Wikipedia:Adminship is not for new users

So you already think you are ready to be an admin or you went ahead and nominated yourself to be an administrator and before the day was out it got "speedy closed" as TOONEW, NOTNOW, or "Try again later"?

When this happens, there is a valid reason; not because they don't like you, or because they think you'd make a bad administrator—editors don't want novice users as administrators because it is well known that it takes time to really learn the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia, and to establish a reputation as someone who can keep a cool head under stress. Also, consider the cognitive bias possibly clouding your judgement because you don't know how far off the mark you are.

Once you've been around for 12–18 months and made a few thousand edits, and spent some time in various parts of Wikipedia interacting with other users, then we will know if you can play well with others, show knowledge of policy at places like deletion discussions, and collaborate with others as a team. We'll also know if you've ever been blocked and how your post-block editing shows you aren't stubborn.

So, welcome to Wikipedia and do bear in mind that we are here primarily to build an encyclopedia before we should be interested in policing its content or contributors. If you keep editing well, add plenty of content, participate in conversations in a civil tone, familiarize yourself with most of the major parts of the project, and familiarize yourself with just what it is administrators really do, then in 6–12 months you will probably have a better chance of becoming an administrator.

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