Wikipedia:Contentious topics/2021-22 review/Implementation

Status as of 20:19 (UTC), Friday, 31 March 2023 (Purge)

The revision process will be conducted in four phases:

  1. Phase I community consultation (March – April 2021) (closed)
  2. Phase II community consultation (September – October 2022) (closed)
  3. Proposed decision (November – December 2022)
  4. Implementation: The drafting arbitrators will implement the Committee's decision in conjunction with the Committee's clerks and interested volunteers designated by the Committee.

The revision process was managed by drafting arbitrators designated by the Arbitration Committee (CaptainEek, L235, Wugapodes).

Following the enactment of the Arbitration Committee's final decision in the 2021-22 discretionary sanctions review process, the drafting arbitrators will use this page to coordinate the implementation of the Committee's decision. Those wishing to help are invited to contribute on the talk page.