The Whitney gang were a notorious family gang from the Anfield district of Liverpool.[1][2] In November 2011, the family and their associates were sentenced to a total of 82 years in jail for conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, with individual sentences ranging from two to nine years.[3][4]

Whitney gang
Founding locationLiverpool, England, United Kingdom
Years active1980s?–2011
Criminal activitiesDrug trafficking


Whitney familyEdit

  • Carol Whitney
  • Leslie Whitney
  • Lisa Whitney
  • Paul Whitney
  • Anthony "Tony" Whitney
  • Gary Whitney (deceased 2006)


  • Emma Mackenzie
  • Mary McCabe
  • Gary Edwards
  • Thomas Dowd deceased
  • Michael O'Toole
  • Matthew Nayor
  • Neil Brady
  • Craig Rees
  • Rodney Rees
  • Wayne Hincks
  • Michael Waters

Conviction and imprisonmentEdit

All members were jailed for a total of 82 years in November 2011. The last member to be extradited from Spain was Anthony "Tony" Whitney from his home in Dénia where he got mixed up in another smuggling plot, and was apprehended for smuggling 50,000 tablets of an ecstasy-type substance.[5] Emma Mackenzie was sentenced to 834 days in prison – a "significantly shorter and more lenient sentence" than she could have expected if not for her two-year-old daughter. She was subsequently released from court, having already served half her sentence on remand.[6]


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