White armored car

The White armored car was a series of armored cars developed by the White Motor Company in Cleveland, Ohio from 1915.

White AEF
White 4x2 armored car (1916)
TypeArmored Vehicle
Place of originUnited States
Service history
Used byFrench Army, United States Army and United States Marines
WarsWorld War I
Production history
ManufacturerWhite Motor Company
Mass3.37 tons

Armor3.8–6.35 mm
M1895 Colt–Browning machine guns
Engine4-cylinder petrol
45 hp
Suspension4x2 wheel leaf spring
Maximum speed max 65 mph


  • White No.1 4x2 armored car built in 1915 from US chassis fitted with armoured hull by Laffly. Used by the French Army during WW-1.
  • White No.2 4x2 armored car built in 1916 and used by the United States Army and United States Marines
  • White Model 1917 4x2 armored car built in 1917 developed into the AEF
  • White AEF (also known as White Model 1918) 4x2 armored car built in 1918 and used by the American Expeditionary Force, French Army until 1933 and in the French colonies until 1941 - part of them were modernized and fitted with French Laffly chassis, known as White-Laffly.

The White Motor Company continued after the First World War to develop armored cars including the M1 Scout Car, M3 Scout Car, M2 Half Track Car, M3 Half-track, M13 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage, and M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage.

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