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Whistleblowers Australia Inc. is an association for those who have exposed corruption or any form of malpractice, especially if they were then hindered or abused, and for those who are thinking of exposing it or who wish to support those who are doing so.[1] The organisation began as Whistleblowers Anonymous in 1991.[2]

Whistleblowers Australia Inc. is an association of self-help and mutual help and campaigns.[2] The organisation has its own constitution.[3] There are quarterly newsletters of 'The Whistle' available.[4] There is also a sister website.[4]


There is a variety of publications that describe these activities, including Whistleblowers Stories, Reference Books and Reports.[5]

Standards, policies and proceduresEdit

The organisation can provide information in the form of guides from various governments, statutory organisations and ethics organisations that relate to whistle-blowing.[6]


There is legislation governing whistle-blowing in both private sector and public sector employment, at Commonwealth and various State and Territory levels.[7]

Civil Law RemediesEdit

In Australia there exists a variety of remedies to retaliation shown to whistle-blowers; in common law, state and federal statutes.[8]

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