Westarctica, officially the Grand Duchy of Westarctica and formerly the Protectorate of Westarctica,[2] is a micronation in Antarctica, founded in 2001 by Travis McHenry, who styles himself as Grand Duke Travis.[3][4] It claims a region of West Antarctica which has not been claimed by any nation state, comprising most of Marie Byrd Land. This wedge is located between the Ross Dependency claimed by New Zealand, and the Chilean Antarctic Territory, between 90 degrees and 150 degrees west longitude and south of the 60th parallel. The region includes 1,600,000 square kilometres (620,000 sq mi) of land, making it the largest territory not claimed by any recognized nation. Westarctica claims over 2,000 citizens, but none of them reside within the claimed territory,[5][6] which has no permanent settlements or research stations.[7]

Grand Duchy of Westarctica
Flag of Westarctica
of Westarctica
Coat of arms
Motto: Fortune favors the bold
Anthem: God Save Westarctica[1]
Location of Westarctica
CapitalPeter I Island
Official languagesEnglish, German
Organizational structureConstitutional monarchy
Travis McHenry
Jordan Farmer
• Chief Justice
Christine Wood
• Formation
2 November 2001
Area claimed
• Total
1,320,000 km2 (510,000 sq mi)
• Estimate
0 (No residents, but claimed over 2,000 citizens)
Purported currencyIce Mark
Ice Mark

In 2018, the government of Westarctica established an honorary consul in Nerja, Spain,[8] and continues to establish other honorary consulates around the world.[9]

Grand Duke Travis I of Westarctica receives an award from Emir Charles of Raphania at MicroCon 2022.

The Westarctican government has established a US-based charity to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on the wildlife of Antarctica[9] and has also been active in speaking about the need for an effective global response to COVID-19.[4]

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