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When the Music Stops (dating service)

When The Music Stops is a dating franchise operating in the United Kingdom.[1] The company specialises in organising speed dating and singles events in towns and cities across the UK. Since being established in January 2003, the business has sold over 25 franchises[2] and run more than 3,000 events,[3] covering most major UK towns and cities. Franchisees operate their local singles events and dating services, including an online dating service and a personal introductions service, which acts as a traditional dating agency.[4]

When The Music Stops
Type of site
Speed Dating service, Online dating service
Current statusActive

When The Music Stops has featured in the media numerous times,[5] due to the large amount public interest speed dating has generated since its inception in 1998.[citation needed] This has included several TV appearances and radio broadcasts, such as running a speed dating event for actor Rupert Everett on Channel 4's The Friday Night Project.[5]


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