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The Wells Fargo Plaza is a high-rise skyscraper located on 221 North Kansas Street in Downtown El Paso, Texas, United States. It opened as the State National Bank Plaza on October 25, 1971. It is 302 feet (92 m) tall.[1] It is designed in the International Style.

Wells Fargo Plaza
EP WellsFargoPlaza.jpg
Wells Fargo Plaza lit at night as a Christmas Tree during the holiday season
General information
TypeClass A Office Space
Location221 North Kansas Street
Roof302 ft (92 m)
Top floor21
Technical details
Floor count21
Design and construction
ArchitectCharles Luckman and Associates

The tower sits on a base three stories high, then rises to its full height. The repetitive angular windows add another International Style element of blocky appearance and expression of structure.

The tower is lit at night with 13 horizontal white lines. A U.S. Flag design is used during patriotic holidays, and a Christmas tree design is used during the holiday season. The letters "UTEP" are used during the football and basketball season for the University of Texas at El Paso, and, less frequently, the Texas Tech University logo is also used.

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