West Lothian Council

West Lothian Council (/ˈlðiən/) is the local authority for the West Lothian area of Scotland and has 33 elected members. Councillors are generally elected every five years, with the next election falling on May 5th 2022.

West Lothian Council
West Lothian Council logo
West Lothian Council logo
Provost of West Lothian
Cathy Muldoon, Labour
since May 2022
Leader of the Council
Lawrence Fitzpatrick, Labour
since May 2017
Chief Executive
Graham Hope
since September 2010
West-Lothian Council composition 2021.svg
Political groups
  •   Labour (12)

Other parties

Single transferable vote
Last election
4 May 2017
Next election
5 May 2022
Meeting place
West Lothian Civic Centre, Livingston


The Council makes its decisions at its meetings, or those of its Committees and Sub-Committees which are held at the West Lothian Civic Centre in Livingston. This building is acts as the headquarters for the council.

Like all Scottish Councils, West Lothian Council provides services such as Education,[1] Social Work,[2] Housing,[3] Highways, Street lighting[4] and Cleansing.[5]

The council is responsible for the co-ordination of the planning and provision of public services in West Lothian. It works closely with other public bodies such as police, fire and health, through its community planning partnership.

West Lothian Council operates country parks at Beecraigs, Polkemmet, and Almondell & Calderwood.[6]

Electoral WardsEdit

Map of the area's wards (2007 to 2017 configuration)

During elections West Lothian Council is divided geographically into 9 wards which then elect either three or four councillors each by the Single Transferable Vote system. The electoral system of local councils in Scotland is governed by the Local Governance (Scotland) Act 2004, an Act of the Scottish Parliament which first introduced proportional representation to councils. These electoral wards are as follows:

West Lothian Council Wards[7][8]
Ward Number Ward Name Elected Members
1 Linlithgow 3
2 Broxburn, Uphall and Winchburgh 4
3 Livingston North 4
4 Livingston South 4
5 East Livingston and East Calder 4
6 Fauldhouse and the Briech Valley 3
7 Whitburn and Blackburn 4
8 Bathgate 4
9 Armadale and Blackridge 3

Electoral historyEdit

Election Control Administration
2003 Majority Labour
2007 Minority SNP-Conservative-Action to Save St. John's Hospital[9]
2012 Minority Labour-Conservative-Independent
2017 Minority Labour-Conservative[10]


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