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List of Parliamentary constituencies in West Glamorgan

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The Preserved county of West Glamorgan is divided into five parliamentary constituencies – two borough constituencies and three county constituencies.



Name Current boundaries
  1. Aberavon CC
  2. Gower CC
  3. Neath CC
  4. Swansea East BC
  5. Swansea West BC

The current boundaries have been effective since the 2007 National Assembly for Wales election and the 2010 United Kingdom general election.[1] The only change from the previous scheme was a minute realignment of the boundary between Gower and Neath far too small to show on the map.

Constituency Electorate Majority Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Map reference above
Aberavon 49,892 16,761   Stephen Kinnock   Sadie Vidal 1
Gower 62,163 3,269   Tonia Antoniazzi   Byron Davies 2
Neath 55,862 12,631   Christina Rees   Orla Lowe 3
Swansea East 58,521 13,168   Carolyn Harris   Dan Boucher 4
Swansea West 56,892 10,598   Geraint Davies   Craig Lawton 5

Changes proposed for 2022Edit

As part of the Sixth Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies the Boundary Commission for Wales proposed changes to almost all the existing Welsh Westminster constituencies, giving their proposals official names in either English or Wales and offering an alternative in the other language.<ref>Final Recommendations 2018 Boundary Commission for Wales]<ref>

Historical representation by party (whole of Glamorgan)Edit

A cell marked → (with a different colour background to the preceding cell) indicates that the previous MP continued to sit under a new party name.

1832 to 1885Edit

  Conservative   Liberal   Peelite   Radical   Whig

Constituency 1832 1835 1837 1841 1847 51 1852 52 55 1857 1859 1865 1868 1874 1880
Cardiff Boroughs Nicholl Coffin Crichton-Stuart Reed
Glamorganshire L. W. Dillwyn Wyndham-Quin Tyler H. Vivian
Merthyr Tydvil Guest Bruce Richard
Fothergill James
Swansea Boroughs J. Vivian L. L. Dillwyn

1885 to 1918Edit

  Conservative   Independent Labour   Labour   Liberal   Liberal-Labour   Liberal Unionist

Constituency 1885 1886 87 88 90 1892 93 1895 1900 04 1906 09 Jan 1910 10 Dec 1910 15
Cardiff District of Boroughs Reed Maclean Reed Guest D. Thomas Crichton-Stuart Cory
Glamorganshire, East A. Thomas A. Edwards
Glamorganshire, Mid Talbot Evans Gibbins J. Edwards
Glamorganshire, South A. Williams Wyndham-Quin Brace
Gower Yeo Randell J. Thomas J. Williams
Merthyr Tydfil (two MPs) Richard D. A. Thomas Rees Jones
James Morgan Hardie Stanton
Rhondda Abraham
Swansea District Vivian W. Williams Jones T. Williams
Swansea Town Dillwyn Burnie Llewellyn Newnes Mond

1918 to 1950Edit

  Coalition Liberal (1918-22) / National Liberal (1922-23)   Coalition National Democratic & Labour   Conservative   Independent Labour Party   Labour   Liberal   National Government   National Labour   National Liberal (1931-68)

Constituency 1918 19 20 21 22 1922 1923 1924 1929 31 1931 32 33 34 1935 38 39 40 42 45 1945 46
Aberavon J. Edwards MacDonald Cove
Aberdare Stanton Hall D. Thomas
Llandaff & Barry Cope Lloyd Munro Lakin Ungoed-Thomas
Caerphilly Onions M. Jones N. Edwards
Cardiff Central Gould Lougher Bennett G. Thomas
Cardiff East Seager Lougher Webb Kinloch-Cooke Edmunds Temple-Morris Grigg Marquand
Cardiff South Cory Henderson H. Evans Henderson H. Evans Callaghan
Gower J. Williams Grenfell
Merthyr Rees Jones Wallhead S. Davies
Neath J. H. Edwards Jenkins D. J. Williams
Ogmore Hartshorn E. Williams J. Evans
Pontypridd Lewis T. Jones D. Davies Pearson
Rhondda East Watts-Morgan Mainwaring
Rhondda West Abraham John
Swansea East T. Williams Matthews D. Williams Mort
Swansea West Mond Samuel Runciman Samuel L. Jones P. Morris

1950 to 1983Edit

  Conservative   Labour   Social Democratic   Speaker

Constituency 1950 1951 54 1955 1959 63 1964 1966 67 68 1970 72 Feb 1974 Oct 1974 76 1979 81 82
Aberavon Cove J. Morris
Aberdare D. Thomas Probert I. Evans
Barry D. Rees Gower
Caerphilly N. Edwards A. Evans E. Davies
Cardiff West G. Thomas
Cardiff North / Cardiff NW (1974) Llewellyn Box Rowlands Roberts
Cardiff SE Callaghan
Gower Grenfell I. Davies Wardell
Merthyr Tydfil S. Davies Rowlands
Neath D. J. Williams Coleman
Ogmore Padley Powell
Pontypridd Pearson John
Rhondda East Mainwaring E. Davies
Rhondda West / Rhondda (1974) I. Thomas A. Jones
Swansea East Mort McBride Anderson
Swansea West P. Morris H. Rees A. Williams
Cardiff North Grist

1moved to Gwent 1983


  Conservative   Labour   Liberal Democrats

Constituency 1983 84 1987 89 91 1992 1997 2001 02 2005 2010 12 2015 16 2017
Aberavon Morris Francis Kinnock
Cardiff South and Penarth Callaghan Michael Doughty
Cynon Valley I. Evans Clwyd
Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney 1 Rowlands Havard G. Jones
Neath Coleman Hain Rees
Ogmore Powell Irranca-Davies Elmore
Pontypridd John Howells O. Smith
Rhondda Rogers Bryant
Swansea East Anderson James Harris
Swansea West A. Williams G. Davies
Cardiff West Terlezki Morgan Brennan
Gower Wardell Caton B. Davies Antoniazzi
Bridgend Hubbard-Miles Griffiths Moon
Cardiff Central Grist Owen Jones Willott Stevens
Vale of Glamorgan Gower J. Smith Sweeney J. Smith Cairns
Cardiff North G. H. Jones Morgan J. Evans C. Williams A McMorrin

1 partly in Gwent 1997–

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