The Western Sudetes (Polish: Sudety Zachodnie; Czech: Krkonošská oblast; German: Westsudeten) are the western part of the Sudetes range system on the borders of the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. They stretch from the Bóbr river in the east to the Elbe and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in the west.[1]

Western Sudetes
Krkonose 02.jpg
The Giant Mountains (Krkonoše), Sněžka
Highest point
Elevation1,602 m (5,256 ft)
Coordinates50°44′10″N 15°44′24″E / 50.73611°N 15.74000°E / 50.73611; 15.74000Coordinates: 50°44′10″N 15°44′24″E / 50.73611°N 15.74000°E / 50.73611; 15.74000
Divisions of the Sudetes range system
CountriesCzech Republic, Germany and Poland
StatesBohemia, Moravia (Czech Rep.), Saxony (Germany) and Lower Silesia (Poland)
Parent rangeSudetes range system

The Western Sudetes comprise a number of mountain ranges, including:

The large basin of the Jelenia Gora valley is situated at the northern foot of the Giant Mountains, between the Landeshut Ridge and the Jizera Mountains.


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