Wicklow Borough (Parliament of Ireland constituency)

Wicklow was a constituency representing the parliamentary borough of Wicklow in the Irish House of Commons to 1800.

Former borough constituency
for the Irish House of Commons
CountyCounty Wicklow
Former constituency
Created ()
Replaced byDisenfranchised

Members of ParliamentEdit

  • 1613–1615 Sir William Ussher and Sir Laurence Esmonde[1]
  • 1634–1635 William Ussher and James Byrne[2]
  • 1639–1649 Richard Parsons (died and replaced in 1642 by John Hill. Hill then died and was replaced in 1645 by Joshua Carpenter) and John Hoey[2]
  • 1661–1665 Robert Shapcote and Roger Sotheby[2]


Election First member First party Second member Second party
1689 Patriot Parliament Francis Toole Thomas Byrne
1692 Nathaniel King Sir Richard Reynell, 2nd Baronet
1695 William Robinson
1696 Christopher Carleton
1703 John Price
1704 Sir William Fownes
1705 Joshua Dawson
1713 Henry Percy
1715 Richard Edwards Samuel Walter Whitshed
1723 James Whitshed
1735 Thomas Theaker
1747 James Whitshed
1751 Edmund Sexton Pery Patriot
1761 William Tighe William Whitshed
1767 Richard William Tighe
1768 Edward Tighe
1771 John Talbot Dillon
1776 Sir William Fownes, 2nd Bt
1777 Hon. Robert Ward
1778 George Ponsonby
October 1783 John Lloyd Edward Tighe
1783 Samuel Hayes
1790 William Tighe
1798 Daniel Gahan William Henry Armstrong
1800 Henry Grattan Patriot
1801 Constituency disenfranchised


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