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Whitey (sometimes abbreviated as yt) is a slang term for a white person, mostly of non-Mediterranean European ancestry, often used in a pejorative manner.[1] Whitey is used in juxtaposition to other ethnic slurs based upon a race's skin color, such as redskin and negro. The level of contempt held with the term varies, but one of the more severe pejorative examples is shown by the "Kill Whitey" tattoo on the cheek of Maruse Heath.[2]

It is difficult to trace the origin,[according to whom?] but presumably it is derived from "white" as color terminology for race. There are many examples of the term being used in pop culture from Michelle Obama denying that she used the term and instead said "that’s something that George Jefferson would say."[3] Richard Pryor also used the term on national television on a Saturday Night Live skit in 1975.[4]

In Scotland, the term means to vomit.[citation needed]


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