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This DYK STATS/Archive 2016 page is an archive of the monthly DYKSTATS leaders for each month in 2016, recognizing the DYK entries that have received the most page views while being featured on DYK.

On an important note: Please do not see this list as a competition, but rather a celebration of some of the most effective DYK hooks.

2016 DYK page view leaders by month (over 5,000 views)


January 2016Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Macun   14,977 + 1,170 = 16,147 1,345 ... that varieties of macun (pictured) were served in Turkey as both a medicine and as a confectionery during the time of the Ottoman Empire?
Disappearance of Bethany Decker 12,688 1,057 ... that after Bethany Decker disappeared, five years ago today, someone continued to send messages to her friends via her Facebook account?
The Star of Adam 12,302 1,025 ... that the world's largest star sapphire, The Star of Adam, is valued at $100 million?
Finn (Star Wars) 12,137 1,011 ... that some fans had a racist reaction to the character of Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?
Death by Chocolate 11,259 + 876 = 12,135 1,011 ... that President Obama shared a Death by Chocolate cake with the crew of Air Force One?
Demarest Building   12,125 1,010 ... that the Demarest Building (pictured) built by Aaron T. Demarest was the first building with an electric elevator?
Anita Krajnc case 11,974 9970 ... that the Anita Krajnc case could result in her spending ten years in prison for giving water to thirsty pigs on their way to slaughter?
Birdsill Holly   10,899 908 ... that Birdsill Holly invented a water pumping system for city mains that not only supplied drinking water for domestic service, but also furnished water under pressure for fire hydrants (Holly fire hydrant pictured)?
Rey (Star Wars) 10,607 884 ... that some fans consider Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens to be a "Mary Sue"?
Apocalypse Now (painting) 10,556 879 ... that Donald L. Bryant Jr. did not "SELL THE HOUSE SELL THE CAR SELL THE KIDS", but sold the painting in 2001?
Čakr-paša 10,498 875 ... that Čakr-paša was killed by his comrade while shaving?
Hors d'oeuvre   9,651 804 ... that Hors d'oeuvre trays (pictured) served on a table may be referred to as buffet-style, while those held and passed by servers are part of butler-style service or butlered hors d'oeuvres?
Judith Magyar Isaacson 9,550 795 ... that while interviewing for the post of dean of women at Bates College, Judith Magyar Isaacson was asked if she had ever resided in a dormitory and she replied, "Yes, at Auschwitz"?
The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton, January 3, 1777   9,506 792 ... that in The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton, January 3, 1777 (pictured), the painter used the general's son as a model?
Captain Phasma 9,355 778 ... that Star Wars: The Force Awakens character Captain Phasma's creation was inspired by a rejected costume design for Kylo Ren?
Ernie Blake 9,300 885 ... that Ernie Blake helped interrogate Nazis Hermann Göring and Albert Speer, and adopted his code name as his real name, before founding Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico?
Günther Lützow 9,047 854 ... that on 24 October 1941, Günther Lützow became the second fighter pilot to claim 100 aerial victories in World War II?
East Sheen Cemetery   8830 ... that Khandro Rinpoche (pictured) of the Mindrolling lineage is the present reincarnation of Urgyen Tsomo?
Khandro Rinpoche   8434 702 ... that Khandro Rinpoche (pictured) of the Mindrolling lineage is the present reincarnation of Urgyen Tsomo?
Lucy Goode Brooks,
Friends' Asylum for Colored Orphans
  7,009 + 1,848 = 8,857 737 ... that former slave Lucy Goode Brooks (pictured) helped found the Friends' Asylum for Colored Orphans, which still serves families in Richmond, Virginia, as the Friends' Association for Children?
Poe Dameron 7949 ... that Poe Dameron, portrayed by Oscar Isaac, was initially scripted to be killed off in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?
Donald Nichols (spy) 7,497 625 ... that Sergeant Donald Nichols correctly forecast that the Korean War would start within a certain three-day period?
Davina Delor   7078 589 ... that choreographer and TV artist Davina Delor (pictured) became a Buddhist nun after meeting the Dalai Lama, and converted her country home in Haims to a monastery?
Orion (Star Trek) 6,993 582 ... that Gene Roddenberry pushed for Star Trek to be filmed in color so that the green skin of the Orion slave girl could be seen?
Al-Maghtas   6906 575 ... that Al-Maghtas (pictured) on the east bank of the Jordan River is considered by Christians as the location for the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist?
Qian Zhuangfei   6,187 + 630 = 6,817 568 ... that Qian Zhuangfei (pictured), a Communist secret agent credited with saving the life of Premier Zhou Enlai, was the father of Li Lili, nicknamed "China's Mae West"?
Pepe the Frog 6,704 559 ... that physical paintings of Pepe the frog have been put up for sale on eBay?
Elephant & Castle tube station   6421 + 279 = 6700 558 ... that the first baby born on the London Underground was delivered at the Elephant & Castle tube station (pictured) in 1924?
Tchepone Operation 6,644 554 ... that the second column of the Tchepone Operation was Orange, Red, and Black?
Pilot Pirx 6,514 ... that Stanisław Lem's character pilot Pirx defeats a perfect robot thanks to human imperfection?
Jarrad Seng   6,336 528 ... that photographer Jarrad Seng (pictured) pranked music festivalgoers by disguising himself as American DJ Steve Aoki?
Gordon Gollob 6,240 ... that on 29 August 1942, Gordon Gollob became the first fighter pilot to claim 150 aerial victories in World War II?
Dak bungalow 6,081 ... that dak bungalows are "about as handsome as a stack of hay"?
Melchior (Magi),
Balthazar (Magi)
  3,076 + 2,973 = 6,049 ... that Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar are the traditional names of the Biblical Magi who visited the baby Jesus (pictured), though they are not named in the Bible?
Mia Matsumiya 5,796 483 ... that violinist Mia Matsumiya spent ten years cataloging online harassment that she received, and has created a popular Instagram account featuring those messages?
Jacob deGrom   5,690 474 ... that New York Mets fans mark games started by Jacob deGrom (pictured) with the Twitter hashtag #hairwego?
Avocado cake   5,501 458 ... that avocado cake (example pictured) may be topped with an avocado-based fool, a pressed fruit mixture or fruit purée mixed with custard or cream?
Operation Junction City Jr. 5,442 454 ... that during Operation Junction City Jr., members of Bataillon Commando 203 fled from a crowd of refugees they mistook for enemy troops?
Katrina Pierson 5,400 450 ... that Donald Trump's spokesperson Katrina Pierson appeared on CNN with a necklace made of bullets?
Shooting of Jamar Clark 5,397 450 ... that five protesters were shot near demonstrations against the shooting of Jamar Clark?
Mary Amdur 5,094 425 ... that Mary Amdur gassed her own guinea pigs to prove that breathing sulphuric acid was dangerous?
Donald L. Bryant Jr. 5,079 423 ... that Donald L. Bryant Jr. did not "SELL THE HOUSE SELL THE CAR SELL THE KIDS", but sold the painting in 2001?

February 2016Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Xin Fengxia + Wu Zuguang   17,790 + 4,709 = 22,499 1,875 ... that Xin Fengxia (pictured) refused to divorce her persecuted husband Wu Zuguang, and he took care of her after she was persecuted and became paralyzed?
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee   20,313 1,693 ... that when it debuts on February 8, 2016, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (Samantha Bee pictured) will be the only late-night TV talk show in the United States hosted by a woman?
Nimrod (computing)   16,363 1,364 ... that in 1951, Alan Turing played one of the earliest electronic games on the Nimrod (diagram pictured)?
Sandsfoot Castle   15,428 1,286 ... that Historic England considers Sandsfoot Castle (pictured) to be "one of the most substantial examples" of the 16th-century blockhouse to survive in England?
Chowder   15,045 1,254 ... that chowder (example pictured) originated as a shipboard dish, and was thickened with hardtack?
Ranikot Fort   14,874 1,240 ... that the Ranikot Fort (pictured), also known as the Great Wall of Sindh, is believed to be one of the world's largest forts, and has been compared to the Great Wall of China?
Lisa Aschan 14,246 1,187 ...that Lisa Aschan was filmed in the audience at the 2016 Guldbaggen Awards, giving the finger and saying "Fuck You" to the winner in the Best Cinematography category?
Maz Kanata 14,096 1,175 ... that the CGI character Maz Kanata from Star Wars: The Force Awakens was inspired by writer/director J. J. Abrams' late high school English teacher?
Princess Feodora of Saxe-Meiningen 13,272 1,106 ... that Princess Feodora of Saxe-Meiningen committed suicide in 1945 after suffering most of her life from ill health?
2016 Football League Cup Final 12,790 1,066 ... that when Liverpool play in the Football League Cup Final today, they will be doing so for a record 12th time?
Pocket FM   12,523 1,043 ... that a portable radio transmitter called Pocket FM (pictured) enables people to create pirate radio networks in areas where authoritative governments tightly control communications?
Panama remote controlled vehicle   12,490 1,041 ... that redundant Snatch Land Rovers awaiting disposal were turned into Panama remote controlled vehicles (pictured)?
Abyssinian guinea pig   10,705 892 ... that the coat of the Abyssinian guinea pig (pictured) is marked with large swirls of hair known as rosettes?
Buddy Holly Center   10,647 887 ... that the Buddy Holly Center showcases Holly's final Fender Stratocaster and the pair of glasses (pictured) that he was wearing at the time of his death?
Princess Charlotte of Prussia 10,749 896 ... that the ill health and unstable personality of Princess Charlotte of Prussia is attributable to the genetic disease porphyria?
Operation Silver Buckle 10,628 886 ... that two Silver Buckle companies attacked 50,000 enemy troops?
Bella Bond murder case 9,677 806 ... that a forensic facial reconstruction of two-year-old Bella Bond triggered approximately 56 million Internet views?
Rob Roy (dog)   9,092 758 ...that Calvin Coolidge described his beloved dog Rob Roy (pictured) as a "stately gentleman of great courage and fidelity"?
Hetty Reckless 8,511 709 ... that Hetty Reckless was born in 1776, escaped from Salem, and boasted of seeing George Washington?
Donald Lavoie 8,320 693 ... that Donald Lavoie, a hit man for Montreal's Dubois Gang, escaped his intended execution at their hands by sliding down a laundry chute?
Murder of Robert Wykel 8,314 693 ... that a distinctive diamond helped secure a bodyless murder conviction in the case of Robert Wykel, last seen 20 years ago today?
RPG-1 7,666 639 ... that the Soviet RPG-1 anti-tank rocket was intended to combine the best features of the US's bazooka with those of the German Panzerfaust?
Malouma   7,483 623 ... that before she became a Senator of Mauritania, Malouma (pictured) was censored for her songs, which promoted women's rights and challenged apartheid?
Thyroid ima artery 7,485 593 ... that the thyroid ima artery can be found in only three to ten percent of the population and varies in origin, size, blood supply, and termination?
Operation Ferdinand 7,102 591 ... that Ferdinand's threat to Genoa during World War II allowed a Dragoon to achieve tactical surprise?
Dibatag   7,071 589 ... that rock paintings of the dibatag (pictured) have been discovered on the west bank of the Nile River, far from its present range?
Chou Tzu-yu 6,678 557 ... that the public apology of 16-year-old K-pop star Chou Tzu-yu for waving a Taiwanese flag is believed to have helped Tsai Ing-wen win the Taiwanese presidential election?
Mahabaleshwar strawberry   6,402 534 ... that the Mahabaleshwar strawberry (pictured) comprises about 85 percent of total strawberry production in India?
Teresia Sampsonia   6,224 519 ... that Teresia Sampsonia (pictured) was born into a Christian Circassian family in Safavid Iran, and married the British adventurer Sir Robert Shirley?
Black Cross Nurses   6,188 516 ... that in an era when women of African descent had little access to education or public role models, the Black Cross Nurses (pictured) trained them in healthcare, allowing them to be seen in leadership roles?
Psychology of eating meat 6,141 512 ... that research into the psychology of eating meat suggests a correlation between meat-eating and support for hierarchy and inequality?
Maine Children's Home for Little Wanderers + Sharon H. Abrams 3,206 + 2,759 = 5,965 497 ... that for over 40 years, the one constant at the Maine Children's Home for Little Wanderers has been Sharon H. Abrams?
Causeway Bay Books disappearances 5,900 491 ... that five missing people linked to a Hong Kong bookshop are suspected of having been abducted by mainland China's Public Security Bureau?
Operation Snake Eyes 5,500 449 ... that when the White House postponed Operation Snake Eyes again, Captain Sourisok quit the Laotian Civil War?
The Chinese Road 5,316 443 ... that a Chinese aid project in Laos was defended by 400 anti-aircraft guns and 25,000 troops?
Kashmir papier-mâché   6,072 506 ... that Kashmir papier-mâché (pictured), a colourful painted handicraft of Kashmir which was brought by Shia Muslims from Persia in the 15th century, is primarily based on paper pulp?
Pagbalha Geleg Namgyai   5,567 464 ... that Tibetan "living Buddha" Pagbalha Geleg Namgyai (pictured, left, with Mao Zedong) was appointed vice chairman of the Qamdo Liberation Committee at the age of 10?
Operation Phoutah 5,394 458 ... that during Operation Phoutah, Groupement Mobile 33 carried their gut-shot colonel and 50 other wounded for 13 hours?
Armada Memorial   5,301 442 ... that the Armada Memorial is built on Plymouth Hoe, the site where tradition holds Francis Drake wanted to finish a game of bowls (scene pictured) before defeating the Spanish Armada?
Carthaginian currency   5,086 424 ... that Carthaginian currency (pictured) commonly featured the goddess Tanit and a horse?"
Storm Eva +
2015–16 Great Britain and Ireland floods
  1,560 + 3,464
= 5,024
419 ... that Storm Eva exacerbated the 2015–16 Great Britain and Ireland floods (pictured), which also broke the United Kingdom's 24-hour rainfall record?
Framingham Railroad Station   5,020 418 ... that Framingham Railroad Station (pictured) was the largest of nine stations that Henry Hobson Richardson designed for the Boston and Albany Railroad?
Panicum effusum 5,012 418 ... that earlier this month, the town of Wangaratta was overrun by hairy panic?

March 2016Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Colossus of Ostermunzel   38,252 3,255 ... that the Colossus of Ostermunzel (pictured) is significantly lighter than originally estimated?
Operation Strength   32,046 2,671 ... that during Operation Strength, a 15,000 lb (6.8 T) bomb (example of detonation pictured) served as a diversion to a diversion?
Disappearance of Brian Shaffer 23,447 1,954 ... that ten years ago today, Brian Shaffer walked into a bar in Columbus, Ohio, and hasn't been seen since?
Big King   23,022 1,919 ... that the Big King sandwich (pictured), Burger King's take on the Big Mac, underwent five reformulations and four name changes before settling on its current recipe and name?
Imelda Marcos   19,398 1,616 ... that Imelda Marcos (pictured) spent US$2,000 on chewing gum in an airport stop?
Ruth M. Gardiner   15,777 1,315 ... that the first US Army hospital named for a woman or nurse was named after US Army Nurse Corps Lieutenant Ruth M. Gardiner (pictured)?
Avianca Flight 52   15,301 1,275 ... that two surviving passengers of Avianca Flight 52 (aircraft pictured), which crashed in 1990, were discovered to have swallowed condoms filled with cocaine?
Battle of Karameh   14,325 1,194 ... that during the Battle of Karameh, the Israeli Army aborted a plan to retrieve two of its tanks (pictured) that were left behind in Jordan?
Sternoptyx diaphana   12,479 1,040 ... that the diaphanous hatchetfish (diagram pictured) is not fussy about what prey it eats?
He Xiangning   12,237 1,109 ... that He Xiangning (pictured), a feminist and revolutionary who refused to have her feet bound, organized China's first International Women's Day rally 92 years ago today?
Sue Austin 10,867 906 ... that Sue Austin, who performed as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, uses an underwater wheelchair specially modified with scuba diving equipment (pictured)?
Campaign Z 10,122 844 ... that uninjured reporters commandeered a medical evacuation helicopter during Campaign Z?
Holy Island War Memorial   9,811 817 ... that the Holy Island War Memorial (pictured) snapped in two as a result of exceptional winds during the winter of 1983–4?
Antoine Raab 8,019 668 ... that German footballer Antoine Raab was imprisoned for refusing to give the Nazi salute at a football game?
Tom Kilburn   7,801 650 ..that Tom Kilburn (pictured), the co-creator of the the world's first stored-program computer, did not own a personal computer?
Carl Edgar Myers   7,353 613 ...that Carl Edgar Myers invented an air-bicycle (illustrated) that navigated through the air like a bicycle?
AN/APQ-7 6,857 584 ... that Luis Alvarez initially called the APQ-7 radar the "EHIB", short for "Every House in Berlin", referring to its planned mission?'
Skyway Monte Bianco   6,758 563 ...that a golden ice axe was presented to Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, when he officially opened the Skyway Monte Bianco?
Rama Rahasya Upanishad   6,612 551 ... that the Rama Rahasya Upanishad (Rama in the heart of Hanuman pictured) presents a goddess as the cause of creation, a god as the soul, and both together as the source of all existence?
Royal antelope   6,599 562 ... that the royal antelope (pictured) is the smallest antelope in the world?
Destruction of ivory   6,563 547 ... that the destruction of ivory (pictured) has been called "indispensable in the fight against trafficking of threatened species"?
Matrilineal society of Meghalaya   6,175 515 ... that the matrilineal society of Meghalaya (Khasi women pictured) has a likely correlation with Mahabharata's Nari Rajya?
Yusra Mardini 5,968 497 ... that freestyle swimmer Yusra Mardini pushed a boat in the Aegean Sea for over three hours while fleeing Syria?
Thomas White (Australian politician) 5,835 486 ... that Thomas White taxied his aircraft some 24 kilometres (15 mi) past enemy encampments in Mesopotamia during World War I, in what was later described as a "Keystone Cops adventure"?
Koenig Specials 5,830 486 ... that Enzo Ferrari ordered prancing horse badges to be removed from Ferraris once they had been modified by Koenig Specials?
Edmund Nathanael 5,571 464 ... that during the Nazi era, World War I flying ace Edmund Nathanael was deleted from the list of Hohenzollern honorees?
Heilongjiang hand cannon 5,489 467 ... that the Heilongjiang hand cannon is the oldest surviving firearm in the world?
Penile injury 5,399 450 ... that penile injuries can be caused by dogs, metal rings, zippers, and more?
Reich Harvest Thanksgiving Festival 5,332 444 ... that the Reich Harvest Thanksgiving Festival was attended by more people than any other Nazi ceremony including the Nazi party rally at Nuremberg?
Annot (artist) 5,212 434 ... that Annot and her husband were ordered by the Nazis to close their art school after refusing to dismiss Jewish pupils?

April 2016Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Bodybuilding in China 27,554 + 23,332 = 50,886 ... that bodybuilding in China was once banned?
Sairat  – 33,393 4174 ... that Sairat, which is set to be released today, is the first Indian film to include a symphonic score recorded in Hollywood?
Catherine Zeta-Jones   35,555-(4318+4805)/2 = 30,994 2,582 ... that Catherine Zeta-Jones' (pictured) wedding ceremony cost an estimated £1.5 million?
Unexpected John Cena
(Apr. 1, 2016 – April Fools Day)
  24,941 3,118 ... that somebody stole the show in Ghostbusters, Breaking Bad, and SpongeBob SquarePants, and his name is—JOHN CENAAA!!! (pictured)
Flag of South Africa (1928–1994)   20,853 ... that the former flag of South Africa (pictured) was created as a compromise but later came to be viewed as a symbol of apartheid?
United States v. One Tyrannosaurus Bataar Skeleton
(Apr. 1, 2016 – April Fools Day)
  17,200 2,150 ... that US officials grabbed a Tyrannosaurus that entered the country illegally?
Cut Sleeve
(Apr. 1, 2016 – April Fools Day)
15,150 1,894 ... that He was gay?
Computer says no
(Apr. 1, 2016 – April Fools Day)
14,532 1,817 ... that computer says no?
Bai Yang   11,900 992 ... that Bai Yang (pictured), one of China's most popular film actresses, was imprisoned for five years during the Cultural Revolution?
White House Passover Seder   11,764 980 ... that President Obama is the first sitting U.S. president to conduct a Passover Seder in the White House (pictured), which he has done annually since 2009?
Columbia and Nehalem Valley Railroad   11,719 977 ... that the McBride Creek bridge (pictured) of the Columbia and Nehalem Valley Railroad was built from horizontal logs?
Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop 2,960 + 8,169 = 11,129 927 ... that Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop in Philadelphia changed its business name in 2013 because the name it had used for 64 years was controversial?
Lawa Railway   10,770 ... that the passengers of the Lawa Railway (rail car pictured) had to cross the Suriname River via cable car?
Welsh cuisine 10,132-(316+527)/2 = 10,553 879 ... that many people believe there is no such thing as Welsh food?
Paddy Murphy (Liverpudlian)
10,443 870 ... that Japanese Emperor Hirohito had a Liverpudlian cousin named Paddy Murphy?
Pooh-pooh 10,370 ... that hurling poo-poo at your opponent is frowned upon?
Camaron rebosado   3,202 + 7,111 = 10,313 859 ... that camaron rebosado (example pictured) is a Philippine dish that has a Spanish name, but originated in China?
Warp Drive
(Apr. 1, 2016 – April Fools Day)
10,285 1,817 that motorists may use warp drive in Dulles, Virginia?
The Frog God
(Apr. 1, 2016 – April Fools Day)
10,194 1,274 ... that The Frog God comes in front of you?
Virgin Atlantic Little Red
(Apr. 1, 2016 – April Fools Day)
9,656 1,207 ... that a British giant swallowed a little red virgin?
Guan Zilan   8,463 + 744 = 9,207 767 ... that painter Guan Zilan (pictured), once an art world favourite, became largely forgotten in Communist China and rediscovered photos of her were mistaken for images of the movie star Ruan Lingyu?
Cairngorm Plateau Disaster 8,844 737 ... that five schoolchildren and their leader's assistant died in a blizzard in the 1971 Cairngorm Plateau Disaster when they failed to reach the Curran shelter in the Scottish Highlands?
Carlos Brewer 8,713 726 ... that Major General Carlos Brewer asked to be demoted to Colonel so he could command combat troops during World War II, because he was too old to command a Division as a general?
Charlie Applewhite   1403+7167=8570 ... ... that as a boy, Charlie Applewhite (pictured) sang on Fort Worth street corners when his allowance ran out?
Los Espantos
Espanto I
Espanto II
Espanto III
Espanto IV and V
Los Hijos del Espanto
5,715 + 621 + 325 + 392 + 451 + 465 + 585 = 8,554 712 ... that more than 10 wrestlers have worn the Espanto mask, including Espanto I, Espanto II, Espanto III, Espanto IV and V, Los Hijos del Espanto, Espanto Jr., his son Espanto Jr., and Mini-Estrella Espantito?
Cobble (geology)   8,528 711 ... that two researchers have argued that some cobbles (pictured) should be called "very small boulders"?
Emily Temple-Wood 8067 ... that Emily Temple-Wood says she will create a Wikipedia article about a woman scientist for every harassing email she receives?
Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014
(Apr. 1, 2016 – April Fools Day)
8,010 1,001 ... that Northern Ireland recently outlawed the practice of sitting in two places at the same time?
Nisha Ayub 7,574 631 ... that Nisha Ayub has said she could be stripped naked and killed, but her transgender identity could not be taken from her?
Sheep shagger 7,380 ...that Welshmen are sometimes called sheep shaggers?
The Left Hand of Darkness 7240 ... that Ursula K. Le Guin's Hugo and Nebula award-winning 1969 novel The Left Hand of Darkness is set on a fictional planet whose people are neither male nor female for most of their sexual cycle?
Elizabeth Randles   7,143 ... that when three and a half years old, Elizabeth Randles played piano for King George III and his family?
A Prank
(Apr. 1, 2016 – April Fools Day)
7,044 881 ... that one method of defying gravity is to fall for your own prank?
Pan Am Flight 841 6,541 ... that after the 1972 hijacking of Pan Am Flight 841, the pilot received honors at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport as well as death threats and vandalism at his home?
Walt McDougall   7,347 - (158 + 1523)/2 = 6,517 543 ... that when Pennsylvania legislators pushed a bill banning caricatures of politicians as animals, cartoonist Walt McDougall (pictured) drew them as a tree, a beer mug, and assorted vegetables?
Lord Baltimore penny   6,434 ... that the Lord Baltimore penny (pictured) is the first copper coin issued for circulation in the Thirteen Colonies?
iPhone SE 6,256 ... that apart from matte-chamfered edges and an inset stainless steel rear Apple logo, the exterior design of the iPhone SE is nearly identical to that of the iPhone 5S?
Tessie Reynolds   6,101 ... that in 1893, 16-year-old Tessie Reynolds (pictured) cycled from Brighton to London and back in a rational outfit?
WWE Women's Championship (2016–present) 2,995 + 2,972 = 5,967 ... that the WWE Women's Championship was created because female wrestlers felt that the former Divas Championship diminished them to "eye candy"?
Grand Theft Auto III 5,964 497 ... that Grand Theft Auto III was the best-selling game of 2001, and the second best-selling game of 2002, behind only its sequel?
Bridge for Laboratory Sciences + Fonteynkill   4,777 + 1,114 = 5,891 491 .. that Vassar College's Bridge for Laboratory Sciences (pictured) crosses a stream?
Janie Tsao + Victor Tsao 2,853 + 2,969 = 5,822 485 ... that the couple Janie and Victor Tsao started Linksys in their garage, and sold it for half a billion dollars?
The Black Ghosts (short story)
(Apr. 1, 2016 – April Fools Day)
5,808 726 ... that black ghosts were once sold in China?
Operation Black Lion III 5,764 480 ... that Operation Black Lion III was a land grab before the Secret War ended?
Li Ye (poet) 2,820 + 2,942 = 5,762 480 ... that Li Ye, a Taoist nun and courtesan renowned for her beauty and talent in poetry, was executed for treason?
Planned Parenthood   5743 479 ... that Planned Parenthood was conceived 100 years ago in Brooklyn when Margaret Sanger (pictured) and her sister Ethel Byrne, and Fania Mindell distributed birth control plus advice, and were soon arrested?
Courtenay Gate   5,630 479 ... that the celebrity vet Buster Lloyd-Jones compared living in the penthouse flat of Courtenay Gate (pictured) in Hove to "living in a lighthouse"?
Maxwell House Haggadah 5,330 444 ... that with over 50 million copies in print, the Maxwell House Haggadah is the best known and most popular Passover Haggadah among American Jews?
Béla Grünwald 5,312 443 ... that Hungarian politician Béla Grünwald telegraphed the news of his death to his party leader before committing suicide in Paris?
Imperator (horse) 5212 434 ... that the champion Saddlebred horse Imperator's tail was 14 feet (4.3 metres) long?
Chen Shu (painter)   5,119 246 ... that Chen Shu, whose works (example pictured) were collected by the Qianlong Emperor, was praised by her son as an "exemplar of Confucian virtue"?
Operation Black Lion 5,039 420 ... that King Sisavang Vatthana wanted Black Lion to attack Paksong?

May 2016Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
2016 FA Cup Final   55,574 + 17,008 =72,582 ... that Manchester United seek to match Arsenal's FA Cup winners record with a win in the 2016 FA Cup Final (venue pictured) against Crystal Palace today?
Hu Lanqi   14,103 1,175 ... that before Hu Lanqi (pictured) became China's first female major general, she was a magazine cover girl, a prisoner of Nazi Germany, and was invited to Moscow by Maxim Gorky?
Hypercycle (chemistry)   12,189 1,016 ... that the hypercycle model (pictured) could explain how life on Earth might have begun?
Isaac Parker   12,034 1,003 ... that Isaac Parker (pictured) was known as the "Hanging Judge" of the American Old West?
Gold wreaths from Thrace   11559 963 ... that a golden wreath (pictured) found in 2005 in the tomb of a Thracian ruler in Southeastern Bulgaria was dated to the mid-4th century BC?
Harmy's Despecialized Edition   11,374 948 ... that Harmy's Despecialized Edition is a fan-made effort to recreate the theatrical releases of the original Star Wars trilogy (logo pictured) in high-definition?
Muhammad Ali (British boxer) 9147+997=10144 845 ... that Muhammad Ali has qualified to box for Great Britain at the 2016 Summer Olympics?
Shumen fortress   9248 770 ... that the Shumen fortress (pictured) was destroyed in 1444 after the battle between Władysław III of Poland and the Ottomans?
Haskell canoe   7880 657 ... that the one-piece Haskell canoe (pictured) was made from plywood glued together with slaughterhouse blood?
Pigot Diamond 7162 597 ... that the Pigot Diamond was the largest diamond in England at the turn of the 19th century but its location today is unknown, although a popular legend says it was crushed to powder?
Barbara Robb  


570 ... that Barbara Robb (pictured), a campaigner for the well-being of older people, was described by a cabinet minister in 1969 as a "terrible danger" to the British government?
Hassan Shateri   6370 ..... that Hassan Shateri (pictured), a senior commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards who had been an assassination target for some time, was killed in Syria in February 2013?
Sacred Jackfruit Tree   5819+456=6275 523 ... that one of the seven images of Krishna carved from the Sacred Jackfruit Tree is located in the Shree Govindajee Temple (pictured) in the palace at Imphal?
Springbok colours 6,076 ... that only South Africans are allowed to be issued Springbok colours?
Grace Banker 5247+751=5998 499 ... that Grace Banker and her team of telephone operators reported for work wearing helmets and gas masks?
Dorkovo Museum   4977+821=5798 483 ... that the domed wooden Dorkovo Museum displays fossils from the Pliocene era, including a life-size model of a mastodon (pictured)?
Wangkhei Phee 5600 466 ... that Wangkhei Phee, a fabric woven by women of Manipur, is made of fine white cotton yarn with a closely-woven texture and is totally transparent?
Tarquin and Lucretia (Titian)   4788+689 = 5477 456 ... that Titian's painting of Tarquin and Lucretia (illustrated) took over three years to complete?
Dudou 5250 ... that the silk dudou was the early-modern Chinese equivalent of the corset, used to flatten women's breasts?
Solid nitrogen 4764 + 358 = 5122 427 ... that solid nitrogen is an important component of the surfaces of Triton, a moon of Neptune, and of the dwarf planet Pluto?
Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner 5,370 448 ... that Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner was a plural wife to both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young?
Cheetah   5,265 439 that every cheetah (pictured) has a unique pattern of spots in its coat?

June 2016Edit

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Purton Hulks   24,376 2031 ... that the Purton Hulks make up the largest ship graveyard (abandoned ship pictured) in mainland Britain?
Caracal   22,168 1701 ... that the caracal (pictured) can leap more than 3 metres (10 ft) in the air and catch birds on the wing?
John von Neumann   15,220 1,268 ... that John von Neumann wrote that "anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin"?
Sticky Vicky   13,372 ... that as part of her magic act in Benidorm, Sticky Vicky pulled ping-pong balls, eggs, handkerchiefs, sausages, and razor blades out of her vagina?
Caitlyn Jenner   12,835 1070 ... that 1976 Summer Olympics decathlon champion Caitlyn Jenner (pictured) was once a Playgirl magazine cover model?
James Bond (naval officer) 12,628 ...that James Bond has died?
41st United States Colored Infantry,
Llewellyn F. Haskell
  5,093 + 5,850 = 10,943 ... that the 41st United States Colored Infantry was organized in 1864 under the command of Colonel Llewellyn F. Haskell (pictured)?
Rosette Wolczak 10,130 844 ... that because she was arrested for indecent behavior, Rosette Wolczak died in Auschwitz aged 15?
Cow tipping 8,959 747 ... that according to scientists, cow tipping would require between 4 and 14 coordinated people, unlike the depiction of the urban legend in film and television?
House of Flavors   8,775 731 ... that the House of Flavors' signature ice cream is the secret formula "Blue Moon" flavor (pictured) that they have been making available to their customers since 1935?
Operation Leader 8,413 701 ... that Operation Leader was the only offensive operation undertaken by the United States Navy in Northern European waters during World War II?
K-25 8,172 681 ... that the K-25 gaseous diffusion plant was once the largest building under one roof in the world?
Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie 8,157 ... that the making of Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie was kept secret, resulting in a surprise release?
David Nott   8,175 - (621 + 455) / 2 = 7,637 636 ... that David Nott (pictured) is often styled the "Indiana Jones of surgery"?
Colin Raston 7,518 627 ... that Colin Raston can unboil an egg?
Hookers for Hillary 7,511 626 ... that Hookers for Hillary is a group of Nevada-based sex workers who support Hillary Clinton in the 2016 United States presidential election?
Whitehaven (house) 7,345 612 ... that Hillary Clinton's estate Whitehaven has been described as her "fortress of solitude"?
Tracer (Overwatch) 7,308 609 ... that game developers changed the victory pose for the Overwatch character Tracer, after a fan noted that her original pose was over sexualized?
Kinki Sharyo SLRV   7,101 592 ... that DART's Kinki Sharyo SLRV (pictured) conversion project saved over $50 million compared to the cost of buying new accessible light rail vehicles?
What Maisie Knew (film) 6,960 580 ... that the filming of What Maisie Knew was complicated by its six-year-old star's early bedtime?
Rachel, wife of Rabbi Akiva   6,633 552 ... that the ancient Jewish tomb (pictured) of Rachel, wife of Rabbi Akiva, was "rediscovered" in 1993 in a disused Muslim cemetery in Tiberias?
Savadatti fort   6,620 551 ... that the inner wall of the Kadisiddeshwara Temple in the Savadatti fort (entrance pictured) features a row of more than 200 carvings in geometric designs?
RAAF Transport Flight (Japan) 6,484 540 ... that when RAAF Transport Flight (Japan)'s last C-47 departed Iwakuni in 1956, it left ground staff and Flight Lieutenant Raleigh, a small dog who liked flying and had been at the base since 1945?
Kanhira Puzhan Dam   6,362 530 ... that the Kanhira Puzhan Dam reservoir (pictured) caused a village to be submerged, and its 44 tribal families to be moved?
Henry L. Haskell, Carrom Company   2,183 + 4,110 = 6,293 524 ... that Henry L. Haskell patented a game board (1900 vintage board shown) through the Carrom Company to keep young boys out of pool halls where they might develop bad habits?
Six-banded armadillo   6,194 516 ... that in South America, taboos are associated with the consumption of the meat of the six-banded armadillo (pictured)?
Aromatization 5,917 493 ... that there are "moderately aromatic" arsoles?
Ames Project 5,852 488 ... that during World War II, the Ames Project produced over 1,000 short tons (910 t) of uranium metal for the Manhattan Project?
Donald Trump (Last Week Tonight) 5,827 486 ... that on Super Tuesday, Google Searches for "Donald Drumpf" surpassed those for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio?}}
Tarakeshwara Temple, Hangal   5605 475 ...that the Tarakeshwara Temple in Hangal has an octagonal hall with a 20-foot (6 m) diameter lotus carving (pictured) as its roof?
Yellamma Temple, Saundatti 5581 471 ... that the Government of Karnataka claims to have eliminated the ancient practice of dedicating girls to the Yellamma Temple?
William Morales 5402 450 ....that William Morales' attorneys claimed the police confiscated his fingers as evidence?
June Chan 3,400 + 1,940 = 5,340 445 ... that a 1980s slide show of Asian lesbians in history and literature created by June Chan and Katherine Hall has been called "grassroots scholarship"?
Blackbuck   5,250 438 ... that blackbuck (pictured) could play a role in the dispersal of Prosopis juliflora fruits?
McLaren MP4-30   5,133 ... that the McLaren MP4-30 (pictured) was the team's first Honda powered Formula One car since 1992?
Klipspringer 5,071 423 ... that among klipspringers, pair bonds are formed that may last for life?
Kenneth Rayment 5,055 ... that Kenneth Rayment, the co-pilot during the Munich air disaster, was a decorated World War II flying ace?
Theodore Wassmer 5,111 426 ... that Theodore Wassmer supported his family of ten on a $55 monthly income during the Great Depression?

July 2016Edit

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Tiffany Trump 229,227 – (168,559 + 55,795)/2 = 117,050 9,754 ... that Tiffany Trump has been called part of the "Snap Pack" for her voluminous postings to Instagram?
Flag of the United States of the Ionian Islands   18,364 ... that this was the flag of the United States (pictured) in 1815?
Daisy Earles   12506 1042 ... that Daisy Earles (pictured) of the Doll Family was known as a "miniature Mae West"?
George Washington Air Junction   10,469 +1,038 = 11,507 ... that the George Washington Air Junction was designed to be the world's largest airport, larger than the New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Chicago, and Philadelphia airports combined?
List of destroyers of the Indian Navy   11,264 ... that ten guided missile destroyers (example pictured) are operated by the Indian Navy?
Flag of Hong Kong (1959–1997)   7,627 + 3,009 = 10,636 ... that since its replacement on 1 July 1997, the former flag of Hong Kong (pictured) is used as a symbol of protest against perceived Chinese interference in Hong Kong?
Flag of Tanganyika Territory   9,992 ... that the Flag of Tanganyika Territory (pictured) features a giraffe, chosen because it was common within the territory?
Disappearance of Robert Hoagland 9,820 818 ... that Robert Hoagland left both pairs of the loafers he always wore in his Newtown, Connecticut, house when he disappeared three years ago today?
2016 Sweden riots and unrest 9.201 ... that 2016 has seen widespread rioting and unrest across Sweden?
Sixth borough 9161 ... that a proposed sixth borough in New York City has been referred to as "LoLo" and "Frankenborough"?
Scolopendra cataracta   9,141 ... that Scolopendra cataracta (pictured), the world's only known amphibian centipede, was discovered by an entomologist on his honeymoon in 2001?
'Ain Ghazal Statues   1.249 + 7.786 = 9.035 ... that the 'Ain Ghazal Statues (example pictured), uncovered in Jordan and dating to the eighth millennium BC, are considered to be among the oldest large-scale representations of the human form ever found?
Elizabeth Dilling 8,218 + 409 = 8.627 ... that right-wing writer and activist Elizabeth Dilling claimed that Einstein was a Communist and Hitler was a Jew?
I.O.O.F. Centennial Building   8.171 ... that the historic I.O.O.F. Centennial Building (pictured) is a three-story commercial building with an exterior decoration of raised brickwork spelling out "Centennial 4 July 1876"?
Tetrakis[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]borate 7,881 + 253 = 8,134 ... that BARF does not coordinate?
Omar Mateen 8,102 ... that Omar Mateen, who in June 2016 committed the deadliest mass shooting in the United States by a single gunman, previously appeared in the documentary film The Big Fix?
Tiny Town (miniature park) 7,783 ... that Tiny Town was the first complete modern city built in miniature?
Flag of Nigeria (1914–1960)   7,721 ... that the former flag of Nigeria (pictured) features a Jewish Star of David?
Alfred Lionel Rose 7668 ... that Lionel Rose silenced the crowd at an event honouring Queen Elizabeth II by yelling "shut up"?
Nuclear blackout 7,497 ... that a one megaton nuclear weapon can create a radar-opaque nuclear blackout disk hundreds of kilometers across?
Berger Kirche   6,212 + 1,248 = 7,460 ... that the Berger Kirche (pictured), more than a thousand years old, is now used as a cemetery chapel and concert venue?
God Save the South   7,332 ... that "God Save the South" (sheet music cover pictured) was the unofficial national anthem of the Confederacy?
Pop out cake 5,627 + 1,267 = 6,894 ... that an early predecessor of the pop out cake was a pie from which a dwarf emerged for Charles I of England in 1626?
Mayer Red Brick Schoolhouse   6,852 ... that prior to undergoing an historic renovation, the Mayer Red Brick Schoolhouse (pictured) was condemned by the fire marshal?
Varvakeion Athena   6,825 ... that the Varvakeion Athena (pictured) is considered the most faithful reproduction of the chryselephantine statue of Athena Parthenos which stood in the Parthenon?
Asparagusic acid 6,644 554 ... that the odour of urine after eating asparagus, which was described by Arbuthnot as "foetid" and by Benjamin Franklin as "disagreeable", was compared to "a flask of perfume" by Marcel Proust?
Baruch Korff 6,163 ... that "Nixon's Rabbi", Baruch Korff, was part of an unbroken line of rabbis going back 73 generations?
High Street (IND Eighth Avenue Line) 6,140 ... that High Street is actually 70 feet (21 m) below ground?
Dyke Action Machine! 6,073 ... that Dyke Action Machine! created public art that used commercial photography styling to present lesbian images that resisted sexism and consumerism?
Michelle Tisseyre   6,046 503 ... that in 1941 Michelle Tisseyre (pictured) was the first woman to present a 15-minute newsletter broadcast in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's French services?
Prince Romerson 5,710 ... that Prince Romerson, a Hawaiian who fought in the American Civil War, served in the Union Navy and Army and later became a Buffalo Soldier?
Die Zerstörung Jerusalems (oratorio) 4,693 + 1,015 = 5,709 ... that Felix Mendelssohn encouraged The Destruction of Jerusalem in Leipzig in 1840?
Kielce Ghetto   5,576 ... that 14-year-old Leon Śliwiński saved the life of 12-year-old David Friedman in the Kielce Ghetto (ghetto liquidation pictured) during the Holocaust in occupied Poland?
D.Va 5,233 436 ... that fans of Overwatch have turned one of its characters, D.Va, into an internet meme often featuring her eating Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew?
Green Flake 5,131 ... that Green Flake was one of the first African-Americans to enter the Salt Lake Valley?

August 2016Edit

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Triathlon at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's 17,553 - (1834+749) /2 = 16,262 1,355 ... that Jonathan Brownlee collapsed almost immediately after crossing the finish line at the men's triathlon at the 2012 Summer Olympics?
William P. Ragsdale   14,563 ... that the part-Hawaiian William P. Ragsdale (pictured), known as the "King of the Lepers", influenced Mark Twain's 1889 novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court?
Shawshank tree 13,795 1,150 ... that the iconic 180-year-old tree from The Shawshank Redemption fell in July 2016?
George Rex Flag   13,069 1,089 ... that citizens of the Province of New York unofficially adopted the George Rex Flag (pictured) to protest against freedom of religion granted to Catholics in Quebec?
Capitoline Brutus   12,690 529 ... that there is no direct evidence that an ancient Roman bust known as the Capitoline Brutus is the Roman consul Lucius Junius Brutus it is commonly thought to depict?
Scaly-foot gastropod   9,649 804 ... that the scaly-foot gastropod (pictured) is the only living animal that uses iron sulfides in its skeleton?
Sudha Cars Museum 9,632 - (79+90)/2 = 9,548 795 ... that exhibits in the Sudha Cars Museum have found their way onto Ripley's Believe It or Not!?
Murder of Janet March 9,009 751 ... that after he was arrested and charged with murdering his wife who disappeared 20 years ago today, Perry March tried to have his in-laws killed?
Trump Vodka 8,347 696 ... that Donald Trump never drank Trump Vodka?
Manika Batra 5,781 + 2,844 - (316 + 444) / 2 = 8,245 687 ... that Manika Batra started playing table tennis at the age of four, and turned down modelling offers as a teenager?
Babette's 7,954 663 ... that police always tipped off the owner of Babette's Supper Club before they raided its illegal backroom casino, and gamblers escaped through a trap door?
Khizr and Ghazala Khan   7,576 631 ... that following the speech by Khizr and Ghazala Khan (pictured) at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, sales of pocket Constitutions spiked?
20th Mechanized Corps (Soviet Union) 7,403 617 that the 20th Mechanized Corps (Soviet Union) was almost entirely destroyed during the Battle of Białystok–Minsk and the Battle of Smolensk?
Dean Smith (pilot)   7,229 602 that at the age of 17, Dean Cullom Smith (pictured) was the youngest flight instructor in U.S. Army history?
Catherine Hilda Duleep Singh 7,101 592 ... that 55 years after her death, Catherine Hilda Duleep Singh was found to have secreted away cash and jewels valued at over 137,000 francs in a Swiss bank vault?
459 West 18th Street   6,827 569 ... that the architects of 459 West 18th Street (pictured) in Manhattan's West Chelsea neighborhood also developed it to make sure it was built as they had designed it?
Flag of Southern Rhodesia   6,041 503 ... that the colour of the Flag of Southern Rhodesia (pictured) was chosen to match the RAF ensign to protest British treatment of Southern Rhodesia?
New York Yankees appearance policy 1,621 + 4,079 = 5,690 ... that a player challenging the New York Yankees appearance policy by citing Jesus having long hair was told to walk on water if he wanted to be exempt from it?
Centuripe ware   5,674 473 ... that Centuripe ware vases (example pictured) from Ancient Sicily have been described as "smothered in ornamental colors and shaped too elaborately"?
Pyotr Georgyevich Novikov 5,374 448 ... that Red Army Major General Pyotr Georgyevich Novikov died in the Flossenbürg concentration camp?
Millwall F.C. in European football 5,130 214 ... that Millwall's only campaign in European football was marred by hooliganism?
Edwin Stevens 5,124 ... that Edwin Stevens, reporting from his missionary position in Qing-era China, felt their recent erections indicated apprehension, and penetration was difficult?

September 2016Edit

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Project Y   24,277 1,012 ... that Project Y designed an atomic bomb that used explosive lenses (depicted) to focus an explosion onto a sphere?
Rock-Olga   21,766 ... that singer Rock-Olga (pictured) recorded an album in 1972 using ABBA members Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad as backing vocalists?
Henryk Siwiak homicide 17,707 738 ... that the unsolved shooting death of Henryk Siwiak 15 years ago today is officially the only homicide that occurred in New York City on 9/11?
iPhone 7 16,635 ... that the iPhone 7 was criticized for not featuring a headphone jack?
Disappearance of Asha Kreimer 16,293 ... that Asha Kreimer disappeared on her way to the restroom of the Rollerville Cafe in Flumeville?
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – An 80th Birthday Portrait 16,141 673 ... that following the arrest of Rolf Harris, no one knows the location of his painting, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – An 80th Birthday Portrait?
Lava bear 13,902 579 ... that in 1920, Irvin S. Cobb, a writer for The Saturday Evening Post, organized a hunting trip to Oregon looking for a lava bear specimen?
Our Lady Of Victory Church (Inuvik)   13,186 549 ... that construction of Inuvik's circular "Igloo Church" (pictured) began without a building permit?
Syster Sol   13,052 544 ... that singer Syster Sol (pictured) won the award for Best Reggae/Dancehall at the 2014 Kingsizegala?
Shit Museum 12,984 541 ... that the Shit Museum is billed as the world's first museum dedicated to that subject?
Grand Admiral Thrawn 12,340 514 ... that the Star Wars expanded universe villain Grand Admiral Thrawn will be reintroduced into the franchise's official canon in an upcoming episode of the animated series Star Wars Rebels?
Changes (advertisement) 11,385 474 ... that Changes, a 1987 advert for the Volkswagen Golf, is remembered as having "spawned a new era in car advertising"?
Swords in courts-martial 11,256 ... that British armed forces officers would place their swords on the table at court-martial as a symbol of putting their rank and reputation on hold?
Commission Directive 91/71/EEC 10,897 ... that contrary to popular belief, the EU did not attempt to ban prawn cocktail crisps?
Joy Ufema 10,729 447 ... that Joy Ufema's fellow nurses felt she had been given too much autonomy when she started granting last wishes to dying patients?
Cloud Man 10,566 440 ... that Cloud Man told missionary Samuel Pond that he and his entire hunting party had survived being buried in snowdrifts for almost three days?
Pan Am Flight 121   10,703 - (80 + 816)/2 = 10,255 1,282 ... that Gene Roddenberry (pictured) was the surviving flight officer from the crash of Pan Am Flight 121 in the Syrian desert in 1947?
Reductress 9,829 410 ... that headlines on Reductress have included "We're Piercing My Baby's Tongue" and "How To Friendzone Ethan While He's Still Inside You"?
K2 (tax scheme) 9,542 398 ... that the K2 tax scheme was called "morally wrong" by British Prime Minister David Cameron?
Elin Rombo   9,232 ... that Elin Rombo (pictured) played Sister Blanche in Poulenc's Dialogues of the Carmelites in a 2011 production at the Royal Swedish Opera?
Martel affair 8,897 370 ... that Anatoliy Golitsyn sparked off the Martel affair when he revealed that the French intelligence agencies and armed forces had been deeply penetrated by the KGB?
Coat of arms of South Africa (1910–2000)   8,795 ... that the South African passport retained the former coat of arms of South Africa (pictured) for seven years after its official replacement?
Jon Snow (character) 8499 354 ... that actor Kit Harington publicly apologized for "lying to everyone" about the onscreen fate of his Game of Thrones character Jon Snow?
M23 (New York City bus) 8495 354 ... that at an average speed of 4 mph (6.4 km/h), the M23 bus won the "Pokey Award" twice for being New York City's slowest bus route?
Grace's Little Belmont   8,393 699 ... that after performing at Atlantic City's 500 Club, Sammy Davis Jr. often visited his mother (pictured together) at Grace's Little Belmont, where she was a barmaid?
Development of Spock   8,395 - (20 + 143)/2 = 8,314 1,039 ... that during the development of Spock, both DeForest Kelley and Martin Landau were offered the role before Leonard Nimoy (pictured)?
Pyst 8,295 ... that Game Revolution was pissed with Pyst?
Jet Kiss 8,231 ... that Mike Ross disassembled two fighter jets for his sculpture Jet Kiss, which hangs above Capitol Hill station in Seattle?
Andrew Butchart 7,785 324 ... that in 2016, Andrew Butchart broke the Scottish 5000 metres record, despite running the last lap of the race with only one shoe?
Kings River Viaduct 7,174 ... that California High-Speed Rail's Kings River Viaduct is planned to be over 2 miles (3.2 km) long due to the effects of floods in 1861 and 1867?
Claude Blair 6,607 275 ... that two beer barrels ended Claude Blair's active military service?
Dick Cresswell 6,338 264 ... that Dick Cresswell, the first commander of an RAAF jet squadron in combat, was court-martialled for firing a shot at the feet of another officer who had apparently been annoying him?
Galileo (Star Trek)   6,150 - (16 + 167)/2 = 6,059 757 ... that in exchange for the model kit license for Star Trek, Aluminum Model Toys built full-size props of the Galileo (pictured) shuttlecraft?
Great Mongol Shahnameh   6,054 ... that pages of the Great Mongol Shahnameh (illustration pictured), a Persian manuscript of the 1330s, were pulled apart to increase their value?
Wahhabi sack of Karbala 5,997 250 ... that after 12,000 Wahhabis from the first Saudi State sacked Karbala and killed at least 2,000 people, they left the city with 4,000 camels carrying their plunder?
My Life in Court 5,716 238 ... that despite being labeled as "long-winded and pretentious", the legal autobiography My Life in Court spent 72 weeks on The New York Times Best Sellers list?
Mahane Yehuda Police Station 5,678 473 ... that it is not known who sculpted the lion statues in front of the Mahane Yehuda Police Station in Jerusalem?
Victor Lundin 5,498 - (84 + 174)/2 = 5,369 671 ... that Victor Lundin, who portrayed the first Klingon seen in Star Trek, had auditioned for the role of Spock?
Liber Veritatis   5,266 219 ... that for over 40 years, the artist Claude Lorrain recorded his paintings by drawing copies in his Liber Veritatis (page pictured) or "Book of Truth"?
Ahmad Abughaush   5,212 217 ... that Ahmad Abughaush (pictured) won Jordan's first Olympic medal with a gold in taekwondo at the 2016 Summer Olympics?

October 2016Edit

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Disappearance of Joan Risch 37,080 1,545 ... that after Joan Risch's apparent abduction from her home 55 years ago today, it was discovered she had borrowed books on missing-person cases from the local library?
David Suhor   23,767 1,981 ... that David Suhor (pictured) opened proceedings for a meeting of the Pensacola City Council by delivering a Satanic prayer?
Marshall Heights, Washington, D.C. 20,142 1,678 ... that the "Gates of Hell" could be found in Washington, D.C.?
Dan III of Wallachia 20,059 1,671 ... that Vlad Dracula forced Dan III of Wallachia to dig his own grave?
Mammon (painting)   19,555 1,629 ... that George Frederic Watts's Mammon (pictured) depicts the Biblical embodiment of greed, which crushes "whatever is weak and gentle and timid and lovely"?
Rico Harris 18,556 1,546 ... that after the 6-foot-9-inch (206 cm), 300-pound (140 kg) former Harlem Globetrotter Rico Harris disappeared two years ago today, searchers wondered why they could find no trace of such a large man?
Flag of Trenton, Georgia   17,486 ... that Trenton, Georgia, adopted a version of the previous state flag (pictured) to protest the state changing its flag?
Cheese slaw 16,686 1,390 ... that cheese slaw is sometimes used as a topping for hot dogs?
Indium 14,645 ... that if you bend indium it might cry?
Juanita Musson 14,059 1,171 ... that Juanita's Galley was noted for a "fabulous" breakfast, the proprietor's "unpredictable disposition", and a 40-person brawl featuring car jacks, pipes, steel bars, a fishbowl, and an ax?
Ascanius Shooting the Stag of Sylvia   13,521 ... that in Ascanius Shooting the Stag of Sylvia (pictured) by Claude Lorrain, the figures are "impossibly elongated‍—‌Ascanius, in particular, is absurdly top-heavy"?
Timeline of pterosaur research   13,408 558 ... that early in the history of pterosaur research, these flying Mesozoic reptiles were variously mistaken for aquatic animals, bats, birds, and even the spawn of Satan (pictured)?
Wash's Restaurant   13,217 1,101 ... that Wash's Restaurant (pictured) served up soul food dishes to Atlantic City beach-goers by day and its nightclub-hoppers by night?
Flag of Taunton, Massachusetts   12,824 ... that the Taunton Flag (pictured) was one of the first flags used in British North America prior to the American Revolution to express dissent against the British authorities?
Alan Hale (astronomer)   12,110 1,009 ... that Alan Hale, who discovered Comet Hale–Bopp (pictured), said that he "predicted" its appearance would trigger suicides‍—‌and it turned out he was right?
Ex Unitate Vires 11,523 ... that while visiting segregated South Africa in 1947, George VI noticed the national motto Ex Unitate Vires on a tablecloth and said, "Not much bloody Unitate about this place!"?
Clematis glycinoides   11,493 ... that the intense fumes emitted by the crushed leaves of the so-called headache vine (pictured) cause one to feel like one's head is "exploding" ... making the inhaler forget all about the headache?
Uruguayan dyke swarms 11,420 ... that swarms of dykes have intruded into Uruguay?
Sara Skyttedal 11,312 ... that politician Sara Skyttedal participated in Miss Sweden in 2006?
Binao 11,160 ... that the French punished a queen by sending her to Hellville?
Foyles Building 10,070 839 ... that during the Blitz, staff of the Foyles Building stacked copies of Hitler's Mein Kampf on the roof in lieu of sandbags?
Rosa Namises 9,924 ... that in 1985, Rosa Namises lost her job in a Namibian hospital after she was seen holding hands in public with a white doctor?
Talking Gravestones of Amrum
Talking Gravestones of Föhr
  6,706 + 136 + 2,306 + 70 = 9,821 818 ... that the Talking Gravestones of Amrum and their counterparts on Föhr (example pictured) display detailed biographies of the deceased?
Seattle Times Building 9,573 ... that the Seattle Times Building was called a "death trap"?
Flag of Guernsey   8,811 ... that the Flag of Guernsey (pictured) is based on a banner used by Duke William the Bastard of Normandy during the Battle of Hastings?
Ru ware 8,705 ... that in 2012, a small Ru ware bowl from the Song dynasty was sold for US$26.7 million?
Cliff Clinkscales   7,947 662 ... that basketball player Cliff Clinkscales (pictured) demonstrated his dribbling skills on national TV before he was a teenager?
Larry Donovan (bridge jumper) 7,879 656 ... that after he died, daredevil Larry Donovan's mother said, "I told him that jumping off bridges was a poor way of earning a living"?
Racket-tailed roller 7,752 646 ... that the racket-tailed roller makes a racket as it rockets?
Henry Trigg (testator) 7,700 641 ... that the ghost of Henry Trigg is said to roam his house searching for his remains, which were stolen from his coffin?
Liam Norberg 7,690 ... that Swedish actor Liam Norberg became a devout Christian while serving time in prison for a bank robbery?
Jersey Red Ensign 7,436 ... that the States of Jersey were obliged to ask permission from Queen Elizabeth II in order to adopt the Jersey Red Ensign, because it contained the Jersey Arms with Plantagenet crown?
HMS Aigle (1801) 7,432 ... that members of a press gang from HMS Aigle stood trial for murder when four people were killed during a raid on the Isle of Portland in 1803?
Pringles Unsung 7,255 ... that the music competition Pringles Unsung was described as being "liable to kill the most credible career"?
Big Sur Folk Festival 6,947 ... that groups including the Beach Boys and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young playing at the Big Sur Folk Festival were never paid more than US$50 per performer?
Tetragnatha montana 6,930 577 ... that in a Polish study, the silver stretch spider ate an average of 3.7 mosquitoes per day in early June?
Carpet court 6,617 ... that to reduce injuries, professional tennis tournaments are no longer played on carpet courts?
Eric Taylor (artist) 6,458 ... that in April 1945, the artist Eric Taylor was among the first British troops to enter the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp when it was liberated?
Oxford Blue (cheese) 6,186 515 ... that in 2013, the production of Oxford Blue cheese created around 50,000 litres (13,000 US gal.) of waste whey per month, which was processed using an anaerobic digester?
Akigin Stadium 6,116 509 ... that Akigin Stadium sits next to a field of dreams?
Sambor Ghetto   6,004 500 ... that two-year-old Ruth Schwarz was rescued from the Sambor Ghetto by Polish Righteous Alojzy Plewa (both pictured)?
Sundveda Hoard 5,939 ... that of the 482 coins found in the Viking Age Sundveda Hoard outside Stockholm, only one came from Western Europe?
Queen Creek Tunnel 5,801 ... that Arizona's Queen Creek Tunnel is the first in the state to be equipped with LED lighting?
Bajo Pivljanin 5,624 468 ... that the head of hajduk commander Bajo Pivljanin was sent to the Ottoman sultan as a war trophy?
Mapenduma hostage crisis 5,205 433 ... that the Mapenduma hostage crisis lasted for more than four months?
Lily Chitty 5,152 429 ... that the archaeologist Lily Chitty was a Land Girl during the First World War?
South Africa Red Ensign   5,141 ... that the South Africa Red Ensign (pictured) was raised over Windhoek following the British conquest of German South West Africa in 1915?

November 2016Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Water bottle flipping   87,202 7,266 ... that flipping water bottles (pictured) has been banned in some U.S. and British schools?
Tommy Tucker (squirrel)   47,095 5,886 ... that Tommy Tucker, a male pet squirrel wearing women's clothes (pictured), became famous during World War II, selling war bonds and entertaining children?
1257 Samalas eruption   25,919 2,159 ... that the 1257 eruption of Samalas (caldera pictured) was one of the largest eruptions of the Holocene, and may have triggered the Little Ice Age and famines in Europe?
SMS Novara (1913)   22,275 ... that SMS Novara (pictured) was ceded to France as a war prize under the terms of the Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye?
Captain America: Civil War 19,497 ... that Captain America: Civil War was originally going to feature the Madbomb storyline from the comics, where Captain America would fight other heroes who had been zombified?
1966 New York City smog   17,646 ... that three days of smog in New York City 50 years ago today increased public awareness of air pollution (pictured) and led to the passage of the 1967 Air Quality Act?
Black Destroyer 16,715 ... that the short story "Black Destroyer" was the basis for A. E. van Vogt's lawsuit against 20th Century Fox, as the plot of the movie Alien matched it so closely?
John Hervey, 7th Marquess of Bristol 15,980 ... that the 7th Marquess of Bristol once reportedly opened a fridge door by blasting it with a shotgun?
Anton Malej   15,497 ... that Slovenian gymnast Anton Malej (pictured), a bronze medallist in the 1928 Summer Olympics, died after falling from the rings on the first day of competition at the 1930 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships?
Govindachandra (Gahadavala dynasty)   14,792 1,232 ... that a hoard of 800 gold coins (example pictured) of king Govindachandra was discovered at Nanpara?
Vaile Mansion   14,792 ... that the Vaile Mansion (pictured), built in 1881 in Independence, Missouri, contains chandeliers originally intended for the White House?
Warratyi 13,870 ... that Warratyi, the oldest known site of human habitation in inland Australia, was discovered by a man looking for somewhere to go to the toilet?
Heterelmis stephani 13,129 ... that less than 50 years after being discovered, Heterelmis stephani is now presumed extinct?
Madagascar succulent woodlands   13,044 ... that the Madagascar succulent woodlands (pictured) are home to the world's smallest primate?
Kronkåsa   12,427 ... that a kronkåsa (pictured) was used by the Swedish nobility as a drinking vessel during the Renaissance?
Predatory conference 12,169 + 247 = 12,416 517 ... that Christoph Bartneck wrote a nonsense submission for a predatory conference using iOS's autocomplete function and it was accepted within three hours?
Aroup Chatterjee   12,239 ... that Aroup Chatterjee (pictured) was one of two Devil's advocates during the beatification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta?
Mere Mete Whaanga 10,178 ... that Māori tribal leader and baptized Mormon Mere Mete Whaanga and her sister-in-law made quite a spectacle on the streets of Salt Lake City sporting traditional facial tattoos?
Dual graph   10,915 ... that dual graphs can explain why the halls and walls of many mazes (example pictured) form interlocking trees?
Paul Nahaolelua   10,401 ... that Paul Nahaolelua (pictured) was president during the elections of two kings of Hawaii?
West Horsley Place   10,270 ... that in 2014, West Horsley Place (pictured) was "accidentally" inherited by Bamber Gascoigne?
Danke (song) 10,035 ... that "Danke", one of Germany's best-known sacred songs, was considered a sin against music and religion when first released?
Cerium 10,150 ... that cerium saved the writer Primo Levi's life in Auschwitz?
Painting of the Six Kings 9,656 ... that the eighth-century Umayyad Painting of the Six Kings is badly damaged, partly as a result of Alois Musil's attempts to remove it from its site in Quseir Amra, Jordan?
USS Helianthus (SP-585) 9,274 ... that the USS Helianthus, built as a private motorboat, went on to serve as a patrol boat for the U.S. Navy, and then for the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey?
A Wrinkle in Time (2018 film) 9,045 ... that with A Wrinkle in Time, Ava DuVernay is the first woman of color to direct a live-action film with a budget over $100 million?
Max Guevara + Dark Angel (video game) 5,575 + 3,454 = 9,045 ... that Jessica Alba reprised her role as Max Guevara in the video game Dark Angel by voicing the character?
Disappearance of Sky Metalwala 8,635 375 ... that police noted that the disappearance of Sky Metalwala five years ago today was "strikingly similar" to an episode of Law & Order: SVU broadcast the night before?
Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future 8,164 680 ... that the author of Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future argues we are living in a golden age?
e-baby   8,097 ... that Jane Caferella's play e-baby (Ensemble Theatre performance pictured) was called "a very rare theatrical beast", as it explores the visceral experience of two women joined by gestational surrogacy?
Far Centaurus 8,046 ... that Robert Forward invoked van Vogt's short story "Far Centaurus" when discussing the problem of interstellar travel?
George Naea   7,791 .. .that Queen Emma of Hawaii (pictured) never knew her father George Naʻea because he had contracted leprosy?
Arthur Good   7,520 ... that in La Science Amusante, Arthur Good constructed imaginative scientific apparatus such as the "soap-bubble chandelier" (illustrated) using common items like bottles, candles, and soap?
Demolition of al-Baqi   7,738 644 ... that al-Baqi cemetery, former site of the mausoleum of four Shi'a Imams (pictured), was leveled to the ground by Wahhabis in 1806 and in the mid-1920s?
Bat-Sheva Dagan 7,543 ... that Auschwitz survivor Bat-Sheva Dagan writes Holocaust stories for children that have happy endings "in order not to rob them of their faith in mankind"?
Pedals (bear) 6,952 ... that the New Jersey black bear Pedals walked on his hind legs due to injuries to his front paws?
Eider Canal 6,757 ... that the Eider Canal was first proposed as part of Ducal Holstein, built under Danish rule, conquered by Prussia, and decommissioned under the German Empire?
Inès de Bourgoing   6,752 562 ... that nurse Inès de Bourgoing (pictured) was named Honorary Corporal of the Foreign Legion after she established a convalescent hospital in Morocco and a retirement center in France for French soldiers?
Mai Chaza 6,679 556 ... that the Zimbabwean prophetess Mai Chaza, who called herself a messenger from God, was regarded by her followers as an African reappearance of Christ?
Chapo Trap House 6,401 533 ... that the hosts of the podcast Chapo Trap House popularized the "Baseball Crank" Twitter meme to mock anti-Donald Trump conservatives?
Glory (2016 film) 6,302 525 ... that the award-winning Bulgarian film Glory was inspired by a newspaper clipping about a railway worker who discovered a huge pile of banknotes on the tracks?
Yaozhou ware 6,123 ... that around 1100, Yaozhou ware was accepted by the Chinese Imperial court, but several decades later it was described by a poet as "extremely coarse and used only by restaurants"?
Rhodesia at the Olympics 6,107 ... that Rhodesian athletes were permitted to attend their events at the 1972 Summer Olympics, but not participate in them?
Rachel Freier 5,850 ... that in 2016, Rachel Freier became the first Hasidic Jewish woman to be elected as a civil court judge in the state of New York?
Mary Chubb 5,845 244 ... that Mary Chubb was an "accidental archaeologist" who only took a job with the Egypt Exploration Society so she could pay for art school?
Oriam 5,732 ... that the curve of the roof of Oriam, Scotland's new national sports training centre, was inspired by Roberto Carlos's goal that "defied physics"?
Bajo Pivljanin   5,624 ... that the head of hajduk commander Bajo Pivljanin (pictured) was sent to the Ottoman sultan as a war trophy?
Sally Bush 5,515 ... that photographer Sally Bush bought a 1909 Baker electric car and drove it just once, through the front window of a local pharmacy?
Nunobiki Maru 5,348 223 ... that the Japanese steamship Nunobiki Maru undertook an ill-fated delivery of military supplies from Nagasaki to the Philippines in 1899?
Robert Donati 5,286 220 ... that journalist Stephen Kurkjian claims murdered Boston mobster Robert Donati masterminded the the world's largest art theft to get his boss out of jail?
Church of St Thomas the Apostle, Killinghall   5,283 ... that while Sydney Robert Elliston was vicar of St Thomas, Killinghall (pictured), his fellow clergy appreciated an "improvement in their incomes"?
Sentry program 5,045 ... that the Sentry anti-ballistic missile was packed into a container that looked like an MX missile?

December 2016Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Jim Delligatti   29,661 ... that Jim Delligatti created the Big Mac (pictured)?
Filibus   29,536 2,461 ... that Filibus (pictured), a fictional sky pirate, has been called one of the first lesbian characters in cinema?
Beti people   25,621 2,136 ... that the Beti people were misrepresented in the Tarzan (poster pictured) books and films?
Mary Chase Walker   24,463 2,038 ... that schoolteacher Mary Chase Walker (pictured) was boycotted in 1866 in San Diego, California, after lunching in public with a black woman?
Abzurdah (book)
Cielo Latini
  4,002 + 15,034 = 19,036 1,586 ... that the 2006 Argentine book Abzurdah by Cielo Latini (pictured) details the author's youthful struggle with anorexia?
Machida Hisanari   16,224 1,352 ... that the first director of the Tokyo National Museum was the samurai Machida Hisanari?
Bobbi Campbell 16,053 1,337 ... that in 1981 Bobbi Campbell became the first person to publicly identify as a person living with HIV/AIDS?
White House Sentries 14,637 ... that White House Sentries were abolished by Gerald Ford but reinstated by Ronald Reagan?
The J's with Jamie 14,415 1,201 ... that Time magazine said The J's with Jamie "have probably been heard by more people more times than any other group in the history of sound. Yet next to nobody knows who they are"?
FHM's 100 Sexiest Women (UK) 14,283 1,190 ... that publicists promoted the 1999 edition of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women by projecting a 60-foot (18 m) naked image of the TV presenter Gail Porter onto the Palace of Westminster?
Thomas of Tolentino 12,689 1,057 ... that Thomas of Tolentino was martyred for discussing his religious beliefs during a medieval domestic violence case in India?
Guan ware   12,368 ... that Guan ware (pictured) is the "most frequently copied" of all Chinese pottery, despite the glaze being covered in cracks?
Atari CX40 joystick 12,241 1,020 ... that the joystick shipped with the Atari 2600 was described as "the pinnacle of home entertainment controllers in its day"?
Montrose Center 11,444 ... ... that the the Westboro Baptist Church called Houston's Montrose Center "an oozing, purulent sore of sodomite contagion"?
tank steering systems 10,951 ... ... that the steering system on the Saint-Chamond tank (pictured) weighed five tons?
Stephanie Murphy 10,847 ... that U.S. Representative-elect Stephanie Murphy and her family left Vietnam when she was six months old, and were rescued by the U.S. Navy?
Merian C. Cooper 10,798 899 ... that Merian C. Cooper, director of King Kong, destroyed nearly all 5,000 copies of his autobiography Things Men Die For?
Saint George and the Dragon (Notke)
Bernt Notke
  8,543 + 2,083 = 10,626 885 ... that the spikes of the dragon in the sculpture Saint George and the Dragon (pictured) by Bernt Notke are made of moose antlers?
John Timoteo Baker,
Robert Hoapili Baker
  7,932 + 2,620 = 10,552 ... that Hawaiian brothers John Timoteo Baker (pictured) and Robert Hoapili Baker served as models for the Kamehameha Statues?
Tianfei Palace (Songjiang) 10,030*
[*with ~4,000 siphoned to the Mazu article]
...that, since it honors a notionally illegal cult, suburban Shanghai's Tianfei Palace is officially classified as a museum?*
[*mangled into the factually incorrect ...that since it honors a nationally illegal cult, suburban Shanghai's Tianfei Palace is officially classified as a museum? for much of its stay on the front page]
XGRS 10,000 ... that XGRS was a Nazi-operated radio station in Shanghai during World War II?
Judith Hemmendinger 8,994 741 ... that at age 22, Judith Hemmendinger helped rehabilitate nearly 100 child survivors of the Buchenwald concentration camp, among them Elie Wiesel?
Sadaqah 8,882 ... that according to a hadith by the Islamic prophet Muhammad, sadaqa removes seventy gates of evil?
More Hall Annex 8,715 ... that the Nuclear Reactor Building on the University of Washington campus in Seattle was designed with large glass windows to "proudly showcase" the reactor?
Bertha Bracey 8,315 ... that Bertha Bracey was a Hero of the Holocaust?
Nutcracker doll   8,010 667 ... that most modern nutcracker dolls (examples pictured) are not functional, but merely decorative?
Beatriz de la Cueva 7,797 649 ... that Beatriz de la Cueva, the first female colonial governor in the New World, died in a September 11 disaster two days after taking office?
Deer Valley, Phoenix 7,537 ... that you can fly model airplanes or ride model trains behind a flood control dam in Phoenix, Arizona's Deer Valley urban village?
Swarmjet 7,455 ...that the Swarmjet system was a proposed short-range anti-ballistic missile that fired thousands of unguided rockets like a shotgun against incoming nuclear warheads?
Carine Goren 7,131 594 ... that pastry chef Carine Goren was the most googled person in Israel in 2015?
1989 Panamanian coup d'état attempt 7,012 584 ... that 10 of the military officers involved in the 1989 Panamanian coup d'état attempt were executed in what became known as the Albrook massacre?
Vinicius and Tom   6,975 291 ... that during wrestling at the 2016 Summer Olympics, coaches threw plush dolls of Vinicius, the Olympic mascot, into the ring (pictured) if they wished to challenge a referee's call?
Tongtianlong 6,950 579 ... that the first known specimen of the dinosaur Tongtianlong limosus, which may have died trapped in mud, was nearly blown up by Chinese workmen?
The Global Dilemma: Guns or Butter 6,871 572 ... that Chris Crawford considers The Global Dilemma: Guns or Butter to be among the worst video games he created?
Gamaliel Painter   6,593 549 ... that graduates of Middlebury College receive a replica of a cane owned by Gamaliel Painter (pictured)?
Free City of Danzig Government in Exile 6,389 532 ... that the elected council of the Free City of Danzig Government in Exile was supposedly recognised in secret as the legal successor to the Danzig Senate by Danzig expatriates in 1951 and 1961?
Hannah Dadds 6,289 524 ... that Hannah Dadds was the first female train driver on the London Underground?
Cizhou ware   6,016 501 ... that Cizhou ware was popular pottery not used by the Chinese Imperial court, and often made as ceramic pillows (example pictured)?
Roosevelt station (Sound Transit) 5,672 472 ... that the future Roosevelt station in Seattle plans to incorporate a preserved Streamline Moderne facade from a music shop that was demolished for its construction?
Aluminium sulfacetate 5020+94−(9+13)=5,092 424 ... that an 1899 publication recommended that use of an impure aluminium sulfacetate preparation as a mordant "should be abandoned", as it is an "empyreumatic liquid"?