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"Wetlook" describes the appearance of fabric which is shiny and thus appears to be wet.[citation needed] It may also describe the act of getting wet while wearing clothes, and enjoyment of doing so or of watching others do so,[1] as a form of [[Sexual fetishism|sexual excitement.[2]


As sexual stimuliEdit

Alex Comfort suggested that wetlook clothing functions as a kind of superskin, enhancing the visual and tactile qualities of shininess and tightness.[3] He offered the Seventies-style advice that if your lover “likes you to look like a cross between a snake and a seal, wear what he gives you.[4]

For Desmond Morris, water on the skin is seen as mimicking the sweat of sexual arousal.[5]

Fashion and popEdit

The Sixties success of the Merseybeat saw wetlook pvc coats coming down from Liverpool to enter the London fashion scene.[6] A few decades later, a pop Ladette might feel ambivalent to find herself posing in a pvc catsuit.[7]

Classical prototypesEdit

  • New Kingdom of Egypt poetry has a girl telling her lover: “It is pleasant to go to the pool...That I may let you see my beauty in my tunic of finest royal linen When it is wet”.[8]
  • Foam-born Aphrodite rising from the waves - Aphrodite Anadyomene – initiated a long sequence of similar wetlook images.[9]

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