livestock?
Orobanche uniflora 7,640 ... that the naked broomrape is a parasitic plant of other species?
Nundinae 7,609 ... that weekends in ancient Rome came only every eight days?
The Brainwashing of My Dad 7,595 ... that the film The Brainwashing of My Dad received funding from Kickstarter?
Measure S 7,487 312 ... that a campaign mailer for Los Angeles' Measure S designed to look like an eviction notice drew the ire of the sheriff's department after many recipients thought it was real?
Sabinoso Wilderness 7,475 ... that the 16,030 acres (6,490 ha) of Federal land in New Mexico's Sabinoso Wilderness are inaccessible without trespassing, because they are entirely enclosed in privately-owned property?
The President Show 7,004 ... that Comedy Central advertised The President Show by faking a Russian hack?
Caius Largennius 6,617 ... that Caius Largennius is considered the first Lucchese in the world?
Tears on the Dancefloor 6,568 ... that Steps' fifth studio album, Tears on the Dancefloor, is their first album in 17 years to consist mostly of original material?
Macrotermitinae 6,512 271 ... that termites developed agriculture some 31 million years ago?
The Winker's Song (Misprint)
(Apr. 1, 2017)
6,486 ... that a song about masturbation was written by Ivor Biggun and recommended by Johnny Rotten?
Altenberger Dom   6,384 ... that the Altenberger Dom (pictured) was restored with support from a Prussian king who decreed that Catholics and Protestants had to use it simultaneously?
Bjarne Keyser Barth 6,308 ... that on his 48th birthday, artillery officer Bjarne Keyser Barth was tasked by his commander with surrendering a fortress to invading German troops?
Miriam Katin 6,299 ... that award-winning graphic novelist Miriam Katin only started creating comics at the age of 63?
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (song) 6,261 261 ... that the theme song for the television series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is actually called "Yo Home to Bel-Air"?
Tamaeva V   6,052 ... that Queen Tamaeva V saved the Rimatara lorikeet (pictured) from extinction through a royal taboo that forbade her people from harming or exporting the birds?
Londonderry Borough Police
(Apr. 1, 2017)
5,957 ... that thrust into a difficult situation, Horney Dicks failed to satisfy?
Atamu Tekena 5,740 ... that when he ceded Easter Island to Chile, King Atamu Tekena gave up a handful of grass and retained a handful of dirt?
Rose Cannabich 5,691 ... that Rose Cannabich was "a very beautiful and well-behaved girl", according to her piano teacher Mozart, who composed a piano sonata for her?
Maon Kurosaki 5,683 ... that prior to her major debut, singer Maon Kurosaki posed as a gravure model for the cover of a novel?
Battle of Gegodog 5,571 ... that during the Trunajaya rebellion, Pangeran Adipati Anom expected a fake engagement at the Battle of Gegodog, but instead his army suffered a decisive defeat?
Moses Fleetwood Walker 5,371 269 ... that Moses Fleetwood Walker was the first openly black athlete to play in Major League Baseball?
Wayne Shaw (footballer)
(Apr. 1, 2017)
5,368 ... that the Roly Poly Goalie ate all the pies?
Alf Ramsey 5,304 ... that Alf Ramsey (pictured) led Ipswich Town to become English football champions four years before leading England to win the 1966 FIFA World Cup?
Washington at Verplanck's Point   5,138 ... that Washington at Verplanck's Point (pictured), a gift from John Trumbull to the president's wife, Martha Washington, was praised as “the most perfect extant” by her grandson?

May 2017Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
List of Mountain Bothies Association bothies   37,379 1,557 ... that visitors can stay overnight free of charge in any of over ninety bothies (Corrour Bothy pictured), but must bring their own fuel in order to watch "bothy TV"?
Flag of Weihaiwei   28,002 1,167 ... that the flag of Weihaiwei (pictured) was redesigned to include Mandarin ducks, as it was felt inappropriate to have a Chinese imperial dragon on a British flag?
Nevertheless, she persisted   27,948 1,165 ... that after Mitch McConnell said, "Nevertheless, she persisted" in reference to Elizabeth Warren's silencing during a U.S. Senate debate, more than 100 women in Minneapolis got tattoos (example pictured) of that meme?
Hotpants   25,491 1,062 ... that hotpants (pictured) were originally short shorts made from luxury materials such as silk, brocade, and fur?
2017 FA Cup Final 35,415 - (9825 + 13,350)/2 = 23,828 993 ... that Arsenal are looking to win a record 13th FA Cup at the FA Cup Final against Chelsea today?
Falcon Nest 20,954 873 ... that Falcon Nest is the tallest single-family home in North America?
Pickett-Hamilton fort   20,532 856 ... that a Pickett-Hamilton fort (example pictured) could be lowered into the ground when not in use and raised for combat?
Dark Hedges 19,766 823 ... that the Dark Hedges tree tunnel, a popular tourist destination since it was used as the King's Road in Game of Thrones, might not last twenty years?
Wynee   18,033 751 ... that Wynee (pictured) was the first Native Hawaiian to travel outside the islands on a foreign vessel?
Mia Borders 15,624 + 1,853 = 17,477 ... that Mia Borders has an arm tattoo of a saying by Che Guevara which means "Better to die standing than to live on your knees"?
Viking raid on Seville (844) 15,471 543 ... that when the Vikings occupied Seville in 844, they tried unsuccessfully to burn the city's great mosque?
Historic Villages of Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama   15,418 541 ... that the tall roof spaces of Japanese houses in the Historic Villages of Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama (pictured) were built with two or three levels in them for rearing silkworms and storing mulberry leaves?
Twin Bing 14,485 604 ... that the Twin Bing has been described as "two brown lumps, about the size of golf balls, roughly textured, and stuck to one another like Siamese twins"?
Deval Devi 13,057 544 ... that Deval Devi's second and third husbands were responsible for the deaths of her first and second husbands, respectively?
Beatrice Alexander   12,844 535 ... ... that 90 years after Beatrice Alexander (pictured) founded the Alexander Doll Company, the company issued a doll in her likeness, priced at US$1,499.95?
The Big Treehouse 12,321 513 ... that The Big Treehouse covers 5,000 square feet (460 m2) and has 12 levels that reach five and a half stories tall?
Worcestershire v Somerset, 1979 11,155 465 ... that in 1979, Somerset deliberately lost a cricket match in 18 minutes?
Persis Foster Eames Albee   10,958 457 ... that PFE Albee (pictured) is considered the first "Avon Lady", and was followed by over half a million others?
Spanish ship Fenix (1749) 10,587 441 ... that in 1759, when she was ten years old, Fenix carried the new king, Carlos III, from Naples to Barcelona?
Pregnancy in art   10,400 433 that there was a fashion in England for pregnancy portraits in the decades around 1600?
Papal conclave, May 1605 10,210 425 ... that the May 1605 papal conclave was the only known papal election to result in broken bones?
Coon hunting   9,897 412 ...that coon hunting dogs can bark as many as 150 times per minute?
Christian Hamburger 9,685 404 ... that after Christian Hamburger oversaw her sex reassignment, Christine Jorgensen chose her new name in his honor?
Thunder River (Tapeats Creek) 9,657 402 ... that the Grand Canyon's Thunder River is the steepest in the United States?
Harold Edward Elliott 9,433 393 ... that Brigadier General Pompey Elliott convinced his men that his horse could spot men who were unshaven or incorrectly dressed?
Zahava Burack 9,054 377 ... that Zahava Burack survived the Holocaust by hiding in a crawlspace beneath the home of a sympathetic Polish family for two and a half years?
Red Rock Bridge 8,274 385 ... that when the Red Rock Bridge was no longer needed for trains, it was converted to carry the auto traffic of U.S. Route 66 over the Colorado River?
Trashigang Dzong 7,482 312 ... that the epicenter of the 2009 Bhutan earthquake was 10 miles (16 km) away from Trashigang Dzong, and caused wide cracks to appear in the 350-year-old structure??
Whitehorse Trail 7,479 312 ... that the Whitehorse Trail uses a railroad that was abandoned after major floods in 1990?
Scenes from the Life of of Saint Zenobius   7,085 295 ...that Botticelli's four panels with Scenes from the Life of Saint Zenobius are split among three museums?
Jemima Surrender 6,869 286 ... that the lascivious lyrics of The Band's "Jemima Surrender" inspired Naomi Weisstein to form the Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band?
Lysekil Line 6,692 278 ... that when passenger service was resumed on Sweden's Lysekil Line after 33 years, the train driver had to switch on the line's power himself?
Ramellogammarus similimanus 6,367 265 ... that the Stumptown scud, a crustacean endemic to the Portland metropolitan area, looks like a "cross between a prawn and a potato bug"?
Papal conclave, March 1605 5,889 245 ... that during the March 1605 papal conclave, a fight broke out that was so noisy that people outside opened the doors early because they thought a new pope had been elected?
Women's Super Rugby
Gloucester-Hartpury Women
Harlequins Ladies
Loughborough Students (Lightning)
Waterloo Ladies
2,388 + 667 + 794 + 668 + 722 = 5,239 218 ... that the newly established Women's Super Rugby league will include Gloucester-Hartpury Women, Harlequins Ladies, Loughborough Students (Lightning), and Waterloo Ladies, but will exclude a team that has been in the top flight for 15 years?
Bismuth phosphate process 5,050 210 ... that the bismuth phosphate process was used by the Manhattan Project to extract plutonium for use in atomic bombs?

June 2017Edit

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Soo Yeon Lee
  43,922 + 5,619 = 49,541 2,154 ... that table tennis player and model Soo Yeon Lee (pictured) has coached numerous celebrities and is a brand ambassador for a chain of table tennis bars?
Oscar Wilde Memorial Sculpture   22,981 958 ... that the Oscar Wilde Memorial Sculpture (pictured) is nicknamed "The Queer with the Leer" and "The Fag on the Crag"?
Murder of Dee Dee Blancharde 22,501 938 ... that a Munchausen by proxy expert says the murder of Dee Dee Blancharde, discovered two years ago today, is the first instance he knows of where the abused child killed the abusive parent?
Ham sausage   20,824 868 ... that ham sausage (example pictured) is a part of Polish, German, British, and American cuisine?
Thunderbolt (Savin Rock) 20,604 859 ... that the Thunderbolt was damaged by lightning and then destroyed by a hurricane?
Toilet plume 18,287 762 ... that there is indirect, but unconfirmed, evidence of certain diseases being spread by toilet plume?
D. J. Wilson
2017–18 Michigan Wolverines men's basketball team
15,699 + 1,364=17,063 718.4 ... that D. J. Wilson entered the 2017 NBA draft rather than staying in college and playing for the 2017–18 Michigan Wolverines men's basketball team?
Roy Wiggins 16,014 + 709 = 16,723 .... that Roy Wiggins claimed to have ruined 80 million records?
Ramen shop   16,555 690 ... that in Japan, television shows devoted to ramen shops (example pictured) are popular?
Batman and Harley Quinn 15,542 ... that in Batman and Harley Quinn, Kevin Conroy reprises his role as Batman?
Washington State Route 522 13,915 + 811 = 14,726 ... that Washington State Route 522 has been named as one of the most dangerous highways in the United States?
999 phone charging myth 14,321 597 ... that contrary to the urban myth, dialing 999 does not charge mobile phone batteries?
Gregorio Pietro Agagianian   14,073 ... that Cardinal Agagianian (pictured), leader of a small Eastern church, was twice a serious papal candidate?
Josie Sadler   12,783 532 ... that "Dutch" comic Josie Sadler (pictured) recorded her biggest Broadway hit for Victor, but it was never released?
Elvis González Valencia, Tropical ground squirrel 12,589 + 150 = 12,739 ... that suspected Mexican drug lord Elvis González Valencia has 17 siblings, giving rise to their clan nickname "Cuinis", referring to a ground squirrel found locally?
Malcolm Kirk 12,577 524 ... that it was initially claimed by newspapers that "King Kong" Kirk died after being splashed by Big Daddy Shirley Crabtree in a wrestling match?
Alma Levant Hayden   11,715 ... that Krebiozen, an expensive cancer treatment scam, was unmasked in 1963 by chemist Alma Levant Hayden (pictured)?
Abigail Franks   11,618 484 ... that letters written by Abigail Franks (pictured) to her son in England are peppered with family gossip, local politics, and observations on the state of Judaism in 18th-century colonial New York?
Alaska P. Davidson 11,241 468 ... that Alaska P. Davidson was the first female FBI special agent?
The Raising of Lazarus (Sebastiano del Piombo)   10,976 457 ... that Michelangelo had Sebastiano del Piombo paint his Raising of Lazarus to outdo his rival Raphael, but Raphael's painting was judged superior?
Lady Hambro 10,523 438 ... that Lady Hambro was nicknamed "the bulldozer" when she worked at Queen magazine in 1960s Swinging London?
British hydrogen bomb programme 10,076 419 ... that the first tests of the British hydrogen bomb programme were hailed as a triumph but in fact were failures?
Arson in royal dockyards 9,739 406 ... that arson in royal dockyards‎ was one of the last four crimes in the United Kingdom to carry the death penalty?
The Blair Witch Project 9,629 ... that to portray events of The Blair Witch Project as real, its actors were listed on the IMDb website as "missing, presumed dead"?
Korean units 9,567 ... that the South Korean government tried to metricate the country unsuccessfully four times before finally criminalizing traditional Korean units in 2007?
Robert J. Cenker 9,493 ... that RCA's only astronaut, civilian Bob Cenker, narrowly avoided catastrophe during his mission on Space Shuttle Columbia, which experienced several launch-pad aborts and almost exploded?
May Bonfils Stanton   8,055 + 1,329 = 9,384 ... that May Bonfils Stanton built an exact replica of Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon château (pictured) on her estate in Lakewood, Colorado?
The Avenue at Middelharnis   9,075 378 ... that The Avenue at Middelharnis by Meindert Hobbema is his most famous painting, but untypical of his work?
Marguerite Alibert 8,172 341 ... that Marguerite Alibert killed her husband after watching The Merry Widow with him?
Miriam Makeba   8024 ... that South African singer and anti-apartheid activist Miriam Makeba (pictured) was followed by the CIA and the FBI after she married Black Panther Stokely Carmichael?
Pichu Pichu 8,020 ... that human sacrifices were performed on Pichu Pichu, an extinct volcano near Arequipa?
The Old Axolotl 8,012 334 ... that The Old Axolotl, an experimental electronic novel by Jacek Dukaj presenting a post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk vision of Earth, incorporates hypertext and 3D-printable models of its characters?
Liu Guandao 7,679 ... that a famous painting by Liu Guandao portrays Kublai Khan as an "aging and obese man"?
Puddletown 7,323 305 ... that after a long official debate, Puddletown stopped being Piddletown?
Spring Grove Experiment 6,747 281 ... that LSD and psychotherapy were used to treat alcoholics during the Spring Grove Experiment?
Neodiprion lecontei   6,238 ... that larvae of the red-headed pine sawfly (pictured) are gregarious, and when they have defoliated a tree, move as a group to a neighbouring one?
Joseph Ray Watkins   5,972 249 ...that J. R. Watkins (pictured with sales wagon) offered America's first money back guarantee for his products?
Fighters Uncaged 5,728 239 ... that some of the text on the back of the Fighters Uncaged box resulted in a lawsuit from Zuffa?
Commissioner of Weihaiwei 5,659 236 ... that the first civil Commissioner of Weihaiwei oversaw the transformation of the territory from a planned British naval base to a holiday resort?
Bone Bill 5,656 236 ... that the Bone Bill aimed to increase the number of cadavers available for dissection?
Minar (Firuzabad) 5,317 ... that the Minar in the centre of the Sassanid circular city of Gōr may have been an observation tower, a water tower, part of a temple, a symbol of the new government, or a combination of these?
Pioneer Square station 4,448 + 827 = 5,275 ... that a cable car flywheel found during construction of Pioneer Square station in Seattle now sits on display at the station's mezzanine?
Henry Ludington 5,195 216 ... that Henry Ludington helped General George Washington create a spy ring to gather information on British troops during the American Revolutionary War?
Albert P. Halfhill 5,175 216 ... that Albert P. Halfhill is considered the father of the tuna packing industry and was the first to use the slogan "chicken of the sea" as a sales gimmick?
The Dethe of the Kynge of Scotis 5,136 214 ... that The Dethe of the Kynge of Scotis is the only 15th-century chronicle that says that James I of Scotland was killed in the privy?
University Street station 5,095 212 ... that Seattle's University Street station was designed in a "high-tech" style to match nearby high-rise office buildings?

July 2017Edit

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Sofia Richie   28,100 2,342 ... that model Sofia Richie (pictured) played soccer until she broke her hip in a Segway accident?
Bedding ceremony   27,095 ... that the bedding ceremony (pictured) symbolised the involvement of family, friends, and neighbours in the newlyweds' sexual intimacy, but also had legal importance in parts of Western Europe?
Flag of the East India Company   19,948 831 ... that Benjamin Franklin suggested to George Washington that he adopt the Flag of the East India Company (pictured) as the flag of the United States?
Anti-Terror Units   19,946 ... that the leader of the US-trained Anti-Terror Units (fighters pictured) in the Syrian Civil War was suspected to have been assassinated by Turkish Intelligence operatives for conducting "terror operations"?
The Big Bend 16,299 ... that The Big Bend, which would be the world's longest building if built, was designed to circumvent zoning regulations?
Hilda Lyon   15,496 ... that the hull of USS Albacore (launch pictured) had the Lyon Shape that was originally designed for airships by a woman?
Maurice Wilder-Neligan   14,547 1,212 ... that Maurice Wilder-Neligan (pictured) was dubbed "The Eccentric Colonel" for distributing newspapers to his troops during a lull in an attack?
Star Jet
Hydrus (roller coaster)
  7,655, 5,753 = 13,408 1,117 ... that after being thrown into the Atlantic Ocean by Hurricane Sandy, the Star Jet roller coaster (wreckage pictured) was replaced—safely inland—by Hydrus?
Mead in Poland   12,586 ... that in 2013, Poland became the world's largest producer of mead made according to traditional methods (example pictured)?
Arpad Weixlgärtner 12,094 ... that during the annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany, Arpad Weixlgärtner refused to hand over the keys to the Imperial Treasury to the SS?
1939 City of San Francisco derailment 10,953 ... that despite years of investigation and a manhunt, the 1939 City of San Francisco derailment remains unsolved?
Landing on Long Island 10,874 453 ... that there was an amphibious invasion of Long Island in 1943?
Flag of the Solomon Islands   9,723 405 ... that the flag of the Solomon Islands (pictured) was designed by a Kiwi?
Allied logistics in the Kokoda Track campaign   9,612 ... that Allied logistics in the Kokoda Track campaign relied on aircraft (example pictured) and "Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels"?
Juana Bordas 7,865 ... that Juana Bordas says her parents were uncomfortable with the idea of her leaving home to go to college due to the "crab syndrome"?
Flag of Washington 7,759 ... that the Flag of Washington must show George Washington's profile facing the same direction on both sides, making it one of the most expensive U.S. state flags to produce?
Rhizophagus grandis, Dendroctonus terebrans 4,467 + 3,250 = 7,717 ... that the predatory beetle Rhizophagus grandis was imported to the United States from Belgium in an attempt to control the black turpentine beetle?
Bonded Vault heist 7,415 ... that in 1975, eight men stole $30 million from the Providence Mafia and associates in the Bonded Vault heist?
Starship Troopers 7332 ... that Robert Heinlein's 1959 novel Starship Troopers is a critique of US society of the 1950s, and advocates for corporal and capital punishment?
Disneyland Railroad   7,254 302 ... that several freight cars of the Disneyland Railroad (locomotive pictured) originally had no seats because Walt Disney wanted passengers to feel like cattle riding in a real cattle train?
The Broken Cord 6,797 ... that the real-life subject of the film The Broken Cord, diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome, was struck by a car and died before the film's release?
Huli-huli chicken   6,567 274 ... that huli-huli chicken is turned on a spit, and named from the Hawaiian word huli, meaning "turn"?
Janet Bonnema 6,538 272 ... that in 1972, Colorado engineering technician Janet Bonnema legally challenged the superstition that a woman who went underground into a tunnel or mine brought bad luck?
Pizza in China 6,419 ... that the increased prominence of pizza in China had the secondary effect of introducing Chinese consumers to cheese as a culinary ingredient?
Charles T. Pepper   6,403 533 ... that American Civil War Confederate surgeon Charles T. Pepper was the original inspiration for the Dr Pepper brand soft drink (1910 logo shown)?
21 grams experiment 6,402 ... that according to Snopes, the belief that the soul weighs 21 grams should not be given any credence?
Lamborghini Asterion   6,323 ... that Lamborghini's first hybrid vehicle was its concept car Asterion (pictured)?
Aiptasia pallida 6,243 ... that living glass anemones can be dissected in the laboratory and then put back in an aquarium, where they will heal?
Coffee vending machine 6,074 ... that early coffee vending machines used instant coffee powder mixed with hot water, while some modern machines fresh-grind the coffee and dispense various espresso drinks?
Brasheedah Elohim   5,929 494 ... that when Brasheedah Elohim (pictured) signed with an Israeli women's basketball team in 2007, her unusual surname prompted local media to quip, "God has arrived in Israel"?
The Graybar Hotel 5,779 ... that The Graybar Hotel was written by a convicted murderer serving a life sentence without parole?
Mario Peruzzi   5,741 ... that Italian immigrant Mario Peruzzi was the co-founder and president of Planters Peanut company (Mr. Peanut pictured)?
Modern Gothic cabinet   5,632 ... that the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Modern Gothic cabinet (pictured) is considered one of the finest American examples of the style?
Flag of the Orange Order   5,275 ... that the Flag of the Orange Order (pictured) was based on what was purportedly the personal standard of King William III at the Battle of the Boyne?
Robin Fontes 5,607 467 ... that Robin Fontes is the highest-ranking female military officer to serve in Afghanistan since the American invasion of that country in 2001?
Palomo   5,121 ... that a geologist named a secondary vent of Palomo volcano (pictured) after his son, hoping that one day he would get to know the mountain range?

August 2017Edit

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Death of Nicole van den Hurk 577,636 + 55,793 = 633,429 52,785 ... that following the death of Nicole van den Hurk, her stepbrother falsely confessed to killing her to get her body exhumed for DNA testing?
Airplane Coaster   30,752 1,281 ... that numerous writers have called the Airplane Coaster (pictured) the greatest roller coaster ever built?
Bagel and cream cheese   21,207 ... that the bagel and cream cheese (example pictured) was a very popular dish in the United States in the early 1950s, having permeated American culture?
Military tiara 19,086 ... that the United States Marine Corps tiara was designed by the New York fashion house Mainbocher?
Jazz Railway
Sesquicentennial Cyclone
Giant Cyclone Safety Coasters
Cyclone (Palisades Amusement Park)
Zip (roller coaster)
  5,819 + 2,085 + 3,583 + 4,656 + 1,652 = 17,795 741 ... that Harry Traver's Jazz Railways, Sesquicentennial Cyclone, and Giant Cyclone Safety Coasters (including the notorious Palisades Park Cyclone, Oaks Park Zip, Crystal Beach Cyclone, and Revere Beach Lightning) all included rapidly undulating "Jazz Track" (diagram pictured)?
Hagal dune field   16,057+220=16,277 ... that the dunes of the Hagal dune field on Mars, (detail pictured), look like dots and dashes, and are called the "Martian Morse Code"?
Star Wars Hotel 16,154 ... that a hotel shaped like a starship, based on the Star Wars franchise, is planned for Walt Disney World?
Christian William Miller 14,827 1,236 ... that Christian William Miller, inventor of a water desalination device promoted by Franklin D. Roosevelt, was considered one of the most beautiful men in the 1940s New York gay society?
17776 14,820 ... that a story about the state of American football in the year 17776 has been compared to the work of Don DeLillo, Italo Calvino, Thomas Pynchon, and robot trolls on Reddit?
Sabina Cvilak   14,728 ... that the Slovenian soprano Sabina Cvilak (pictured) was Puccini's Mimi in Washington, Wagner's Sieglinde in Wiesbaden, and performed Britten's War Requiem in London on the composer's centenary?
Christian William Miller 14,552 ... that Christian William Miller, inventor of a water desalination device promoted by Franklin D. Roosevelt, was considered one of the most beautiful men in the 1940s New York gay society?
Abebe Bikila   13,598 * ... that Abebe Bikila (pictured) set a world record winning the 1960 Men's Olympic marathon, running barefoot?
Perseus and Andromeda (Titian) 13,206 ... that Perseus and Andromeda by Titian "hung unglazed over a bath in Sir Richard Wallace's dressing room" for over 20 years?
GE E60,
6,691 + 5,958 = 12,649 ... that in the 1970s Amtrak had two new locomotives, the GE E60 and the EMD SDP40F, which had trouble staying on the tracks?
Abalos Undae   12,237 ... that the Martian dunes of the Abalos Undae (pictured) may have formed from erosion of Rupes Tenuis, the polar scarp?
John Bear (pirate) 12,100 ... that pirate John Bear married "a strumpet ... daughter of a rum-punch-woman" and tried to convince people she was a runaway noblewoman?
Phillip Davey 12,091 ... that Phillip Davey was awarded the Victoria Cross for killing an eight-man machine gunner team, which "saved his platoon from annihilation"?
Godville 11,365 474 ... that video game Godville is a zero-player game, requiring no player interaction with the main character?
My Family's Slave 11,310 ... that the family of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Alex Tizon kept a slave for 56 years?
Baa Baa Land 10,991 ... that Baa Baa Land, an eight-hour slow cinema film containing nothing but long shots of grazing sheep, is described by its producers as "the dullest movie ever made"?
Emma Rogan   10,872 ... that after gunmen murdered her father in a pub (pictured), Irish politician Emma Rogan campaigned with the Loughinisland Justice Group to uncover their identities?
Neon Blue 10,487 ... that "Neon Blue" is about coming out?
Schloss Ledenburg   10,466 ... that Schloss Ledenburg (pictured), the residence of several families in succession, housed music that seemed lost?
Caroline Risque   10,456 ... that Caroline Risque (pictured) made the bronze busts of the four founders of Stix Baer & Fuller?
Disappearance of Tiffany Daniels 10,440 435 ... that four years ago today, Tiffany Daniels left her job at Pensacola State College early after telling her supervisor she would not be back for a few days, and has not been seen since?
Corythucha ciliata   10,280 ... that the sycamore lace bug (pictured), native to North America, was first observed in Italy in 1964 and has since spread to much of Southern and Central Europe?
Helen Huntington Hull   9,746 886 ... that when Helen Huntington Hull inherited Among the Sierra Nevada, California (pictured) by Albert Bierstadt, she had it glued directly to a wall of her mansion?
James A. Wetmore 9,680 ... that James A. Wetmore's name is inscribed on more federal buildings than any other U.S. citizen?"
Cherry ice cream   9,308 ... that "Cherry Garcia" (pictured) is a cherry ice cream named after Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead?
Rivka Ravitz 9,211 ... that an ultra-Orthodox mother of eleven runs the office of the President of Israel?
Cockstock Incident 9,129 ... that an argument over a horse led to a law banning all black settlers from Oregon in 1844?
Paramoera walkeri 8,543 356 ... that during the early winter, the amphipod Paramoera walkeri nearly cover the underside of Antarctic ice sheets?
Devil's Bargain 8,512 ... that Devil's Bargain describes how Steve Bannon used his experience at Breitbart News to gather white men to support Donald Trump?
Renga (video game) 8,191 ... that Renga is a video game designed for movie theaters in which up to one hundred players use laser pointers to control and defend a space ship?
Gordon Vette 8,092 ... that in 1978, airline captain Gordon Vette rescued a Cessna pilot who was lost over the Pacific Ocean and running out of fuel?
Dewey Readmore Books 7,642 ... that the obituary of Dewey Readmore Books, a library cat, appeared in more than 270 national and international newspapers?
María Marte 7,609 634 ... that chef María Marte has a tattoo of her first original dish, a caramelized hibiscus flower?
Over-the-counter counseling 7,512 ... that pharmacists sometimes "QuEST" during over-the-counter counseling?
Flaying of Marsyas 7,329 ... that Titian's Flaying of Marsyas (1570s) shows a satyr being skinned alive by Apollo, and was once the prize in a lottery?
Venus and Adonis   7,241 ... that Titian's painting of Venus and Adonis (pictured) exists in "two-dog" and "three-dog" versions?
Saw Kill (Hudson River)   7,194 300 ... that the 1841 conservation agreement between the owners of the land where the Saw Kill (falls pictured) drains into the Hudson River is one of the earliest in American history?
Melanie Barnett 7,083 ... that producer Mara Brock Akil was hesitant to cast Tia Mowry as Melanie Barnett due to the actress's wholesome image from Sister, Sister?
Privates (video game) 7,032 ... that the shooter game Privates was created to raise awareness about sexually transmitted infections?
Solecurtus strigilatus 6,994 ... that the rosy razor clam tries to evade capture by rapidly burrowing deeper into the sediment?
Nicarao people 6,832 ... that the extinct Nicarao people of pre-Columbian Nicaragua shared many cultural traits with the Aztecs of Mexico, including their calendar, screenfold books, and human sacrifice?
The Fountainhead 6,786 ... that Ayn Rand found the title for her novel The Fountainhead, her first major success, in a thesaurus?
Monkey meat 6,678 ...that people may be fined US$250,000 for importing monkey meat into the United States?
Place de la République (Strasbourg) 6,530 ... that the former Imperial Square of Strasbourg is decorated with ginkgos that were presented by Emperor Meiji of Japan to the German Emperor?
Haloclava producta,
Edwardsiella lineata
3,771 + 2,584 = 6,355 ... that around the shores of Long Island, the ghost anemone can cause "clam diggers' itch", while the lined anemone is responsible for "seabather's eruption"?
Clementina Anstruther-Thomson 6,715 320 ... that Clementina Anstruther-Thomson and Vernon Lee openly lived together as a lesbian couple during the Victorian era?
Joseph Smith presidential campaign, 1844 6,240 ... that in 1844, Latter Day Saints founder Joseph Smith became the first Mormon to run for President of the United States and the first American presidential candidate to be assassinated?
Stop Child Abuse – Trace an Object 6,042 ... that Europol was able to identify a hotel used in child porn using Twitter and a crowdsourced website?
Céleste Mogador 5,824 243 ... that Céleste Mogador may have been the inspiration for the title character in Georges Bizet's opera Carmen?
Amalie Joachim   5,789 ... that Joseph and Amalie Joachim (pictured) received two songs from Johannes Brahms, one to begin their marriage, the other decades later to repair it?
International District/Chinatown station 5,770 ... that Seattle's International District/Chinatown station is located under a large concrete lid that supports several office towers and a public plaza?
Nana Kofi Twumasi-Ankrah 5,517 ... that Ghanaian-born Major Nana Kofi Twumasi-Ankrah is the first black equerry to a British monarch?
Venus and Musician 5,388 ... that the various versions of Titian's Venus and Musician include organists, lute-players, Cupids, and dogs, but always a nude Venus?
Regrelor   5,169 ... that regrelor (pictured), a new, experimental antiplatelet drug, was withdrawn during a phase II clinical trial due to an increased risk of bleeding?
Syllis ramosa 5,096 ... that the sponge-dwelling branched worm Syllis ramosa has a single mouth and many anuses?

September 2017Edit

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Forest ring 19,451 ... that forest rings had gone unnoticed by geologists until aerial photography became a common surveying tool in the 1950s?
Donald Trump and handshakes   19,239 ... that Donald Trump's handshake (pictured) with Emmanuel Macron at the Bastille Day celebrations was 29 seconds long?
Brazilian coastal defense ship Deodoro   15,492 1,291 ... that the Brazilian coastal defense ship Deodoro (pictured) was once mistaken for a war-bound privateer?
Palythoa toxica 14,253 ... that an animal called the "Seaweed of Death from Hana" has caused poisonings of aquarium hobbyists?
Manon Antoniazzi   13,826 ... that Manon Antoniazzi (pictured) gave Welsh lessons to Prince William, the son of the Prince of Wales?
The Jewish Confederates 12,151 ... that thousands of Jews fought for the Confederacy during the American Civil War?
Judy Smith homicide 11,237 468 ... that a Buncombe County, North Carolina, deputy sheriff interrupted his convalescence from back surgery to investigate a body discovered 20 years ago today and crushed his sciatic nerve as a result?
Shirley Pitts 9,191 + 1,929 = 11,120 ... that Shirley Pitts was trained by the Forty Elephants and became the "queen of shoplifters"?
Kate Brew Vaughn 10,561 965 ... that someone told Kate Brew Vaughn that her eggless, sugarless, and butterless World War I Victory Cake was "joyless", but then ate three pieces??
Wilfrid Oulton 10,375 ... that Wilfrid Oulton was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for sinking three U-boats in one month?
2011 Montreal Museum of Fine Arts theft 10,305 429 ... that an Edmonton man who unknowingly bought a $1.2 million artwork stolen six years ago today, kept it in his bedroom next to Star Wars figures and stuffed animals?
Helen Huntington Hull   9,645 ... that when Helen Huntington Hull inherited Among the Sierra Nevada, California (pictured) by Albert Bierstadt, she had it glued directly to a wall of her mansion?
Zerai Deres   7,991 + 1,074 = 9,065 755 ... that both Eritrea and Ethiopia consider Zerai Deres (pictured) a folk hero of anti-fascism and anticolonialism?
Biko (song)   9158 (Note: Steve Biko was TFA on the same day) ... that Peter Gabriel (pictured) wrote "Biko" after learning of the death of Steve Biko in police custody on 12 September 1977?
Disappearance of Tammy Kingery 8,888 370 ... that although Tammy Kingery left her keys inside her South Carolina house when she disappeared from it three years ago today, the door was found locked from the outside?
1972 Montreal Museum of Fine Arts robbery   8,702 363 ... that the largest theft in Canadian history occurred 45 years ago today, when jewellery and 18 paintings (example pictured) were stolen from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts?
Project Emily   8,634 720 ... that British crews launched Thor intermediate-range ballistic missiles (example pictured) from Vandenberg Air Force Base as part of Project Emily?
Battle of Bileća 7,985 ... that the Kingdom of Bosnia allowed the Ottoman Turks to penetrate deep into their territory before inflicting a heavy defeat on them at the 1388 Battle of Bileća?
Birds' Head Haggadah   7,866 655 ... that the oldest surviving illuminated Passover Haggadah depicts Jews as humans with the faces and beaks of birds (detail pictured)?
Opossum Brook 7,860 ... that evidence of beavers was first detected on Opossum Brook in 1929 by a man on his way to Hell's Kitchen?
Pietà (Titian) 7,687 ... that Titian intended his painting of the Pietà to hang over his grave, but it never did?
Yarkand hare 7,520 ... that the Yarkand hare is hunted as game and, between 1958 and 1981, about 10,000 furs annually were produced from the species?
dril 7,396 ... that the absurdist Twitter writer known as dril continues to insist that he is not owned, even as he slowly shrinks and transforms into a corncob?
Oregon black exclusion laws 7,293 ... that an 1844 Oregon law required all slaves to be freed—and all freed slaves to leave Oregon?
The Tribute Money (Titian)   6,995 ... that Titian's The Tribute Money (1516) (pictured) was painted to be a cupboard door?
Ida Hinman 6,722 614 ... that Ida Hinman, author of a popular Washington, D.C. guidebook, died in poverty and her body was identified through a membership pin of the Daughters of the American Revolution?
Nigel Williams (conservator)   6,435 ... that when only 23 years old, Nigel Williams was tasked with restoring "the most iconic object" (pictured) from a spectacular archaeological discovery?
Undercover: How to Operate Behind Enemy Lines   5,591 + 681 = 6272 ... that John Ford (pictured) portrayed an Office of Strategic Services officer in an OSS training film that he directed in 1943?
Tanis (podcast) 5,643 ... that the producers of the horror podcast Tanis have never confirmed whether the show is fictitious?
Camino Island 5,568 ... that John Grisham (pictured) said his novel Camino Island was conceived on a road trip to Florida while talking about stolen books with his wife?
The Index Card 5,098 ... that Helaine Olen and Harold Pollack wrote a book based on an index card?

October 2017Edit

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Optima Signature   20,278 + 1,147=21,425 902 ... that residents of the top 15 floors of the Optima Signature (pictured) have access to a private club in the building?
SS Clifton 19,499 1,624 ... that the whaleback SS Clifton disappeared for over 90 years?
The Black Swan, Oldstead 17,021 709 ... that The Black Swan at Oldstead is rated the best restaurant in the world by TripAdvisor?
Antonov An-70   15,726 ...that the Antonov An-70 (pictured) was the first aircraft to fly that was powered only by propfans?
The Rolling Stones 15,637 ...that The Rolling Stones are a British rock band? Okay you probably did...
Loggerhead Key   15,345 ... that Loggerhead Key (pictured) was home to the Tortugas Laboratory, which performed some of the first research on Western Hemisphere mangroves and coral reefs?
Muntz Jet   12,608 + 1,658 = 14,266 1,188 ... that the Muntz Jet (pictured) was a car that came with the option of a liquor cabinet and ice chest under the rear seat armrests?
AirTrain JFK   13,125 ... that AirTrain JFK (vehicle pictured), an airport rail link in New York City, took almost 30 years to plan?
The Ex (target) 11,626 + 365 = 11,991 ... that the Ex is a target practice mannequin that spouts blood when shot?
Chinese wedding door games   10,543 + 1,367 = 11,910 992 ... that as part of Chinese weddings, the groom may be made to swallow pungent wasabi, chilli padi, and bitter tea before receiving the bride at her family home?
Battle of Emmendingen 11,335 + 392 = 11,727 ... that both sides in the Battle of Emmendingen lost their commanding general, one to a musket ball, the other to a cannonball?
Thai royal funeral 100x100px 11,083 ... that the cremation pyres (example pictured) built for Thai royal funerals symbolize Mount Meru, the Hindu centre of the universe?
Halloween card
(Oct. 31, 2017)
347+ 9,986 + 537 = 10,870 861 ... that the United States experienced a Halloween "postcard craze" in the early 1900s?
Extraterrestrial diamonds   10,482 ... that extraterrestrial diamonds (pictured) in meteorites preserve their history from before the Solar System formed?
Death of Victoria Martens 10,328 860 ... that officers from the Albuquerque Police Department lied to the Albuquerque Journal when providing details regarding the death of Victoria Martens?
John Neville, 1st Marquess of Montagu 9,073 + 1,229 = 10,302 858 ... that before his death at the Battle of Barnet in 1471, John Neville was reported to be in the thick of the fighting and "cutting off arms and heads like a hero of romance"?
Matt Page (artist) 10,068 420 ... that Matt Page humorously edited historical images to include Axl Rose eating snacks?
Jeremy (snail) 9,874 ... that a global search yielded two mating partners for Jeremy, a rare left-coiled snail, but they began to mate with each other instead?
German People's Radio 8,829 + 549 = 9,378 ... that German People's Radio pretended to broadcast from within Germany, but was actually located in Moscow?
Pacheco Pass Tunnel 9,062 ... that California High-Speed Rail's proposed Pacheco Pass Tunnel is expected to become the longest rail tunnel in North America?
Abbie Hutty 8,813 367 ... that Abbie Hutty hopes there really is life on Mars?
William Lunn (educator) 7,949 + 809 = 8,758 365 ... that after William Lunn's wedding, people destroyed the door of a police watch house in Montreal?
Canan Bayram   8,196 + 194 = 8,390 ... that Canan Bayram (pictured) was the only member of Alliance 90/The Greens directly elected to the German parliament in the 2017 election?
Vector General 8,311 ... that a Vector General 3D terminal was used to create the 3D animation near the end of the original Star Wars?
NUDE 8,285 ... that the film NUDE is about a talent search that was inspired by the Pirelli Calendars of the 1970s?
Schizomyia viticola   8,160 340 ... that although the gall midge Schizomyia viticola can produce up to 135 galls (pictured) on a single grape vine leaf, the plant is not harmed?
Toronto (cocktail) 6,274 + 1,159 = 7,433 ... that the earliest record of the Toronto cocktail is from 1922, when the city of Toronto was under prohibition?
Lady Macbeth (sculpture)   7,214 ... that Elisabet Ney's Lady Macbeth (detail pictured), whose face resembles the artist's own, has been interpreted as a self-portrait and expression of personal grief?
Calgary White Hat 6,902 575 ... that instead of giving the keys to the city to visiting dignitaries, the mayor of Calgary "white hats" them?
BC Liquor Stores 6,309 + 369 = 6,678 ... that until 1968, a list of some 5,000 people, referred to as the "Indian List" due to the automatic inclusion of indigenous people, was prohibited from buying liquor from BC Liquor Stores?
Magnificat and Nunc dimittis for St Paul's Cathedral   6,343 + 143 = 6,486 ... that in his Magnificat and Nunc dimittis for St Paul's Cathedral (interior pictured), Herbert Howells uses slow and spacious changes in harmony and tonality to suit the building's long echo?
Lorna Arnold 5,694 + 673 = 6,367 265 ... that as UK secretary in the Economic Directorate of the Allied Control Council in post-war Berlin, Lorna Arnold slept with a revolver under her pillow?
Vine Colby 5,595 + 755 = 6,350 529 ... that a 1912 party hosted by Vine Colby made the news for its originality?
Drew Live II 5,643 + 680 = 6,323 526 ... that the producers of "Drew Live II" kept many elements of the episode a secret from the cast?
Serene Velocity 6,083 507 ... that after viewing footage from his 1970 film Serene Velocity, director Ernie Gehr felt nauseated?
The Gypsy Madonna   5,536 + 504 = 6,040 ... that the landscape in Titian's Gypsy Madonna (pictured) virtually repeats part of that in the Dresden Venus?
Niagara Apothecary 5,680 + 337 = 6,017 ... that the restoration of the Niagara Apothecary has been described as "the most authentic restoration of its kind in Canada and perhaps in North America"?
Yttralox 4,576 + 1,416 = 5,992 499 ... that Yttralox, a transparent ceramic, was accidentally discovered in the course of fuel cell research in the mid-1960s?
1982 Bristow Helicopters Bell 212 crash 5,920 + 62 = 5,982 ... that the 1982 Bristow Helicopters Bell 212 crash was one of three fatal helicopter accidents Bristow Helicopters suffered in little more than a year in the North Sea?
William Carpentier 5,573 464 ... that Dr. William Carpentier, the flight surgeon for Apollo 11 and Apollo 13, was registered on the Air Force One manifest as WFP – "World Famous Physician"?
Siegfried Fietz   5,521 ... that Siegfried Fietz (pictured) wrote a popular melody for "Von guten Mächten", one of more than 3,000 song melodies he composed?
Lazar Bach 5,449 ... that Latvian-born Lazar Bach became chair of the Communist Party of South Africa, but died in a Gulag?
Trou au Natron 5,317 ... that the so-called "Tibesti Soda Lake" at the bottom of the Trou au Natron volcanic caldera is actually a mineral crust composed of sodium carbonate?
Deep Purple (album) 5,157 215 ... that the song "Why Didn't Rosemary?" from the 1969 album Deep Purple was inspired by the film Rosemary's Baby?
Von guten Mächten 4,664 + 450 = 5,114 ... that "Von guten Mächten", a poem written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer in prison in 1944 where he faced execution, became a hymn with several melodies?
Erich Mühe 4,769 + 233 = 5,002 ... that Erich Mühe, the first surgeon to remove a gallbladder by laparoscopy, was initially mocked by his colleagues for performing "Mickey Mouse surgery"?

November 2017Edit

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Sophia (robot)   59,972 2,499 ... that Sophia (pictured) is the first robot to become a recognised citizen of a country?
SS Andaste   24,855 1,035 ... that the SS Andaste (pictured) – a hybrid whaleback Great Lakes cargo vessel – disappeared with all hands on Lake Michigan in 1929 and is still listed as unfound?
Fedwa Misk   24,562 1,023 ... that Moroccan women's rights activist Fedwa Misk (pictured) named her online magazine Qandisha after a mythical jinn famous for her seductive powers?
Wrangell Bombardment 18,232 760 ... that the U.S. Army bombarded the village of Wrangell, Alaska, in 1869 to force the handover of the first man to be given the death penalty under U.S. rule?
Ines Rau 18,001 750 ... that Ines Rau is the first transgender woman to be a Playboy Playmate?
Béatrice Saubin 17,024 709 ... that the Malaysian High Court sentenced 22-year-old Frenchwoman Béatrice Saubin to death by hanging for smuggling 534 grams (1.177 lb) of pure grade heroin?
Lepiota brunneoincarnata 15,806 657 ... that people have been poisoned after mistaking the deadly dapperling for the grey knight?
Gillian Hanson 14,908 621 ... that Gillian Hanson was a world expert on treating the condition that ultimately killed her?
Polaris Sales Agreement   14,047 585 ... that the United States supplied ballistic missiles (example pictured) to Great Britain under the Polaris Sales Agreement?
Grape-kun 12,979 541 ... that Grape-kun, a Humboldt penguin, "fell in love" with a cutout of an anime character?
Han–Liu War 12,609 525 ... that before the Han–Liu War, many soldiers bought coffins as they were prepared to fight to the death?
World tour of Ulysses S. Grant   12,445 519 ... that during his world tour in 1878, Ulysses S. Grant (pictured) became the first U.S. President to visit Jerusalem?
PS Duchess of Fife 12,171 507 ... that PS Duchess of Fife received a battle honour for saving 1,633 Alllied troops from the beaches of Dunkirk?
Monterey Bay Aquarium   9,616 + 2,418 = 12,032 501 ... that Monterey Bay Aquarium was the first public aquarium to exhibit a living kelp forest (pictured), which is nearly three stories high?
Amynthas mekongianus 11,939 497 ... that the Mekong giant earthworm can grow to a length of 2.9 metres (10 feet)?
Albert Sidney Johnston (Ney) 11,908 496 ... that Albert Sidney Johnston lies in repose atop his grave?
Ughill Hall shootings 11,889 495 ... that after murdering his mistress and her daughter in Ughill Hall, Sheffield, Ian Wood absconded to France and threatened to jump off Amiens Cathedral?
Helene Bechstein 11,849 494 ... that Helene Bechstein helped to teach Hitler table manners?
Boiled leather   11,660 486 ... that the German Army used pickelhaube helmets made of boiled leather (example pictured) until halfway through World War I?
Laura J. Richardson 11,152 464 ... that General Robert B. Abrams took "less than a second" to choose Laura J. Richardson as his deputy at United States Army Forces Command, despite never having worked with her?
Suicide of Randy Potter 10,483 437 ... that it took authorities at Kansas City International Airport eight months to find Randy Potter's body in his parked truck, despite recording all license plate numbers nightly?
Shadia Bseiso 10,471 436 ... that Shadia Bseiso from Jordan is the first female Arab wrestler to sign with WWE?
Dardeen family homicides 10,307 429 ... that serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells confessed to the Dardeen family homicides that took place in Ina, Illinois, 30 years ago today, but he was never charged?
Roma Agrawal   10,234 426 ... that after playing with Lego bricks as a child, Roma Agrawal designed both the tip and bottom of The Shard (pictured)?
J. K. Rowling's Wizarding World 9,922 413 ... that the J. K. Rowling's Wizarding World franchise was the "most-snubbed franchise" of all time at the Academy Awards, with 12 nominations and zero wins until its 2017 success?
Achilleas Kallakis 9,719 405 ... that Achilleas Kallakis has been called "Britain's most successful serial confidence trickster"?
Flemming Helweg-Larsen 9,552 398 ... that in 1946, Flemming Helweg-Larsen became the first person executed by Denmark in more than 50 years?
Sheva Alomar 9,137 380 ... that Games and Culture criticised Sheva Alomar for being the video game equivalent of Pocahontas?
Phantom Blood   8,522 355 ... that the character posings in the manga Phantom Blood were influenced by the sculpture Apollo and Daphne (pictured)?
Ringed brown snake 8,492 354 ... that the species name of the ringed brown snake means "well-behaved" and has been linked to its reluctance to bite people?
Nomfunelo Mabedla   8,409 350 ... that Nomfunelo Mabedla successfully campaigned for the former flag of South Africa (pictured) to be removed from the Castle of Good Hope because it upset her?
Big-fish–little-pond effect 8,351 348 ... that it is better for one's self-concept to be a big fish in a little pond than in a big pond?
James Fugaté 8,133 339 ... that James Fugaté was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy after it was revealed that he wrote Quatrefoil: A Modern Novel under the pen name James Barr?
Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park 8,104 338

... that the memorial to the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots is at the exact location where they died?

Mashiach Borochoff House 7,990 333 ... that for 70 years, Jerusalem customers have done their banking in an eclectic mansion on Jaffa Road?
Megawatt Valley 7,892 329 ... that power stations in Megawatt Valley were once responsible for up to a quarter of all electricity generated in England and Wales?
Bananas, Beaches and Bases 7,640 318 ... that the book Bananas, Beaches and Bases argues that banana sales have a "gendered history"?
Avenue Range Station massacre 7,338 306 ... that the Avenue Range Station massacre involved the shooting murders of nine Aboriginal Australians, including children and a baby, by white settlers?
Mediaster aequalis,
Phyllochaetopterus prolifica
  4,157 + 3,151 = 7,308 305 ... that larvae of the vermilion sea star (pictured) preferentially settle among the tubes of a tube-dwelling worm?

Dominique Blake 7,084 295 ... that Jamaican sprinter Dominique Blake was accidentally awarded a bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the women's 4 × 400 m relay?
Spaceport Camden 6,732 280 ... that Camden County, Georgia was considered as a launch site by NASA in the early 1960s, but Spaceport Camden did not see its first launch until 2017?
Tongo Tongo ambush 6,552 273 ... that Frederica Wilson suggested that President Donald Trump's response to the deaths of four American soldiers in the Tongo Tongo ambush in Niger might become his Benghazi incident?
Architecture of Seattle   6,522 272 ... that several buildings in Seattle (example pictured) deliberately evoke traditional regional Native American architecture?
Lena Machado 6,484 270 ... that "Hawaii's Songbird" Lena Machado had a "ha'i" in her voice?
Khufiyya   6,204 259 ... that Khufiyya (shrine complex pictured) is the oldest of the four Sufi orders established in China?
Bosnia and Herzegovina–Holy See relations   5,998 250 ... that with Bosnia and Herzegovina–Holy See relations improving, Pope John Paul II came for a visit (pictured)—and then police discovered 23 land mines planted in the area where he was to have been driven?
Bonesetter 5,871 245 ... that "Crazy Sally", an 18th-century bonesetter, successfully treated dislocated shoulders and knees in a London coffee house despite having no medical training?
Anthony Franchini 5,760 240 ... that Anthony Franchini, who served in the U.S. Army for both World Wars prior to obtaining U.S. citizenship, recorded more than 3,500 phonograph record sides with Frank Ferera in the 1920s?
Colpocephalum californici 5,687 237 ... that the California condor louse became extinct when all remaining California condors were deloused in a captive breeding program?
Ilse van Staden 5,557 ... that South African-born Irish international rugby player Ilse van Staden is a butcher?
Freewill (song) 5,512 230 ... that the Rush song "Freewill" was the last studio recording to use the "shrieking high range" of Geddy Lee's vocals?
Donaldson Site 5,402 ... that artefacts discovered at the Donaldson archaeological site in Ontario include a child's necklace made with bear teeth?
Louise Cook 5,370 224 ... that rally driver Louise Cook sold her trophies on eBay to help her continue competing in the 2012 World Rally Championship after her funding dried up?
Ophiopholis aculeata 5,235 218 ... that the crevice brittle star is sometimes involved in mass spawning events?
Ballot laws of the Roman Republic   5,117 213 ... that the ballot laws introduced the secret ballot (voting pictured) to all popular assemblies in the Roman Republic?
Kimmie Taylor 4,997 + 106 = 5,103 213 ... that Kimmie Taylor of the Kurdish YPJ is the first British woman to travel to Syria to fight ISIS?

December 2017Edit

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Lady Gouyi   24,551 1023 ... that more than 2,100 years after Lady Gouyi (pictured) was ordered by the emperor to die, her mausoleum was robbed and more than 1,100 artifacts were stolen?
Hampi   22,532 939 ... that before its destruction, the UNESCO world heritage site Hampi (partly pictured) was the center of the world's second-largest medieval city after Beijing?
House of the Huangcheng Chancellor   22,530 ... that the Tower of Rivers and Mountains (pictured) proved its worth soon after construction by protecting the Chen family from roving bandits?
Bacon Super T-6   18,488 770 ... that the Bacon Super T-6 (pictured) was described as looking like the result of "an illicit hangar affair between a T-33 and a T-6"?
Pavement light   17,690 737 ... that the purple "jewels" (pictured) in old sidewalks are pavement lights, which bend daylight into the basement below?
Fluffy sculpin   16,707 696 ... that under adverse conditions, the fluffy sculpin (pictured) can leave its rock pool and breathe air?
This (fly) 16,704 696 ... that This is found in southern Australia, is attracted to decomposing seaweed, and has an unusual mating position?
Harry Bush (artist) 14,853 618 ... that Harry Bush obsessed that if anyone found out he was a gay erotic artist he would lose his American military pension?
Yang Shoujing   14,051 585 ... that Yang Shoujing (pictured) published the most complete and scholarly historical atlas of China of his time, and "revolutionized" Japanese calligraphy?
List of most lethal American battles 13,385 557 ... that three of the most lethal battles involving the United States military saw more than 20,000 soldiers killed?
Black September   13,222 551 ... that Jordan (capital Amman pictured) fought against Palestinian fighters and Syria in 1970 during Black September?
Immigrant paradox 12,851 536 ... that, despite being affected by poverty, language barriers, and prejudice, first-generation immigrants have better health outcomes than subsequent generations by way of the immigrant paradox?
Deadliest single days of World War I 12,504 521 ... that 22 August 1914, the date of the Battle of the Frontiers, was the deadliest single day on the Western Front in World War I?
Disappearance of Harold Holt 12,396 517 ... that Australian prime minister Harold Holt's death by drowning has been commemorated by a warship, a naval installation, and multiple swimming pools?
Universal Paperclips 12,351 514 ... that Universal Paperclips is an incremental game where the goal is to convert the entire universe into paperclips?
Kappa-dera Temple   11,091 462 ... that offerings of cucumber (pictured) are left at the Kappa-dera Temple to appease Kappas?
Hilary Swarts 10,250 ... that a silverback gorilla sat on Hilary Swarts' head?|
Lake Cahuilla 9,515 396 ... that Lake Cahuilla, with a maximum surface area of 5,700 square kilometres (2,200 sq mi), covered parts of Southern California less than 500 years ago?
Diana Beck 9,194 383 ... that Diana Beck performed brain surgery on Winnie-the-Pooh author A. A. Milne?
Nitze criteria 8,862 369 ... ... that the Nitze criteria for a successful ballistic missile defense gained "the status of holy writ" within the Reagan administration?
Gideon Brooke 8,702 362 ... that Gideon Brooke's grave was unmarked for 136 years?
Fiora Contino   8,626 359 ... that Peter G. Davis wrote after a performance of Risurrezione that Fiora Contino (pictured) "may be the last conductor on earth with the music of Alfano and his generation in her bloodstream"?
The Problem with Apu 8,555 356 ... that Hari Kondabolu's documentary The Problem with Apu started as a one-minute comedy bit?
Magdalena Wolińska-Riedi 8,219 342 ... that Magdalena Wolińska-Riedi was married by Pope Benedict XVI when he was a cardinal and had her children baptized by him when he became Pope?
Olga FitzGeorge   7,990 332 ... that Olga FitzGeorge (pictured), a granddaughter of Prince George, Duke of Cambridge, established a manicure and beauty salon on New Bond Street in London?
Northeast Arm Iron Range 7,694 320 ... that the Temagami Iron Range takes jasper in iron past snakes and turtles?
The Rocking Carol 7,621 ... that a traditional Christmas carol has the chorus "We will rock you"?
Naval Aircraft Modification Unit KDN Gorgon 7,358 307 ... that the first test flight of the TD2N Gorgon target drone ended in a crash due to a failure of the aircraft's radio control?
Carol Metchette 4,949 + 1,891 = 6,840 285 ... that Irish hockey umpire Carole Metchette was forced to retire from umpiring for being too old, despite having the highest fitness test results of any international umpire?
British logistics in the Falklands War 6,762 282 ... that British logistics in the Falklands War depended on ships that were STUFT?
St Stephen's Church, Ealing   6,804 ... that the bells of St Stephen's in Ealing (belfry and spire pictured) caused complaints, were later moved to the Docklands, and were finally installed in St Machar's Cathedral in Aberdeen?
Bois Blanc Island Lighthouse and Blockhouse 6,773 282 ... that Parks Canada blocked the entrance of the Bois Blanc Island Lighthouse with rubble masonry after vandals destroyed the restored door?
Harold Strachan 6,685 ... that Harold Strachan has painted pictures, written books, made bombs, served two prison sentences, and completed an ultramarathon?
Horace P. Belknap 6,554 273 ... that on the day Horace P. Belknap was interred in 1936, National Guard inductions were suspended in Central Oregon because all the local medical examiners were attending his funeral?
Science Moms 6,462 269 ... ... that the goal of the Science Moms documentary is to challenge the anti-GMO, anti-vaccination, pro-alternative medicine culture affecting parents?
1120 Denny Way 6,072 253 ... that a highrise building replacing part of The Seattle Times' headquarters will have historic headlines etched into its facade?
Ba (gastropod) 5,990 250 ... that you won't find any Ba humbugi on Christmas Island?
Bergen Tunnels 5,479 228 ... that the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad built the Bergen Tunnels due to congestion in the competing Erie Railroad's tunnels?
Joseph Anokye 5,143 214 ... that former NASA engineer Joseph Anokye was deported from Kenya because some people feared he could manipulate election results?