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Who Gets the Dog? is a 2016 American romantic comedy film directed by Huck Botko and starring Alicia Silverstone and Ryan Kwanten.

Who Gets the Dog?
Who Gets the Dog? poster.jpg
Directed byHuck Botko
Produced by
Written by
CinematographyJoseph White
Edited byJulie Garces
Distributed bySamuel Goldwyn Films
Release date
September 13, 2016
Running time
95 minutes
CountryUnited States



The film centers on a divorcing couple, Dr. Olive Greene (Alicia Silverstone) and Clay Lonnergan (Ryan Kwanten), a professional ice hockey player. Both want custody of their beloved dog Wesley.[1]

The dog, a golden Labrador Retriever, is the center of this couple's universe. When Olive gets tired of Clay's immaturity she throws him out of the matrimonial home. Clay moves to a trailer down by the lake in the woods.

They take Wesley to a dog psychologist, who says the dog needs discipline. Olive goes to a dog trainer, Glenn, who quickly controls Wesley and asks Olive out for a date.

While Clay has Wesley at his trailer he attempts to make a video with the help of his best friend, Rhett, but the video shows how undisciplined the dog is.

After another visit to the pet psychologist, the couple attempt to reconcile, but Glenn drops in unannounced and tells Clay he and Olive are dating.

Clay wants Olive back and tries to woo her at a street festival. Glenn intervenes and gets in a scuffle with Clay and Olive has to separate the two. She is not impressed with Clay's behavior.

At their final court appearance, the adoption papers are presented and the judge rules in Clay's favour.

Clay gets promoted to the big league but at the same time his dog wanders off and goes missing. He calls Olive to help search for the dog, who is finally found in a homeless shelter with some hobos.

During Clay's first game he gets injured, and gets his best friend to return the dog to Olive. Olive visits Clay in the hospital and they kiss.

They reconcile in the end and decide to stop the divorce proceedings. They later have a baby.



The film was shot in Chicago in February 2015.[2] Scenes were shot during a real Chicago Wolves game at the Allstate Arena.[3]


The film was released on DVD on September 13, 2016.[4][5]


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