Westralian Worker

The Westralian Worker was a newspaper established in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia in 1900 and published until its demise in 1951 in Perth, Western Australia.

Westralian Worker
Official organ of the WA Labor Party
Ceased publication22 June 1951


It was established as the Official organ of the Western Australian Labor Party — with the subtitle of "A journal devoted to the interest of trade unionism, co-operation and labour in politics".[1][2]

In April 1912 it was moved to Perth and was published by the Westralian Worker Printing and Publishing Company. The company also published union books and pamphlets as well as the Westralian Worker.[3] It was also known as the People's Printing and Publishing Company.[4]

Printers mark found on rear of railway union booklet circa 1935

The newspaper attempted to balance views between conscriptionists and anti-conscriptionists in World War I, but eventually became a mouthpiece for the anti-conscriptionists.[5]

The editorial policy included tackling perceived biases of other Western Australian newspapers.[6]

The newspaper was based in Holman House.[7]

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  • Vol. 1, no. 1 (7 Sept. 1900)-no. 2219 (Friday, 22 June 1951)[9][10]


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