Wigan was a British speedway team that existed in 1947-48, 1952–53 and 1960.

Brief historyEdit

They first competed in the National League Division Two in 1947 and were based at the Poolstock greyhound stadium in Poolstock. They finished near the bottom of the League. However, the team lasted barely one season with the riders transferring to Fleetwood during April of the 1948 season. Jack Gordon and Norman Hargreaves were the mainstays of the team which also featured Reg Lambourne, Cyril Cooper and Jack Winstanley.


A team known as Wigan Panthers raced at the Woodhouse Lane Stadium in 1952 and 1953, but there was no league racing.[3]

In 1960, the Wigan Warriors returned to Poolstock for open meetings during the summer months.


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