Wide Prairie is a posthumous compilation album by Linda McCartney, compiled by her husband Paul McCartney and released in October 1998, roughly six months after her death due to breast cancer. The idea for the album was inspired by a fan who wrote Paul McCartney inquiring about "Seaside Woman", a song Wings released under the name Suzy and the Red Stripes featuring Linda on lead vocals.[5]

Wide Prairie
Studio album / Compilation by
Released26 October 1998
Recorded1972–1980, 1987–1989, 1998
GenrePop, rock
CompilerPaul McCartney
Linda McCartney chronology
Wide Prairie
Singles from Wide Prairie
  1. "Wide Prairie"
    Released: 9 November 1998
  2. "The Light Comes from Within"
    Released: January 1999
Professional ratings
Review scores
Entertainment WeeklyB−[2]

Promotion and reception edit

To promote the album Paul McCartney held an 80 minutes webcast on 17 December 1998. During the show McCartney answered questions submitted by the fans about Linda and the recording of the album, played promo videos and cooked mashed potatoes.[6] The album reached #127 in the UK charts with two singles released in support. The title track made the top 75, at #74,[7] while "The Light Comes from Within" charted at #56.[7]

Track listing edit

All tracks are written by Linda McCartney, except where noted

No.TitleWriter(s)Recording InformationLength
1."Wide Prairie" Recorded by Wings on 20 November 1973 in Paris, and in July 1974 in Nashville, Tennessee.4:33
2."New Orleans" Recorded in New Orleans February 1975 during Wings sessions for their album Venus and Mars, with further recording taking place on 24 May 1979.3:13
3."The White Coated Man"Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney, Carla LaneRecorded on 21 March 1988 and on 18 July 1989, a song critical of the practice of vivisection.2:13
4."Love's Full Glory" Recorded on 16 July and October 19803:46
5."I Got Up"L. McCartney, P. McCartneyRecorded on 11 November 1973 and 20 March and 9 July 1998.3:19
6."The Light Comes from Within"L. McCartney, P. McCartneyRecorded on 18 March 1998 in Paul's Hog Hill Studio with Paul and son James McCartney, this turned out to be Linda's final recording session before her death.2:57
7."Mister Sandman"Pat BallardRecorded in Jamaica at The Black Ark studio, on 20 June 1977 and in Scotland in August of the same year.2:50
8."Seaside Woman" Recorded by Wings on 27 November 1972. Released as a single 31 May 1977. Included in a short film by Oscar Grillo that won the Palme d'Or award at the Cannes Film Festival. The first song Linda ever wrote, according to Paul.3:54
9."Oriental Nightfish" Recorded by Wings on 4 October 1973 during sessions for Band on the Run. Included in a short film titled Oriental Nightfish by Linda McCartney and Ian Emes.2:49
10."Endless Days"L. McCartney, Mick BoltonRecorded on 21 October 1987.3:11
11."Poison Ivy"Jerry Leiber and Mike StollerRecorded on 21 October 1987.2:54
12."Cow"L. McCartney, P. McCartney, LaneRecorded on 24 July 1988.4:24
13."B-side to Seaside"L. McCartney, P. McCartneyRecorded on 16 March 1977 specifically as the B-side for the single "Seaside Woman".2:38
14."Sugartime"Charlie Phillips, Odis EcholsRecorded in Jamaica at The Black Ark studio, on 20 June 1977 and on 7 July 1998 in England.2:06
15."Cook of the House"L. McCartney, P. McCartneyOriginally released in 1976 on the Wings album Wings at the Speed of Sound and also as the B-side to "Silly Love Songs".2:37
16."Appaloosa"L. McCartney, P. McCartneyRecorded on 7 March 1998 in Paul's Hog Hill Studio, inspired by the history of the Nez Perce tribe and their Appaloosa horses.4:44

Personnel edit

  • Linda McCartney – lead, backing and harmony vocals, piano, electric piano, keyboards, mellotron, synthesizer
  • Paul McCartney – backing and harmony vocals, speaking voice, bass, double bass, electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, piano, electric piano, clavinet, electronic organ, organ, mellotron, synthesizer, string synthesizer, drums, drum machine, congas, engineer, cover design
  • James McCartney – electric and acoustic guitar (on "The Light Comes from Within")
  • Denny Laine – electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals (on "I Got Up"), piano (on "Seaside Woman"), flute (on "Oriental Nightfish")
  • Jimmy McCulloch – electric guitar (on "Wild Prairie" and "I Got Up")
  • Henry McCullough – electric guitar (on "Seaside Woman")
  • Laurence Juber – acoustic guitar (on "Love's Full Glory")
  • Robbie McIntosh – electric guitar (on "The White Coated Man")
  • Billy Boy – electric guitar (on "Mister Sandman")
  • Lloyd Green – pedal steel guitar (on "Love's Full Glory")
  • Boris Gardiner – bass guitar (on "Mister Sandman" and "Sugartime")
  • Joe English – drums (on "New Orleans" and "Cook of the House")
  • Denny Seiwell – drums (on "Seaside Woman")
  • Mike "Boo" Richards – drums (on "Mister Sandman" and "Sugartime")
  • Davey Lutton – drums (on "Wild Prairie" and "I Got Up")
  • Ian Maidman – bass, drums, engineer and producer (on "Endless Days" and "Poison Ivy"), electric guitar and backing vocals (on "Poison Ivy")
  • Geoffrey Richardson – mandolin, slide guitar (on "Endless Days")
  • Mick Bolton – piano, keyboards, backing vocals (on "Endless Days" and "Poison Ivy")
  • Steve Johnson – string synthesizer, synth bass, trumpet (on "The White Coated Man")
  • Winston Wright – keyboards (on "Mister Sandman")
  • Vassar Clements and Johnny Gimble - fiddles (on "Wild Prairie")
  • Thaddeus Richard – alto saxophone (on "Wild Prairie")
  • William Puett – tenor saxophone (on "Wild Prairie")
  • Norman Ray – baritone saxophone (on "Wild Prairie")
  • Hewlett Quillen – trombone (on "Wild Prairie")
  • George Tidwell and Barry McDonald – trumpets (on "Wild Prairie")
  • Steve Fletcher – backing vocals (on "Poison Ivy")
  • Carla Lane – spoken verse (on "The White Coated Man" and "Cow")
  • Lee Perry – producer (on "Mister Sandman" and "Sugartime")

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