How to report a problem with an article, or find out more information.

Article subjects
Problems with articles about you, your company, or somebody you represent.

How to copy Wikipedia's information, donate your own, or report unlicensed use of your information.

Find out about the process, how to donate, and information about how your money is spent.

Press and partnerships
If you're a member of the press looking to contact Wikipedia, or have a business proposal for us.

If you have a concern about an article about you or your organization, there are several avenues for you to discuss the issue with Wikipedia's editorial community.

Location of the talk page tab

Wikipedia articles are maintained by volunteer editors; there is no centralised review system. Editors interested in your article can be reached by leaving a note on the article's "talk" page. This can be found by clicking the "talk" link at the top of your article. Once you're there, click the "new section" tab to the right of that. This will create a new section, where you can post your specific comments or concerns - put {{Edit COI}} at the top of your new section, then explain what you'd like to see changed in the article. Finally, click "Publish changes". Check back periodically for responses, but be patient.

If this does not help, or for further information, see Wikipedia:FAQ/Article subjects.