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Whistle is a 2003 Tamil slasher film directed by J. D. & Jerry, which is a remake of the American slasher film Urban Legend.[1] The film has Sherin and debutant Vikramaditya in the lead roles alongside Vivek, Gayathri Raguram, Divyadarshini, Livingston, Bhanu Chander, Mayuri, and Vaishnavi, among others, in supporting roles. Although the film was an average grosser, its music, composed by D. Imman, became successful.[2]

Directed byJ.D. & Jerry
Produced byMedia Dreams
Written bySujatha
Screenplay byJ.D. & Jerry
Based onUrban Legend (film)
by Silvio Horta
Gayathri Raguram
Bhanu Chander
Music byD. Imman
CinematographyFowzia Fathima
Edited bySuresh Urs
Release date
4 July 2003
Running time
153 minutes



The film begins with SJ Arts and Science college student, Swetha getting murdered in her car, along a highway. No one hears from her since. She belongs to a decent group of friends from her college. It consists of Jeeva, the college magazine editor, Anjali, Bharath, Vinod, the college prankster, Meera, a drug addict and Anjali's roommate, Sharmi, operator at the college radio station and Maya, the RJ at the radio station. Jeeva and Anjali are lovers whereas Maya has a crush on Jeeva.

The college is famous for the stories of a serial killing entity Naga, a hoax, as believed by many. But Professor Pannerselvam still believes it. There is an old laboratory behind the college which was first built with the college. But a fire that happened before in 1987, has killed all the occupants. Since than, the old lab is rumoured to be Naga's secret residence. Maya and Anjali have a bet and go to the abandoned place at night and encounter Vinod, who teases them.

Professor Panner than lectures the class about Naga. The name Naga is derived from a beautiful girl from 100 years before, Nagammal. Nagammal and another British soldier fall in love, so her own brother kill her by burying her alive. A temple was built over it, and soon, the college was built after demolishing the temple. Since than, Naga is rumoured to be murdering people around. Vinod later tries on a trick but after he gets the symptoms of the black magic, it turns out that he actually faked it. Yet, Professor Panner is sceptical about it.

Swetha's death comes to light but it is framed as an accident. Anjali strongly thinks it's no accident as Swetha is an excellent driver. Inspector Syed suspects it must be one of Swetha father's business rival. Vinod brings Anjali to an abandoned woods behind the college and tried to make a move on her. Anjali rejects as she is in love with Jeeva. Soon Vinod is killed by getting hanged. It happens to be Naga and Anjali freaks out. She runs back to the hostel and brings Baji, the hostel watchman to the site. But to her horror, no hanging Vinod, nor his car were there. It seems like hardly, there were any struggle or murder. Devastated and confused, Anjali confines in here friends.

No one actually believes here as Vinod is known for his pranks. Still skeptical, Anjali gets more confused. In between all these things, Professor Panner and Jeeva are shown to be acting suspicious. Anjali goes to the library and discovers a book on Naga. She sees some illustrations which are exactly the same as how Vinod died. Maya and Sharmi joins her and they tease her. Sharmi realizes that Vinod was the last one to borrow the book and it is obvious, that he played a prank on Anjali.

That night Meera gets attacked in her room by Naga. Anjali comes there and when she hears Meera moaning as the killer had covered her mouth, she thinks she is using drug. She doesn't on the light and goes to take a shower. When she comes out, Anjali sees Meera dead and screams. Inspector Syed comes there once more to investigate. It is then revealed that Meera had a disturbed life and that is why she got addicted to drugs.

Anjali than moves to Sharmi's room. Later, Jeeva comes there with an old magazine about the laboratory fire incident. They both find out that Professor Panner was the only survivor there. They, together with Maya, break into Professor Panner's room to have a look. When they hear someone coming, the 3 of them hide inside a secret room behind the shelf. All wait patiently for the person to leave. When they hear the doorknob lock, they relax. Suddenly Anjali screams. Jeeva and Maya realize she screamed because of the Naga outfit behind them. They see a mask with a snake embroidery, black cloak and an axe. Anjali said that a similar axe was used to kill Meera. All their suspicion falls on Panner. When they leave the place, Panner is shown to be there and he warns them.

Vinod's mother come to the college and create a chaos when she realizes her son is dead. Frustrated, Jeeva tarnished Panner in the college magazine. As a result, the principal suspends Jeeva for one week while a shocking truth about Anjali is told. Anjali has a police record from her school days. When Jeeva asks her, she refuses to tell him and they break up. Jeeva starts doubting her lightly. Later on, he has an argument with Panner in the bar where they blame each other.

Maya confines in her friends that all the murder that have happened and whatever Anjali said was true. It was indeed according to the illustrations in the book. They figure out that the next murder can happened anywhere in the college. Anjali freaks out when a figure looking similar to Naga is seen near a swimming pool where Maya is swimming. But it turns out that it is just a garbage man. When Maya asks her, Anjali reveals that she suspects that the murders might be related to an incident that happened in her school days.

During Anjali's school days, all of them in their gang, except for Maya and Jeeva, went to the same school. During the school carnival on their final year, Whistle Day, all of them ragged a first year student named Sarawathi. When they film her nude, embarrassed, she hangs herself in the classroom much to the others shock. Due to their age, the 6 of them get the least punishment of 6 months. When Anjali finishes, she tell Maya that 3 of them are dead and she is scared. Jeeva listens to them and leaves. It is revealed that he has Sarawathi's picture in his book, which arises the suspicion.

During the annual day function, Barath is locked in the males toilet and killed shortly afterwards. His disappearance starts bothering the gang. Soon Professor Panner is also killed. Maya and Anjali go to Jeeva's home and there they discover Panner's dead body. When Jeeva finds them, Anjali hits him on the head and informs Inspector Syed. They flee the place. When Syed comes there, both Jeeva and Panner are not there.

Maya and Anjali are confident that Jeeva is the killer. They wait for Sharmi that night and Sharmi says she sees Jeeva in the Radio Station. But before Anjali and Maya can warn her, Sharmi is killed by Naga, right in front of them. They flee the place but gets separated. Anjali goes to the burnt laboratory and there, she discovers, Vinod, Panner and Barath's dead bodies. She later sees Maya tied to a bed but Maya wakes up and ties her to the bed.

At the same time, Jeeva and Syed fight and Jeeva reveals that there are two Nagas. It is revealed that there are indeed two Nagas, Maya and Baji, who have been committing the murders. Maya tells Anjali that Sarawathi is her younger sister and her parents passed away after hearing the news that Sara died. Baji was their house servant. Both of them joined college to take revenge and that they had to kill Panner as he found out the truth.

Baji and Maya than plan to bury Anjali alive just like Nagamma. But Jeeva comes and rescues her. Baji is killed and Maya is shot by Syed.

Years later, a new group of college students are studying once again about Naga. It is revealed that Maya, is still alive.



The soundtrack was composed by D. Imman.

Soundtrack album by
D. Imman
GenreFeature film soundtrack
D. Imman chronology
1."Whistle Adikum Vadana"Na. MuthukumarHarish Raghavendra, Ganga, Anuradha Sriram4:56
2."Azhagiya Asura"ThamaraiAnitha Chandrasekar4:22
3."Kiruka Kadal Kirukaa"KabilanSrinivas, Chinmayi4:39
4."Natpe Natpe 1"Pazhani BharathiSilambarasan, D. Imman, Aishwarya R. Dhanush, Uma Mahesh, Roopa Venkat4:52
5."Ethnic Texture"PulamaipithanPushpavanam Kuppusamy, Mathangi4:33
6."Don't Worry Be Happy"Vaigai SelvanD. Imman, Srilekha Parthasarathy3:04
7."Thala Thalavethalai"Pazhani BharathiManikka Vinayagam, Swarnalatha, Lavanya4:56
Total length:36:14


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