Westmount (provincial electoral district)

Westmount was a former provincial electoral district located in the Montreal region of Quebec, Canada.

Quebec electoral district
Defunct provincial electoral district
LegislatureNational Assembly of Quebec
District created1912
District abolished1939
District re-created1965
District re-abolished1988
First contested1912
Last contested1989
Census division(s)Montreal (part)
Census subdivision(s)Westmount

It corresponded to the city of Westmount in Montreal.

It was created for the 1912 election from Montréal–Saint-Georges. It disappeared in the 1939 election and its successor election was Westmount–Saint-Georges. However, Westmount–Saint-Georges disappeared in the 1966 election and its successor electoral district was the re-created Westmount. Westmount's final election was in 1989. It disappeared for good in the 1994 election.

Members of the Legislative Assembly / National AssemblyEdit

Legislature Years Member Party
Riding created from Montréal–Saint-Georges
13th  1912–1916     Charles Allan Smart Conservative
14th  1916–1919
15th  1919–1923
16th  1923–1927
17th  1927–1931
18th  1931–1935
19th  1935–1936
20th  1936–1939     William Ross Bulloch Union Nationale
Dissolved into Westmount–Saint-Georges
Recreated from Westmount–Saint-Georges
29th  1970–1973     Thomas Kevin Drummond Liberal
30th  1973–1976
31st  1976–1981 George Springate
32nd  1981–1985 Richard French
33rd  1985–1989
34th  1989–1991     Richard Holden Equality
 1991–1992     Independent
 1992–1994     Parti Québécois
Dissolved into Westmount–Saint-Louis


Coordinates: 45°29′N 73°36′W / 45.483°N 73.600°W / 45.483; -73.600