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As a result of last year's chaos, new rules were passed prohibiting edit warring on the April Fools Day page; the page was also locked down in mid-March through April 4, meaning only experienced Wikipedians could edit it. Due to these changes, 2021 was much calmer than previous years. However, in the absence of the Great Edit War, Wikipedians played pranks in other mediums. Most notably, there were well over a hundred joke deletion nominations.

As a result of this record number of joke nominations, a consensus was reached to move April Fools' joke nominations onto a separate log page.

Wikipedians participating in the April Fools Day festivities also held an informal poll from the end of the 1st through the 7th to determine the best Articles for Deletion nomination. Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Ever Given, nominated by Narutolovehinata5 and with major contributions by Aseleste and Panini!, came in first place with eleven votes. More detailed results can be viewed here.

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Today's log is here.

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RedWarn Premium announcement

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My Wife's Lovers: the Picture of the Day
  • Here is an archive of the Main Page as it appeared on this day.
  • Groundhog Day (film) is the TFA, with a repeating blurb and recently featured section featuring itself.
  • My Wife's Lovers, a painting of forty-two cats, is the Picture of the Day.
  • DYK has the usual assortment of joke entries, with the hooks for Cthulhu for President receiving the most views out of all of the leads and the hook for Rio de Flag receiving the most views for a non-lead hook.

Reception off of WikipediaEdit

Social media reaction to the April Fools' Main Page was positive, with several people on Twitter calling it one of the only good April Fools' jokes this year.[1]

AfD poll resultsEdit

Results of the 2021 April Fools' Day AfD vote

In the week following April Fools' Day, a poll was created on Google Forms to crown the best joke AfD nomination of the year. The winner was Ever Given, with 11 votes. 2nd and 3rd place went to Glasses and Lepidammodytes macrophthalmus, respectively. Here are the complete results:

Complete Results
Nom. Votes
Ever Given 11
Glasses 7
Lepidammodytes macrophthalmus 4
Earth 3
Red 2
A 2
Moai 2
Mario 2
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Wikipedia:Articles for deletion... etc. 2
Bee 1
Snow 1
It (2017 film) 1
2020 1
List of Wikipedia controversies 1
Cancel culture 1
Mike Soroka 1
Canada 1
Speedy Gonzales 1
0.999... 1
Uncyclopedia 1
Illegitimate votes 2


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