Wikipedia:April Fools/April Fools' Day 2020

Pre-April 1stEdit

  • In the days (and month) before April Fools, the "Do Not Edit" notice was modified from "tomfoolery" to "pranking", then to "pranking/tom/jerryfoolery" and then to "*foolery" and then a reference to last year’s edit war, before being reworded to avoid further edit warring.
  • On March 20, this page was vandalized with the lyrics to Never Gonna Give You Up (the revisions have since been deleted due to copyright).
  • 3 Hours before April 1st UTC, the other pranks section was pre-emptively renamed "The section name people will probably still fight over" foolery.
  • Also, 3 hours before April 1st, “Pre-April 1st pranks” was changed to “Pre-March 32nd pranks”, with several other variants intermittently appearing once April 1st hit.
  • A few minutes before April 1st, the Template:AprilFoolsNotice was modified to contain a "training video", rickrolling whoever viewed it.

Post-April 1stEdit

  • The "Final Prank" was made and immediately removed.

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Wikipedians who listen to Living Colour (View extended header here)Edit

  • The main April Fools' day page was completely obliterated (see link for typical example of what this page looked like on April 1, 2020).
    • There is an El Chapulín Colorado reference.
    • Shortly after midnight, “Pre-march 32nd pranks” became Pre-February 61st pranks, then Pre-January 92 pranks, then Pre-April 367th pranks, then Pre-April 732nd pranks, then Pre-January 18,352nd 1970, a reference to the Unix Epoch.
    • The page had CSS changes applied to it:
      • Rotated by 1, 45, 90, 135, 359, and 359.5 degrees, and 2.01π radians.
      • Skewed multiple times
    • Two users started playing chess, which resulted in Epicgenius defeating Upsidedown Keyboard by moving twice.
    • We pranked ourselves thinking that this April Fools wasn't going to devolve into literal chaos within 3 hours.
      • Too many people are stuck at home right now, with nothing to do but edit war on this page. We are doomed.
    • An escape page was created to dodge the 3hr of madness, here. (Archived. Do not edit.)
  • An editor at Wikipedia:Reference Desk/Science tried to make other editors believe he actually created a quantum black hole successfully (with vert subtle hints towards April fools), and hoped for folks at reference desk going crazy over the creation. But everybody thought the editor was talking hypothetically. Turns out, he goofed up fantabulously; and the joke was upon him.
  • Someone noticed that April Fools jokes are allowed on a large chunk of the site, except for this April Fool's page, where it is now strictly forbidden.
  • Amidst all the crazy changes to this page in the first three hours, the Silly Things template, which is visible on this page, had an entry added for 1941 April Fools' Day. It lasted a full two hours, from 00:34 to 02:34.
  • The links to each April Fools' archive on the main April Fools page got replaced with "April Tools Day".
  • Jimbo became Wales
  • Pythoncoder blanked his user page as a prank.
  • A proposal at the Village Pump asked for a new protection level to be created that allowed edits only by IPs.
  • Somebody changed the link to this page on this page to a duplicate of this same article, where it stayed for 30 minutes.
  • It got nominated for speedy deletion per CSD A10.
  • Then it got removed of all documentation to give off the illusion that there hasn’t been anything done during that day.
  • It was then requested that the title of that page be changed to Egg.

Not-so-fun thingsEdit