Wiener AF

Wiener AF or WAF was a football club which played in Austria. It dissolved in 2004.

Wiener AF
Full nameWiener Assoziations Footballclub


The club was established at the end of the 1909–10 season after most of the first-team squad of Wiener AC (known as WAC) left the club to form a new club.[1] The club was named Wiener Assoziationsfootball Club, aiming to inherit the WAC abbreviation. However, the club became generally known as Wiener Assoziations Footballclub (WAF).[1]

On 21 September 1910, the club gained entry to the 1. Klasse division.[1] WAF and Wiener Sport-Club were the best teams during the Autumn part of the season; as a result, a play-off match was held between the two clubs. The first game was a 1–1 draw, with WAF winning the replay 3–1.[1]

In 1911–12 WAF finished fourth in the league. After finishing second in 1912–13, they won the league in 1913–14.[2] In 1921–22 the club won the Austrian Cup for the only time in their history, beating SV Amateure 2–1 in the final.[3]

In 1923–24 the club finished bottom of the 1. Klasse division and were relegated to the second tier.[4]



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