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CJCircle.png Community Justice Second Meeting

Following the first Community Justice election, we felt it was time for another meeting. This time, we asked non-councillors, non-chief executive and non-chair members to contribute in the discussion section.



Name ChangeEdit

Only one councillor, Osbus (talk · contribs), supported a name change. Computerjoe (talk · contribs) and Covington (talk · contribs) were in opposition. The other four members of the councillor were neutral. Suggested names included Civility Commission, Civility Campaign, and The Civility Project. However, no action, at this moment in time, will be made.

Member ConductEdit


Computerjoe (talk · contribs) suspended Ethnopunk (talk · contribs · count) over this edit [1]. Ethnopunk, claimed in his statement, that he was acting out of good faith.

Originally, 5 members of the council were in favour of expulsion - but this reduced to one: Pureblade (talk · contribs). 2 councillors, Covington (talk · contribs) and The Giant Puffin (talk · contribs) remained in favour of timed suspension. However, in the end 4 members of the council were in favour of probation. It is decided that Ethnopunk will be put on probation, and Ian13 (talk · contribs) will review his edits ensuring civility. If sie is uncivil, they will be expelled.


JesusWChrist (talk · contribs) is expelled as sie is indef. blocked on username grounds. Sie is welcome to rejoin with a new username!


Misza13 (talk · contribs) had concerns raised on his civility. Due to further developments, Computerjoe (talk · contribs) has put him on probation, under his supervision.


There were concerns raised over Computerjoe (talk · contribs) see. It was decided no action would be taken.


Community Justice BarnstarEdit

It wad decided a Community Justice barnstar wouldn't be created until there's a final logo design.

Civility barnstarEdit

The Civility Barnstar will be sent to WP:BARNSTAR. Community Justice will monitor it's usage. This has been decided, with opposition of council, by Computerjoe due to concerns with WP:OWN.


There was discussion on how to make phase out {{tracker}}. However, it has since been speedy deleted (without a valid CSD) and sent to deletion review (though it doesn't look like it will be undeleted). Any chance of it being replaced with a category system seems improbable, as it has been made redundant.


Review of {{Civil1}}, {{Calm talk}}, {{Civil2}}, {{agf}} and {{agf2}}Edit

Ilyanep (talk · contribs) said he would like to see more use on talk pages.

Review of Community Justice on wholeEdit


Covington (talk · contribs) and The Giant Puffin (talk · contribs) both said it has grown very fast. The Giant Puffin expanded on this, saying our marketing worked well.

Osbus (talk · contribs) said Quality not quantity, commenting that many of our users are inactive. Ilyanep (talk · contribs) suggested having programs involving the members, The Giant Puffin agreed. This will be examined more closely in the future.

Progress on Goals/TasksEdit

The Giant Puffin (talk · contribs) said he thought we have promoted civility well. He also suggested working with Esperanza. Computerjoe (talk · contribs) agreed. Ilyanep (talk · contribs) said this could be done with a program of some sort. This point will be forwarded to WP:ESP, who may discuss it in their council's meeting.

Covington (talk · contribs) suggested a newsletter.