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Below is an incomplete list of academic conference presentations, peer-reviewed papers and other types of academic writing which focus on Wikipedia as their subject. Works that mention Wikipedia only in passing are unlikely to be listed.

Unpublished works of presumably academic quality are listed in a dedicated section. For non-academic research, as well as tools that may be useful in researching Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Researching Wikipedia. For a WikiProject focused on doing research on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikidemia.

For academic papers using Wikipedia as a source, see Wikipedia:Wikipedia as an academic source, and the bibliography links listed at the bottom of this page. For teaching with Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Student assignments. For researching with Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Researching with Wikipedia. For non-academic works focused on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Wikipedia in the media.

Over timeEdit

Growth of academic interest in Wikipedia: number of publications by year, from creation of Wikipedia to end of 2010. Source: based on mid-May 2011 revision of this page.

Peer reviewedEdit

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  • Remy, Melanie (2002). Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Online Information Review 26(6):434. Emerald
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  • Chitu Okoli, Mohamad Mehdi, Mostafa Mesgari, Finn Årup Nielsen, Arto Lanamäki (2012), The People’s Encyclopedia Under the Gaze of the Sages: A Systematic Review of Scholarly Research on Wikipedia, SSRN-id2166137,

Books and book chaptersEdit

See Wikipedia:Wikipedia in books


Magazine articlesEdit

  • Valenza, Joyce, (2019) Isn’t it time to stop Wikipedia shaming?, School Library Journal
  • Reagle, Joseph, (2009), Wikipedia: The Happy Accident, Interactions, Volume 16, Issue 3, pp. 42-45.
  • Hardy, Mat, (2007), Wiki Goes to War, Australian Quarterly, Vol. 79, Issue 4, p. 17-22
  • Ann M. Lally, Carolyn E. Dunford, Using Wikipedia to Extend Digital Collections, D-Lib Magazine, May/June 2007
  • Meijssen, Gerard (2005): Wikipedia: Localization in a Free Content Community. In: LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association), June 2005 [6]
  • Sanger, Larry (2005): The Early History of Nupedia and Wikipedia: A Memoir. In: DiBona; Cooper & Stone (Eds.): Open Sources 2.0. O'Reilly. Online: part 1, part 2
  • Möller, Erik (2003). Tanz der Gehirne. Telepolis, May 9-30. Four parts: "Das Wiki-Prinzip", "Alle gegen Brockhaus", "Diderots Traumtagebuch", "Diesen Artikel bearbeiten". Summary and table of contents:
  • Sonya Lipczynska (Summer–Autumn 2005). "The role of Wikipedia in higher education" (PDF). Sconul Focus. 35.
  • Lanier, Jaron, (2006), DIGITAL MAOISM: The Hazards of the New Online Collectivism, Edge 183 — May 30, 2006 [7]
  • Lakhani, Karim R. and Andrew P. McAfee, Case Study: Wikipedia, Harvard Business School, 30 January 2007
  • Tom McArthur (July 2006). "Citing, quoting, and critiquing the Wikipedia". English Today. 22 (3): 2. Note: This is not a peer-reviewed article. This is a call for others to write such an article.
  • Giddings, Janet M. SBL Forum Ethical Issues in Pedagogy: Wikipedia
  • Simmons, John (Editor), The Wikipedia Muhammad Cartoons Debate: A W A R O F I D E A S, Iraq Museum International
  • Andrea Capiluppi (September 2013). "Similarities, challenges and opportunities of Wikipedia content and open source projects". Journal of Software: Evolution and Process. John Wiley & Sons. 25 (9): 891–914. doi:10.1002/smr.1570.


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Survey and poll resultsEdit

Reminder: this is for academic or semi-academic surveys and polls of Wikipedia aimed at increasing our understanding of Wikipedia. For Wikipedia's own surveys used for determining consensus, policy making and dispute resolution, see Wikipedia:Requests for comment and Wikipedia:Straw polls.
See also: Category:Wikipedia surveys and polls, Wikipedia:Centralized discussion, MediaWiki talk:Sitenotice, meta:Category:Surveys, meta:Category:Polls and meta:CentralNotice.

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