Western Street (Hong Kong)

Western Street, Hong Kong
A Hong Kong police station is located in Western Street. It was called number 7 police Station.
An old style public bathroom locates in Western Street.
Sai Ying Pun early street planning.png

Western Street (traditional Chinese: 西邊街; simplified Chinese: 西边街; pinyin: Xībiān Jiē; Cantonese Yale: sai1 bin1 gaai1) is an uphill one-way street (from north to south) in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong. It connects Bonham Road in the south and Connaught Road West in the north. There are 337 units in 17 buildings in the street. Addresses are odd on the west side of the street, and mostly even on the east side. However, on the newer part of the street, on the reclamation north of Queen's Road West, the east side has both odd and even numbered addresses.


From North to south

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Named buildings from North to south

  • Wing Cheung Building with 23 floors and 90 units
  • Scholar Court with 24 units

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