Westpac Outstanding Women Award

The Westpac Outstanding Women Award (shortened to WOW Award) recognizes exceptional professional work of women in Papua New Guinea.[1] Since its inception in 2006,[2] when it was called the Westpac Women in Business Award,[3] the Award has recognized the achievements of individual women in multiple categories. Each category awardee then becomes a finalist for the overall WOW Award.[4] In the face of acknowledged gender inequity in the country,[5][6][1][7] the WOW Awards call attention to the crucial and highly skilled work done by women across a number of sectors.[8] The winner of the WOW Award receives a grant to pursue a formal education, professional mentoring, opportunities for professional learning and networking at an Australian Executive Women's Leadership symposium, and a cash prize.[9] The WOW Awards support the belief that investment in women leads to stronger economic outcomes for a nation as a whole, and strives to provide role models for the girls and women of the country.[1][4]

Prize categoriesEdit

The number of categories in which women are recognized has expanded over the years:

Original categoriesEdit

  • Public Sector Award
  • Entrepreneurship Award
  • Private Sector Award
  • Community Responsibility Award
  • Young Achiever
  • Westpac Women in Business Award[10] (changed in 2013 to Westpac Outstanding Women Award[3])

Categories added in 2015Edit

  • Sports Award
  • Not for Profit Award[11]


Westpac Papua New Guinea, a subsidiary of Westpac Banking Corporation of Australia, is the primary sponsor and organizer of the award.[1]

Other companies have joined in sponsoring one or more awards over the years.[12][13][14][15][16][11][17] Typically, these companies contribute cash to sponsor a prize for the finalist in each category, which supports those finalists in continuing their work.[13][14][15]

Selection of recipientsEdit

The WOW Awards extend a call for nominations each year, and filed an average of 70-80 nominations annually.[1] In 2016, there were over 100 nominations.[18] From among these nominations, a judging panel composed of representatives from Westpac, high-level sponsors, and the community picks a first round of finalists.[19][9][17] Judges interview each finalist to assess their: capacity to lead, influence, and inspire others in pursuit of challenging goals; record of operating with integrity and good governance; achievement in appropriate areas, such as school, sports, or professional activities; and personal and professional values.[17] Ultimately, the panel selects one finalist per category, and from among these nominees select the overall Westpac Outstanding Woman Awardee.

Award recipientsEdit

Year Award Recipient
2007-2008 Young Achievers Samantha Maria Andreas[20][21]
2009 Overall Westpac Women in Business Award Betty Higgins[17]
PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Sector Award Mary Handen[22][17]
Daltron Entrepreneur Award winner Betty Higgins[17]
Cardno Acil Public Sector Award Dr. Rona Nebita Nadile[17]
Trukai Community Responsibility Award Tessie Soi[17]
IBBM Young Achievers’ Award Monica Pomat[17]
2011 Overall Westpac Women in Business Award Sarah Haoda Todd[10]
SP Brewery Entrepreneur Award Sarah Haoda Todd[10]
PricewaterHouseCoopers Private and Corporate Sector Award Monica Toisenegila[10]
Mineral Resource Development Co (MRDC) Public Sector Award Naomi Faik-Simet[10]
Young Achiever's Award Sylvia Pascoe[10]
Trukai Community Responsibility Award Rosemary Vartuam Sovek[10]
2012 Overall Westpac Women in Business Award Susil Nelson[23][24]
Steamship Public Sector Award Eleina Butuna[24]
SP Brewery Entrepreneur Award Helam Koaik[24]
IBBM Young Achiever's Award Naime Tom[24]
Trukai Community Responsibility Award Mary Pohei[24]
PricewaterhouseCoopers Private and Corporate Sector Awards Florence Lou Willie[24]
2013 Overall Westpac Outstanding Women Award Maria Linibi[25]
Steamship Public Sector Award Dr Mobumo Kiromat[25]
SP Brewery Entrepreneur Award Sarah Shelley[25]
IBBM Young Achiever's Award Dorish Cheryl Mondo Mulas[25]
Trukai Community Responsibility Award Maria Linibi[25]
PricewaterhouseCoopers Private and Corporate Sector Awards Anthonia Apurel[25]
2014 Overall Westpac Outstanding Women Award Lesieli Taviri[26]
Steamship Public Sector Award Esther Roibete Apuahe[26]
SP Brewery Entrepreneur Award Christina Josephine Cragnolini[26]
IBBM Young Achiever's Award Mazzella Maniwavie[26]
Trukai Community Responsibility Award Penny Sage-embo[26]
PricewaterhouseCoopers Private and Corporate Sector Awards Lesieli Taviri[26]
2015 Overall Westpac Outstanding Women Award Janet Sape[27]
Steamship Public Sector Award Janet Sios[27]
SP Brewery Entrepreneur Award Joyce Kiage[27]
IBBM Young Achiever's Award Michelle Boyama[27]
Trukai Community Responsibility Award Beverly Pambali-Piawu[27]
PricewaterhouseCoopers Private and Corporate Sector Awards Janet Sape[27]
Pacific Assurance Group Public Sector Award Dr. Evelyn Lavu[27]
Moore Printing Sport Award Veitu Diro[27]
2016 Overall Westpac Outstanding Women Award Bosa Togs[18]
Steamship Public Sector Award Dorothy Lamin Koch-Waluta[18]
SP Brewery Entrepreneur Award Rita Jaima Paru[18]
IBBM Young Achiever's Award Jacqueline Joseph[18]
Trukai Community Responsibility Award Annastascia Wanasawo[18]
PricewaterhouseCoopers Private and Corporate Sector Awards Bosa Togs[18]
Pacific Assurance Group Public Sector Award Dr Lutty Amos[18]
Moore Printing Sport Award Julienne Leka-Maliaki[18]
2017-2018 Overall Westpac Outstanding Women Award Ruth Jewels Kissam[28]
Precinct Public Sector Award Mollina Mercy Kapal[28]
SP Brewery Entrepreneur Award Dorothy Luana[28]
IBBM Young Achiever's Award Crystal Kewe[28]
Trukai Community Responsibility Award Ruth Kissam[28]
Steamships Not For Profit Award Priscilla Kevin[28]
PricewaterhouseCoopers Private and Corporate Sector Awards Karo Lelai[28]
Moore Printing Sport Award Cybele Druma[28]
2019 Overall Westpac Outstanding Women Award Raylance Mesa[29]
Exxon Mobile PNGLNG Public Sector Award Betty Jacobs[29]
SP Brewery Entrepreneur Award Vani Nades[29]
IBBM Young Achiever's Award Raylance Mesa[29]
Trukai Community Responsibility Award Freda Yakio[29]
PricewaterhouseCoopers Private and Corporate Sector Awards Hillary Turnamur[29]
Moore Printing Sport Award Margaret Aka[29]
Steamships Not For Profit Award Petra Arfeae[29]


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