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Wikipedia:Content policy in a nutshell

Articles appropriate for this encyclopedia, cite verifiable claims from reliable sources (in proportion), without presenting our own claims.



Claims should come from published sources that can be verified by other Wikipedia editors.

Wikipedia:Reliable sourcesEdit

Verifiable claims should be based on references released by established experts and/or publishers with editorial oversight that have a reputation for fact-checking and accuracy.

Wikipedia:Citing sourcesEdit

Citing verifiable reliable sources is necessary for editors to verify the claims and assess the reliability of the references.

Wikipedia:Neutral point of viewEdit

Wikipedia articles should present the claims and opinions appearing in the published body of reliable sources, in proportion to their prominence.

Wikipedia:No original researchEdit

Claims must be verifiable in reliable references; consequently, editors may not insert their opinion or analysis of a subject into Wikipedia articles, explicitly or through presentation.


Wikipedia articles require enough reliable independent sources to justify a complete article. There are subjects that possess enough sources to build some kind of article, but what Wikipedia is not still applies.

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